2012 Testimonies and Looking Ahead to 2013

2012 Doom and Gloom? How about BOOM!


I had heard it prophesied that 2012 would be the ‘Year of Woe, the woes of 2012’ Doom, Gloom and zzzzzzzzz’s. Well actually it was more WOW than woe! We came into 2012 with a greater revelation of the Gospel than we have ever had and saw greater manifestations of the Kingdom of God in our lives because of this. It hasn’t been without stress and ups and downs but thats life and I’m so glad the Gospel transcends our natural circumstances and gives us a peace beyond understanding!

We started the year with the opportunity to go and minister healing and prophecy at a ‘Hear from Heaven’ night in a pub in Beeston, Leeds. On the way home we got transported back to Sheffield in a journey that took us 12 minutes!

We had our great friends Dave Vaughan, Godfrey Birtill and Dave Bainbridge from Iona with us in Sheffield for a night of pure whacked up Gospel fun in March and a great curry afterwards.

Healings popped in the first half of the year and on a few occasions multiple healings at the same time! 8 people got healed on one occasion when I prayed a ‘1 line healing blessing’ and made the sign of the cross! I wrote a healing booklet ‘Christ Healing Power’ during this time while I was teaching on Healing with some great new friends in Armley, Leeds.

land watered

I prophesied in April that the drought predicted by the media would be over by the summer because there are no desert seasons or droughts in the New Covenant. We don’t live in a spiritual wilderness but under an Open Heaven. The week after I prophesied this it rained so hard that the country went from being in drought to having the wettest April on record ever!

I experienced a spontaneous increase in supernatural visitations at the start of the Summer. All I can say is that I did not press in or do anything to get. All I did was focus on the Gospel. It manifested salvation around me like I have never seen.

I saw a breakout of salvations in the summer in my workplace with about 35 people accepting the truth that they are loved by a Father in Heaven. One person I worked with had a dream that they saw Jesus standing on a mountain. They said it was the most real and emotional dream they had ever had.

jim paul

We had Jim Paul with us at the end of September for 2 powerful nights of Glory with about 100 gathered in Sheffield and 150 in Leeds. There was a powerful manifestation of the Wild Fire in the meetings and real accurate prophecies released. It was such a great time connecting with Jim and a connection we hope to continue with in 2013. In December I finished a booklet on the Apostolic called ‘The Apostolic Reformation’ which has had good feedback.

‘Abide Leeds’

The Lord has continued to open doors for us in Leeds and in December we moved from Sheffield to Leeds with a vision to start a church family called ‘Abide’.  Its focus will be the Full Gospel; the Finished Work of the Cross, the manifestation of God’s Glory and signs, wonders and miracles.

Hope deferred?

God spoke to me a few years ago and showed me that the church in the UK had a mindset of Hope deferred in it. It believed in a sense of distance and delay between itself and God, and every promise spoken to it. This mindset of Hope Deferred allowed infirmity and sickness to be resident. The Lord spoke to me through the verse ‘hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life’ (Proverbs 13.12). The Lord shared this with me back in 2008 and later I heard Bob Jones, a well known Prophet (who does differ theologically to us on a few things), share the same prophetic word for the UK.


I saw that this mindset would be changed and that Faith and Hope would rise over the nation in 2012 and I prophesied this at the start of 2012. I heard Neville Johnson speak in November 2012. He is a guy well respected for being a Prophet and although I disagree with him theologically in a few areas too he shared this same word for the UK: that Hope deferred had rested over the church but Hope would manifest and be a Tree of Life. 2012 was a year where the mindset of the nation began to change to HOPE! There were significant events that happened this year- Jubilee, Olympics, Andy Murray’s achievements – and the public mood reflected a sense of Hope after these events.

Looking forward – 2013


2013 will be a year of Hope Restored. Its not that 2012, 2011, 2010 etc. were not years of Hope, or that in 2014 we will have no Hope. The Gospel always brings Hope and will make every coming year a year of Hope too. In believing the Gospel and in an increased revelation of it people will start to live in Hope again. Hope will manifest this year through an increased revelation of the Gospel.

Women’s Rights

There will be a renewed public interest in the history of women’s rights starting this year and over the next few years. In particular there will be a public honouring of the women who campagined and suffered for equal rights- Emeline Pankhurst and others. There will be several high profile programmes and at least 1 Hollywood film about the Suffragette movement and Emeline Pankhurst’s life. It will also be mentioned and honoured in Parliament.


In this atmosphere there will be increased pressure for the Church of England on its stance on Women Bishops and the Catholic stance on Women Priests. There will be massive calls for these areas to be reformed from the public and media and these voices will cause a reaction from the Vatican. The new Archbishop of Canterbury will appear powerless to the world, to be able to make the right changes. He will be accused of being powerless in the media and not strong enough to unite the church.

There will be an increase and release of creative women into the media- many notable new women writers and artists. 2013 will be significant for the release and honouring of women in leadership in the church too.


There will be the continuation of reformation in the church- the revelation of the Finished Work of the Cross and the New Covenant will increase and intensify. In the midst of this there will be voices of distraction that will try to bring a focus away from the Gospel- in particular there will be a renewed focus in America on the rapture and also on teaching on the ‘Nephilim’. Both of these teachings will release fear. They harbour elitism at their root- elitism for the people who are ‘in the know’ and a focus on ‘secret information that God has revealed to them’ but are based on speculation and have little or no Biblical reference.  They have the potential to bring distraction. I heard Kris Vallotton say something really helpful “It concerns me when a ministry or person puts an emphasis on a teaching which is not emphasized by Jesus or even Paul”.

2013- the year of the Gospel!!

Full Steam Ahead!

Be Blessed,

Philip Smith


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