Healing pt 2: Healing stories

[We are in a Revolution: A total or radical change; return to a point before occupied; the overthrow or renunciation of one government, and the substitution of another, by the governed.]

I have just been remembering some of the healings which we have seen. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy; as we meditate on what Christ has done we are prophecying to the future and releasing the faith that He can do it again!

One of the first healings we saw was with a non-christian teenager in our youth group. She had a problem where her elbows would lock and she couldn’t stretch her arms out. It was painful when she tried and hindered her in playing netball which she loved doing. We prayed for her and almost instantaneously her right arm unlocked for the first time in her life!

Another healing I saw was when I was with Emerge Wales doing some stuff on the streets. I saw some guys just sitting on a wall and so went over and asked if they needed healing for anything. They thought I was joking but then one guy said “yeah I have pain in my back right now actually” I asked if I could pray for it then and there and he freaked out a  bit but let me. I put my hand on his back and commanded it to be healed. He looked at me really surprised and started saying “How did you do that?! What have you done? You’re tricking me!!” He thought I was a David Blaine wannabe but I then told him that God is real and has power today.

In Stockton at a meeting I was speaking at, I prayed for a women who had pain in her knee.  As I put my hand on her knee she felt fire go down her leg and hit her knee! Her knee was then completely healed! At about the same time I prayed for a women with scoliosis in her back. This is a curvature of the spine.  Her back was healed after praying for it for a few minutes.

In Ireland again with Emerge Wales I prayed for a women with eye sight problems. One eye had poor vision. I prayed for her and immediately  her eye was healed! I was quite shocked as it happened so fast and so easy!

After the first few healings I saw I started to focus on my healing gift and I even told some people I had healing ministry! Now I understand that as Christ rests in me I can manifest his healing power. I do believe in personal gifting but this is just a reflection of who is inside us. It is Christ who heals and He is our focus. Our job is to trust Him and let Him do it! We don’t heal, He does because He won.

As I was thinking about this post God started speaking to me words of knowledge for people who would read this. I saw people getting healed as they read the stories. I saw someone with migraine headaches being healed – the stress lifted off and didn’t come back. Peace came to their head. I saw someone with a tightness in their chest  being healed and the tightness being released. I saw healing coming to someone with asthma – it lifted off their lungs and someone else had their eyesight restored.  We also saw God bringing healing to someone with spina bifida, in particular that an upcoming medical appointment would have a surprisingly positive outcome!

Please contact us if you got healed!!!!   oiloftheovercomer@hotmail.co.uk

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Great footage of healings at an American Football game

Some footage of healings at Disney Land. Gets good after about 2 mins:


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