Northern Glory Gathering


Tomorrow evening we are gathering with a few friends including Joel Quinones at Jon & Lydia Haines’ house from 7.30pm.
For more information email:

We are starting to host regular monthly gatherings in Leeds. The vision is to gather people around the Glory from across the church of Leeds to share the stories of God breaking out in the rest of Life: in the work place, on the streets, in the cafés; to keep the focus away from the ‘meeting’ and to the Organic.

God is doing amazing things literally everyday and so we feel it’s important to provide a context for these stories to be shared and a place where revelation can be released too.

Last month we had a great time with Rob Radosti. There were between 40 & 50 people gathered both nights from loads of different churches from across the North. Here are some of the comments made from people afterwards:

‘Still feeling the Fire and Glory of God all over my body after last nights event’
‘Great night, woke up still feeling whacked’
‘Most fun ever in Armley!’
‘Last night’s events with Rob Radosti was so so awesome, the tangible presence of God was there, so much glory!!’

In May we are going to be gathering with Jim Paul, an internationally recognised Prophet who was part of the original leadership team of TACF with John & Carol Arnott back in ’94 when it all broke out. More details will follow!


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