Driving Lessons

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[We are in a Revolution: A total or radical change; return to a point before occupied; the overthrow or renunciation of one government, and the substitution of another, by the governed.]

Hey guys,

Just when you think God has got it under control He shows you something which makes you realise just how sovereign He truly is. This week as we were driving back from a meeting in Manchester God warned me about the danger of an overtaking car on Snake Pass. 5 minutes later He reminded me again and showed me it was about to happen. Seconds later as we approached a blind summit with headlights coming over the top a car over took us and was literally inches form hitting the oncoming car head on. I had slowed down to get out the way but could have been hit if the two cars had crashed. God then reminded me of another incident involving our car. A while ago He showed me for a full day that at traffic lights I never put the hand break on, I just hold the car on the clutch. He reminded me that if someone went into the back of me I would shoot forward and hit the car in front. Later that day I was sat waiting at lights on a hill and so I put the handbrake on. Seconds later a car smacked into the back of our car but because our handbrake was on we didn’t go into the car in front. The back of our car wasn’t damaged but we would have damaged the car in front if the handbrake hadn’t been on and we had been rammed forward!

This all seems good and we were thankful to God for protecting us and our car-  But then Sarah contacted our insurance about something different and discovered that our address hadn’t been updated when we moved house- this meant our car wasn’t properly insured during all this although we had been paying it all! God had truly protected us!

Signs in the Nation

The nation is definitely in a different state than it was in a few years ago. A couple of years ago I released a prophetic word about a ‘Spirit of Infirmity’ that was over the nation that had grown through ‘Hope Deferred which makes the heart grow sick’. God showed me He was releasing Hope to the nation again for people to start to believe in the impossible again. I believe this is happening now all around us.

Now I understand things slightly differently than I did back then

(And my perception will continue to change as He continues to open my eyes- Martin Scott used to say: ‘I didn’t believe this last year and I might not believe it next year’).

The Gospel is our Hope and this never changes. He causes this to manifest around us as we begin to believe in what He has done and the Hope this gives us. I heard Francois du Toit, a great teacher and translator of the N.T. say ‘Religion thrives on two lies: The illusion of delay and the illusion of distance.’ We have believed the lie that God is not here, revival is not here yet and we must do something in order to get it. We have waited, or striven in a mindset of delay. This has caused ‘Hope Deferred’ to grow in the hearts of believers.

BUT Believing the Gospel brings the NOW fulfilment of all prophetic words that have been spoken because Christ is the fulfilment of the prophetic word. He is the Word. He is not just the fulfilment of the Messianic prophetic words of the O.T. – He is the fulfilment of EVERY prophetic word ever uttered. We have Christ in us the Hope of Glory. We are the fulfilment of every prophetic word for revival because we carry Christ, His Glory, His Power, His Might, His Revival into every situation we face. Because of this we can truly say: ‘The Kingdom of God is at hand’.

Every single day through facebook or something else I hear testimonies of miracles, signs wonders, salvations and an increase in people knowing His Glorious Good News. There are signs of things changing within the media and celebrity world.

I was watching a music video by Tynchie Stryder (embarrassing and very randomly haha) and God spoke to me clearly through it. He said: ‘I have my people placed undercover’ unaware that the chorus of the song goes ‘I have my undercover lovers’. God has people placed in the media and within the celebrity culture completely hidden but people He is using to influence it.

Two other videos which caught my eye are below:

Javier Hernandez is a Mexican Christian who plays for Manchester United. He prays in the centre circle before the games, in front of the entire crowd. After he prayed in this video he then went on to score 35 seconds later (one of the quickest goals ever scored for Man Utd).

Torres gets prayed for in this video by David Luiz, a Brazilian Christian. He then goes on to score 2 goals in the match! Things are changing!


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