The Earthquakes of God

When Christ died, creation responded. An earthquake marked the beginning of a whole new era, the New Covenant. Everything shifted. Spiritual tectonic plates moved and the whole landscape changed. Mountains were laid low and valleys were raised at the death and resurrection of Christ. The Heavens were torn open and water gushed forth, the River of Life proceeding from the throne cascaded forth. 

The death of Christ resonated right through to the depths of Hades and those who were dead were shaken out of their slumber and raised up with Christ. The dead were Awakened and seen in Jerusalem walking around. What a crazy and mystical thing! Christ’s New Covenant Earthquake shook the whole earth and has continued to turn the world upside down. Romans 8 says all of creation is groaning for the revelation of the Sons of God to hit. There is Power in the revelation of what Christ has done! What can stand in the way of the unrelenting power of an earthquake? Everything was ripped up in its path and eternal change ushered forth.

The revelation of the Finished Work of the Cross is an Earthquake- it shakes everything. The universe shifted and moved from one covenant to a whole new era. Like a Rhino on the rampage this revelation will not be stopped! Its a revelation that it has ALL BEEN DONE! Its the Might of God, the Manifestation of the OX on the loose, drunk on victory, plastered on Romans 8, tearing up the ground.

The revelation went out from Jerusalem to Europe, shook the Reformation, the Welsh and Hebridean Revivals, caused the Great Awakenings, brought the Pentecostal moves of the Spirit, the current Chinese Revival, and every dead raising miracle. Countless unknown saints who walked with God Shook their nations like earthquakes with the revelation of the risen Christ in their day. The revelation is still shaking things up today.

Certain things are being uncovered that have been hidden in the cracked and dry ground. Nationally God is revealing the intention of people’s hearts; when people have taught and said one thing but have hidden what has been really going on; their true intentions and true desires. It is so sad when someone who has taught on the Father’s heart for so long, leaves his wife and children for another woman. Hidden agendas are also being revealed. There is a broken system in the church here in the UK, discernment is lacking. There are leaders who quench the Spirit instead of leading revival, who bring so called ‘balance’ when breakthrough should be supported and let slander and unbelief masquerade as “concern”. Religion has pretended to be spiritual maturity and it is ending! It is coming to an end. There is a religious spirit that is being exposed in the church in the UK.

In Luther’s day the Church was in a mess. But God did not do anything new in the Reformation. It was simply the revelation of the Gospel, particularly Romans and the revelation we are His Sons, which brought a spiritual earthquake to the christianity of the time. It turned everything upside down. Everything changed. Strongholds and principalities came crashing down in the church when the revelation of simple verses rumbled throughout Europe. The Christian landscape changed forever.

A couple of years ago I had an open vision where God showed me an abortive mindset and spirit in operation. It worked away, trying to shut down the manifestation of the Spirit, coming along with accusation and slander. But how many people know that Good ‘ol Persecution works for you a Greater Glory! Whatever has been stopped will only grow in strength, authority and power! The Greater Glory! The revelation of the Finished Works of the Gospel is not going away! It has resonated out through the centuries, with the crushing revelation of victory: Jesus has been seated.

As the revelation of the Gospel hits and the earthquakes of Christ come ashaking, the Empire will be crushed under a weight of Glory. There are great changes that are coming to the Christian landscape of the UK. We are beginning to see another great Reformation. Many people are prophesying it and I believe it!

There is a changing of the guards happening and it will continue to a greater degree over the next 3 years in the UK. Romans 8.19 says creation groans for the Sons to be ‘made known’ and I believe that in 3 years time we will look back and see a whole new landscape in the church- new leaders emerging who will stand in real authority. A new generation of revivalists and leaders who honour the Presence above ALL else will be leading with authority. People and leaders who are currently marginalised because they honour the Presence first are about to take centre stage as the focus in the Church shifts.  The Sons of God are led by the Spirit and those who have been more intoxicated with the Spirit than titles, position and ministry will be honoured as Sons in the nation and raised up as leaders with great influence. The children of God will be ‘made known’ as the Glory is revealed in them. Great days ahead!


One thought on “The Earthquakes of God”

  1. WoW!!! I felt lead to google “shiggy baba” & it brought me to this site– sweetness!!!! My spirit is leaping saying Yes!!! I am in agreement :

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