Mystical Miracles

flyting saint

When we think about the supernatural we usually think of a miracle breaking the laws of physics. But when we consider that the laws of physics are based on the human observation of the world and are actually continually changing, as our understanding of areas like Quantum Physics expands we begin to see a God who works within the world without breaking any laws but does things we have no grid or understanding for at the moment.

I said in a previous post that when we get the mystical obsession of the Cross we will be able to handle some of the craziest miracles ever because our focus is right. As we understand Grace we begin to tap into what Jesus actually accomplished in re-creating us from the corrupt nature to restoring His image, the God Image within us- ‘For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable’ 1 Peter 1.23.

Is it possible that having been born from above as New Creations we are able to interact with the world from God’s perspective, rather than our limited human understanding of nature?

A few years ago a good friend of mine prophesied that the mystic realm was coming- a realm of the supernatural, which the Christian Mystics of old walked in that would carry with it extraordinary miracles, signs and wonders. The Christian Mystics walked in some crazy stuff- they tapped into a realm of the supernatural that was unprecedented – there is lots of documented evidence throughout church history describing saints whose bodies’ physically lit up and glowed in the Glory like St. Columba; many saints defied gravity, St John of the Cross and St. Theresa of Avila were known for this. On one occasion it is well documented that St.Theresa was lifted off the ground in front of 30 people! We actually found and visited the church where this miracle happened in Avila in Spain and there is a lot of Glory there! Other saints caused objects to levitate and even others still changed weather patterns, raised the dead, or defied death themselves.

Recently prophets like William Branham have moved in this realm- he was praying for a girl who was close to death and she was struggling with faith to be healed. He commanded the cord for the light to spin around in a circle without touching it and the girl screamed out “I believe! I believe!” and was healed!

I love the Catholic Church. They have preserved the stories and documentation of countless unbelievable miracles for many hundreds of years. They don’t actually take miracle claims lightly. They are very thorough in their research and do not claim a miracle has happened until there has been an in depth investigation with medical reports if need be. To be called a Saint in the Catholic Church you have to do at least 3 miracles- 2 alive and 1 when you’re dead. The most recent person to be recognised as a Saint is Padre Pio who lived the most extraordinary life of the supernatural. He was alive during WW2 and was known to have levitated, bi-located, gone invisible and he was the priest who made famous the stigmata. When he had been dead for 30 or more years, priests dug his body up to find that it had not decomposed – he has now become known as an ‘incorruptible saint’, one whose body hasn’t decomposed. There is a documentary about it on Youtube, where it was filmed happening and you can even see his body. There are many ‘incorruptibles’ in the Church and you can find a list of the top 10 incorruptible bodies with pictures here.

I recently watched an interview with Bobby Conner and Paul Keith Davis talking about some of the crazy supernatural things they have experienced- things like the cloud of witnesses showing up at their meetings and commanding the snow to fall in the middle of summer. I love that stuff.

For a few years we pursued the Supernatural but it’s amazing that as we have focused more on the Gospel and Christ’s Finished Work over the last few years, this ‘realm’ has become more and more a part of our normal lives. It has become accessible and has invaded the every day with a sense of wonder. Many years ago the Supernatural would have been too much to handle, because it would have taken our focus of the Cross, but now having got the Cross centralised in everything and gazing upon Him there is an effortless explosions of this Mystic Realm all around as the natural overflow of LIFE! The more we focus on the cross, the more it happens!

So here are some of the crazy miracles we have seen lately!

Objects defying gravity

pennies on wall 1When Karen and Mark Lowe stayed with us a few weeks ago they told us about some guys in Bethel commanding objects to defy gravity and stick to the wall. They had been doing it in Antioch and so we gave it a go. There is a lot of anointing on doing this and it is very fun. I commanded three pennies to stick to the wall, and my friend Dave Vaughan walked in and commanded a £1 coin to stick to the wall first time. They stayed up there for a long time and there was nothing in the natural which could have held them in place on their own. It’s a crazy thing to do in the natural but a lot of fun!

pennies on wall 2


Countless saints have glowed when the Glory has shone out of them. Isaiah 60.2 says ‘See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.’ Isn’t it amazing that this has literally happened? There have been times where the Glory has become visible on me and glowed, so much so people have seen it! It has freaked me out but been really cool

Supernatural winds

My wife and I have felt the winds of God physically when praying for healing many times. Hebrews 1.7 says he makes ‘Angels like the winds’. When they show up often we can feel a wind on our hands or arms. The people we have prayed for can usually feel the cold wind too and then heat on their body and then are healed! Glory!

Oil and Gold dust

A couple of weeks ago I was with a friend of mine called Kris Goudie, listening to Darrell Stott speak. Darrell is a guy who has seen genuine revival in Indonesia – and moves in the supernatural like no other.  In the worship time the tips of Kris’ fingers were covered in oil! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Kris has seen some of the craziest healings in shops and in his work as he goes about his daily business.

We’ve had the Gold dust appearing on our hands, and over people we have been talking to about it for a number of years. On one occasion I was talking to a group of teenagers who were non-believers. I told them the story of when we had had Gold dust appear on my hands in our youth group in Wales. Instantly about 4 or 5 of the girls’ hands were covered in Gold and one girl had gold dust completely cover her jacket to the point she had to dust it off! They got blinged up and were freaked out!

Wheelchair Healing

Physical healing is the most common supernatural things my wife and I see. I was reminiscing with a friend about some of the crazy supernatural things we have seen together over the years. In Sheffield city centre a number of years ago, A man in a wheel chair  went passed us who couldn’t walk. Compassion hit me and I grabbed my mate to pray for this guy. The man’s friends and family that were with him said they had not seen him walk properly for 15 years, some of them had never seen him walk. We layed hands on him and commanded strength to enter his body. We stood him up and he was very weak, his legs could not hold his weight properly. As we prayed we could feel strength and virtue enter his body and suddenly from nowhere he started pacing up and down the street, striding back and forth. His friends and family could literally not believe it!! The man selling cigarette lighters next to us said “I have never seen anything like that before!!”

Knowing information and conversations

William Branham said when he got words of knowledge it was like peering over the top of a wall. I have certainly striven to see this happen to me but recently it has just happened naturally. I’ve looked at people and supernaturally known information about them. A couple of weeks ago I looked at a woman in a worship time in our house and instantly knew she had a foot infection on her right foot! She later came and embarrassingly asked for prayer for it and I told her I already knew!

It’s interesting that Jesus knew the intention of people’s hearts and the conversations people had about Him. Sometimes when I have talked to people who have issues with gossip and slander a horrible smell has manifested and I’ve known what they’ve been up to!

A number of years ago I was with James Mayers, and we asked God to speak to us the same thing at the same time. Instantly we both looked at each other and knew before we even said anything that God had spoken the same thing to the both of us. It was really strange we both just knew it. Then at the same time we both shouted out the exact same thing. We were totally amazed and were laughing for ages about it!

Rainbow comes out of hand and appears in the sky!

I was meditating on Hope and the promises of God and how the rainbow is the sign of promise; that Jesus walked in the fulfillment of God’s promises and prophecies, under the 7 fold Spirit of God (Isaiah 11) and that the Throne of God that is within us is surrounded by a rainbow (Rev 4.3 + Ezek 1.28). I was thinking that Jesus is the fulfillment of our Hope, and thinking about this being restored over the UK. As I was looking up at the sky I went into a trance, was lifted up into the sky in a vision and saw a rainbow come out of my hand like a river, was crazy! As I saw it in the vision an actual physical rainbow instantly appeared out of nowehere in the sky next to the sun! Jesus is sat at the right hand side of the Father and we are seated in Christ – where did the rainbow physically appear? On the right hand side of the sun!


A leader in our church in S. Wales was in Bulgaria on a mission trip. For a few nights in a row he was woken up at the exact same time in the night. One night he was taken into a vision where suddenly he was back in the church building in Llanelli. He was walking around, and saw that there was a gathering happening, saw what people were wearing and even saw some visitors from a church in North Wales there. When he phoned his wife back in Wales and described the scene she was freaked out! They had all had a meal in the building that night wearing those clothes with the visitors from North Wales!

Crazy Dreams

God speaks through dreams. At the top of our street in our old house in Sheffield there was a derelict building. My wife had a dream one night that she was inside the building and it had become a cafe. She saw the unusual shape of the rooms, and was inside a particular room upstairs, saw the furniture, and strange multi-coloured stair case. A few weeks later we could see that work was being done on the building and low and behold it had become a cafe! When we went for a coffee she could not believe what she was seeing- it was exactly like her dream – furniture, room layout and even the multi-coloured stairs. She had never even been in that building before! When we went to pay, on the counter was a book entitled “Customer dreams- write your dreams in this book”!! I wrote in the book and talked to the owner about mystical Christianity – he was Very interested!


5 thoughts on “Mystical Miracles”

  1. Thanks for ghat the aSh ghat you have pulled together And arrayed these strands of thought like a braid.interesting that the same thought that was with me this last weekend about the unveiling if the mysteries and the supernatural and that whilst we could have hit “off track” if we focused on these things. Jesus has so beautifully arranged it that the emergence/re-emergence of the glorious gospel of peace has been the focus of these last few years so as to prepare us to handle the other out workings if Hiz might strength.So I guess in the vein of Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians,first the eyes if our hearts need to be enlightened, the hope to which Hd has called us,then we need to comprehend the riches of Christs inheritance in the “saints”,then we get to understand the incomparably great power for us who believe.exciting days.interestingly this was a declaration of my heart a few years back.never heard anyone ask for these things before but knew the Lord was preparing something for me and wider Body of Christ.then I read some if Antiochs prophesies for the new year last year and Ephesians / was one where if all gets clearer and higher and thinner in the spirit.just pondering as to the present times and seasons.bless you Phil xx

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