The Drunken Glory

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[We are in a Revolution: A total or radical change; return to a point before occupied; the overthrow or renunciation of one government, and the substitution of another, by the governed.]

I’m so pleased the heavens are always open. I am just grateful to Christ. The Wine is always flowing from Heaven and there is a heavy whack. All I know is this: Whatever we have experienced of the Glory there is always more to experience. We go from Glory to Glory.

Bill Johnson said about the visible Glory Cloud that has manifested in Bethel that it would be a crime if the greatest manifestation of the Glory was seen in Moses’ life- a man who wasn’t even born again. He shone in the Glory. We live in the Greater Glory and I know that things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. What we are seeing in the Bethel is only the start of what He is about to do.

There are many accounts of supernatural things like this happening throughout church history, and even more extreme accounts of men literally glowing in the Glory. I have seen people radiating light out of their body and I know that this will increase. Isaiah 60 talks about the Glory being seen upon His people. We are about to see people literally radiating, glowing in His presence like light bulbs and becoming public signs and wonders.

This week a friend of mine who is called to be a prophet in England had a radiance of light shining out of his hand that was visible to the natural eye. We were gathered in the Glory and drunk in the Spirit and suddenly wrapped around his hand was a visible cloud of light! There is a heavy drunken Glory that comes from seeing a visible cloud of Glory. I have heard Bob Jones say that the Shekinah Glory looks like the brilliance of the sun blazing out through the clouds. You have this within your being.

You are a walking open Heaven and Heaven will come bursting out in the brilliance of colour and majesty.


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