Reminder! Fire and Glory: 2 nights with Jim Paul

Just a reminder we have Jim Paul with us in Sheffield and Leeds for Fire and Glory on Sun 30th Sept and Mon 1st Oct.

Sun 30th Sept SHEFFIELD: Antioch Church, 80 Headford St. Sheffield, S37BW

Mon 1st Oct LEEDS: St Matthias Church, St Matthias St. Leeds, LS4 2DZ

Jim is recognised as a prophet by Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and served with them as pastor and prophet for 20 years. He has ministered as a prophet to Georgian and Winnie Banov for many years and has travelled with TACF teaching on revival, healing and the prophetic to over 20 countries world wide! It is a real priveledge to have him and his wife Dianne with us.

Meetings start at 7.30pm with worship.

[For I will be a FIRE around and the GLORY in the midst] Zechariah 2.5


Also Healing Booklet reminder:

Lots of people have asked for a copy of this healing booklet, if you want a free copy email me at:


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