10 Signs you definitely need to get more drunk on the Holy Ghost…

We all sober up every once in a while, so here are 10 warning signs you may need another drink:

1. The Lord rebuked you for your pride and you thought it was a prophetic word for the nation

2. You have a ‘check in your spirit’ about Todd Bentley after ‘what happened’ and so seek wisdom from a Psalm by King David

3. You gave a 20 year prophesy for global events that were going to happen… and none of them happened (so you congratulated your intercessory team for stopping them from happening)

4. You repented for skipping cell group/ home group/ life group in order to read The Shack while drinking a beer (a Coors Light)

5. You recently made a comment like “church is hard but we’ve just got to stick with it”

6. You felt guilty for going on a date with your wife instead of attending the ‘Supernatural Revival Conference’ in your church

7. You felt burned out by ‘revival’

8. You have to tell people you have an Apostolic Network

9. You thought the number of likes on your facebook ministry page was directly related to the anointing on your life

10. You think your ministry is about you


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