Glory hits the Media (again), Baptisms and Jesus Invading Dreams

phil smithIt’s been a while since I have posted a proper blog and there is a lot to catch up on! Isn’t it amazing that the Kingdom of God is continually advancing across the Globe, opening the eyes of humanity to the riches found in Christ?! I love this verse found in Psalms:
‘Even as you sleep among the campfires the wings of my dove are sheathed in Gold and Silver’. (Pslam 68.13) There is a real peace in knowing that even while we sleep His Grace covers us with riches! Grace is advancing and it is something God is doing because it’s all about what He has done! I love the mystical paradoxes of the Gospel!

Every so often the media get in touch and want to know what is happening with the ‘Glory Movement’. First it was the Sun Newspaper, then Channel 4, then a lads porn mag and now Channel 4 again! So a couple of months ago Channel 4 got in touch with me and also contacted Dave Vaughan, about filming for a short 5 minute program that focuses on faith. They interviewed me for about an hour while we were at Glory Camp and kept asking “What is this movement called?” “How do you join?” “Who is the leader?” and all we could say is that it is the Glory!! I remember hearing a dream that someone had a while ago where there was a gathering and the Glory was really intense, the Presence of God was breaking out and some visitors were there. They kept saying “Will the leaders please stand up” and nobody really knew who they were because the Glory was so thick, it was obvious this was no thing of man. While Channel 4 were asking “Who leads this thing then” Dave and me were laughing about it and then were reminded of this dream and realised we were seeing the fulfillment of it! It’s amazing what God is doing. It’s not a thing of man but a supernatural revelation of Glory, that is totally out of control with the Wild Fire.

During the interview Channel 4 wanted to know about the drunkennes and even asked if I had ever got in to ‘trouble’ because of it. I ended up sharing a story where we were drunk in the Spirit and met some atheists… They loved the story and so put it on the program. As the program is on straight after the news they estimate that the live viewing figures can be anywhere between 20,000 to 200,000 people per night!

You can watch it here:

Glory on Channel 4

The weekend before Glory Camp my wife, Dave, Godfrey and me were at our friend’s (Kate and Oli’s) wedding. We met a ‘non-christian’ from Leeds who got impacted by the Glory during the ceremony. He said that after Dave had prayed at the wedding, he had “Got wrapped up in love”. We invited him to Glory Camp and during the baptisms that were happening there, he appeared in swimming trunks wanting to be baptised right then! His testimony is so powerful I am going to share it later on a full blog.

There is a real openness with dreams right now. A couple of weeks ago I was with some non-christian teenagers in Leeds and we were talking about how God can invade our dream life. I prophesied to them that they would encounter God in their sleep that week. The following week one of the teenagers did actually encounter Jesus in a dream. It was a dream invasion! We asked him how he knew it was God and he said “because He was covered in really bright light and I was blinded by the light coming from in Him!” A lot of Glory on that! I’ve heard of these stories happening in others parts of the world and am encouraged that it is happening here in good ‘ol West Yorkshire too!

Sarah and I spoke at Dayspring Church last Sunday about the power of the Gospel to set you free from Fear and Delay. You can listen to the talk on PodOmatic. I have just created an Oil of the Overcomer podcast channel so you can listen to all the teaching we do there. There is also another preach I did at Dayspring earlier in the year on the Glory and Union:

Bless you guys!



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