Godfrey Birtill’s New album

We are really excited about Godfrey Birtill’s new album that is coming out at the end of October The Wine is Alive. We were there to see the live recording in Lincoln with several members of Iona. It was a truly awesome gig with a heavy intoxication! Godfrey said about his new album:

Last night was my 16th album recording from over the last 14 years. It felt like the 1st of a completely new sound for me. I’ve never been as excited about an album I’ve recorded as much as this one. The band was just stunning! and every song points to Christ and His finished work. It’s the sound of the new covenant people…the sound of the gospel!

Godfrey was with us in Sheffield in Feb 2011 with Dave Vaughan preaching the revelation of the finished works  for their Scandalous Gospel Tour. His new material contains the significant message he is carrying at the moment that the UK desperately needs to embrace. Check out 3 new songs from his album The Wine is Alive


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