A Scandalous Birth!

[We are in a Revolution: A total or radical change; return to a point before occupied; the overthrow or renunciation of one government, and the substitution of another, by the governed.]

Ever wondered why the Angel Gabriel didn’t turn up the day before Mary and Joseph were to be married? Surely this would have been a much less controversial pregnancy!  Instead Mary became a Sign and Wonder to the community – one that could’ve cost her her life! Women were stoned for adultery and most would have made this conclusion – even Joseph thought this until an angel told him otherwise. Could God have chosen a more risky plan?! Mary and Jesus could have been killed within weeks of the conception! This doesn’t even consider the judgement, gossip, lies and mistrust that probably circulated the community for years after the birth.

Man if we had planned the Virgin Birth it could have been so different. “HOPE 00” would have been created, a year focused on serving the community of Nazareth; cleaning gardens up and handing out fliers with an invitation to the birth on it. The year would end in a tent mission that locals could invite their mates too, explaining in a seeker friendly way what the Virgin Birth is.

God’s way of doing things was the most controversial, most open to be misunderstood, criticised and was the most offensive way of doing things. It looked foolish but contained the greatest miracle of all time and was full of the supernatural. And it went to plan perfectly.

The birth of the Messiah started with a controversial sign and the miracle pointed to the Gospel Message- the birth of the Messiah. There are those who recognised what God was doing:

The Wise Men understood and recognised the Signs of God.

They were probably from the religion of Zoroastrianism in Persia and were certainly not Jews. They were Spiritual Astrologers looking for the birth of a King. Isn’t it interesting that they honored the Messiah as the true King and have been remembered through Church History as Kings themselves? Christ established His people as Kings.

Luke 2 describes Simeon and Anna as two people who recognised baby Jesus as the Messiah. Simeon said ‘my eyes have witnessed salvation’. Herod also recognised the Messiah. His response was rather different and took Jesus’ birth as a threat to his order, the old wineskin and the old way of doing things. He responded by trying to abort the Gospel message as he knew it would replace him. He tried to preserve man’s way of doing things as opposed to God’s perfect plan. He failed dramatically!

God is birthing an amazing revelation right now of what He has done. Martin Scott prophesied in Wales a few years ago about this move, that ‘the baby had been born’. God is bringing a heavy drunkenness to point the way to a message of union. It is controversial, most open to misunderstanding and criticism and looks so foolish. But it brings with it the declaration of Christ’s Supremacy; that He did it all, that He won. This is the Gospel.

The drunkenness of the Spirit is the manifestation of our union with Him. It is God’s declaration that He won back humanity and united us with Him. He overcame and created a New Breed- the Overcomers. Nothing can separate us from Him. He is the source of our strength, He is the source of our victory and He has already won. We are united with Him, the Supernatural Lord, King Jesus.

As there was with the birth of the Messiah, there are different responses to what God is birthing right now. The Wise are witnessing the beginning of a revolution and are becoming Kings. Some are saying ‘my eyes have witnessed salvation’. Others are seeing a threat to the old order, man’s way of doing things and are feeling very uncomfortable. Lets hope we can accept the scandalous birth of what God is doing today and live in the Joy of His salvation!!

Merry Christmas!

Philip Smith, Christmas 2011


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