The Governmental Authority of the New Wine


There is lots written on the ‘5 Steps to Kingdom Authority’. I have read about the ‘5 Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven’ and the ‘7 Ways to the Government of God’. And there is no denying that it is all helpful but I have found an easier way! Francois du Toit, the translator of ‘The Mirror Translation’ of the Bible has taught that religion relies on the two lies of distance and delay. While the above teaching might be useful it does rely upon the sense of distance between you, God and authority. It brings delay because it implies you have not already reached your destination! And thankfully the Bible teaches something slightly different.

The Bible teaches that Jesus already gave the Keys of the Kingdom to Peter (Matt 16.19) and that Christ has already seated us within the Godhead, above every principality and power. Ephesians 1 describes that Christ has been seated in True Power and Ephesians 2 describes that we are seated in Him! Not soon; not in a while after we reach our destiny; not when we have a Christian Ministry; But NOW! Christ did actually achieve something on such an epic scale! If he couldn’t do it, having sacrificed his own life, do we really think we can do it with our human effort? No, its a done deal. Christ accomplished the Father’s will and He did it with no help from us and in no way can we take any credit or Glory for ourselves, no matter how much we have fasted or how disciplined we are! This is the offense of the Gospel. It allows Jesus the Messiah to say to a criminal dying on the cross ‘YOU will be with ME in Paradise’. I don’t remember the criminal saying a prayer of salvation or doing anything at all actually. It allows the Son of God to invite Himself to the house of the least important of people, the most contraversial to the Jew and the most hated- the Tax Collector. Why didn’t Jesus network with the important pharasees and High Priests? He offended them every time He met them! The Gospel brings the level playing field that He did it ALL! He established you before you even knew what was going on.

Isaiah 9 is a Messianic Prophecy which describes that He would walk with the Government of God upon His shouders. Galatians 2 describes that Christ is in us. Not only are we in Him but He is in us! The 5 step program to spiritual authority has been made redundant because you already have the Governmental Authority of Christ in Him and He is in you! It is already in you! Its like losing your glasses and finding them on your face.

How do you access this then? How do you manifest it? By faith – which is a gift. Paul prays in Ephesians 1 for our eyes to be opened to ‘Our Calling and the Riches of our Inheritance’. What have we been given? You can access it by recieving the gift of the revelation of your true identity and activate it through the gift of Faith. This is true Sonship.

And the Sons of God are led, are consumed by, are overwhelmed by the Spirit. It might look foolish but the New Wine is the marker of this Covenant. Covenants contain blood in the Old Testament. The Hebrew word for covenant comes from ‘Barah’ which means ‘to cut’.This covenant was cut with Christ’s own body. His blood spilled forth and proclaimed breakthrough to the entire world. His blood is the New Wine. The New Wine is the greatest display of Spiritual Authority in the universe because it is displaying Christ’s victory to the world. John Crowder describes it as being the most costly wine you will ever drink. While walking drunk and whacked up in the New Wine you are actually walking in true Governmental Authority because you are displaying the reality of your Union in Him, the fact you are seated in Him, the fact He lives in you; the celebration of VICTORY!

You were never meant to try and carry the Governmental burden of revival or signs and wonders on your own or try to take responsibility for a nation. It has crippled so many revivalists in the past. John G Lake, the great Healing revivalist had 3 nervous break downs during his life. Evan Roberts of the Welsh Revival had 3 years of Revival and then never recovered from his subsequent breakdown. John Alexander Dowie, considered by many to be the Father of the modern healing movement, was declared insane and bankrupt by the end of his ministry. Even modern revivals like the Lakeland Healing Revival was brought to an abrupt end because Todd felt so responsible he couldn’t even leave it to visit his family.  There is a different way; His yoke is easy and His burden light. The Good News is that while enjoying the Wine of the Covenant, our union with Him, He takes care of the rest.

It is easy to walk in Governmental Authority and affect the weather over a nation. You actually have very little to do with it. It is His Power, His revelation of what you carry, His faith, His vision and His voice to guide you, His sacrifice and His victory living in you. In the end you realise you can rest in Him and enjoy the party while the world transforms around you.

A few blogs ago we decreed that there would be no drought this summer and that the summer skies would reflect the open Heaven over the nation. The nation was left trying to understand what had happened simply because we are only just beginning to understand what happened 2000 years ago!


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