unionA few years ago I wrote a blog talking about a coming revelation of our Union with each other in the Body of Christ (Spirit of Empire pt2. Union) and how we would come to the understanding that we are One – beyond just the congregation and local church to a place where we realise that as a whole Body, across different streams and denominations we are One. I wrote this having seen friendships across different church streams end simply because church leaders had said “focus on friendships within your local church”. It was something that was and still is desperately needed. So I was amazed to see a meeting that happened this week with the Pope and different protestant charismatic leaders like John and Carol Arnott, Kenneth Copeland and others take place where they talked about their desire for unity and Oneness within the Body of Christ. This meeting is so significant and happened in such an understated way.

Think about the division that has existed between the Protestant and Catholic Church for hundred of years since Luther’s reformation. Literally thousands of people have died in the name of Christianity. And yet now a revelation of Union is hitting the Body of Christ where we are realising there is no separation between us.

Luther’s reformation caused division and separation and yet in this current reformation we are getting a revelation of Union and our Oneness as humanity.  There is a healing that is taking place. Some people have prophesied a ‘civil war in the church’ but I’m seeing Peace; a union and a healing that is going to take place. Even over the next 6 months to year, there will be healing where there has been division. Especially with the whole ‘Hyper Grace’ stuff- this will be massively overshadowed by the revelation of our Union with each other because what will emerge is a greater level of maturity where we love beyond theology!

It’s a revelation and manifestation of Ephesians 2.14:

For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.

Christ has already broken down the ‘dividing wall of hostility’. God came like a wrecking ball and overcame the principality of division. He brought the two groups – Jew and Gentile together into One.

Now a few years later my understanding has moved beyond the traditional church focus to looking at humanity and seeing something of a Union and Family that is possible within the world through a revelation of Christ and the Gospel. Christ has removed the walls of hostility within humanity as a whole- in His human body he brought humanity together.

We can look at someone from a different religion and see just that – religion. And yet God sees their humanity and even shared in it! He sees their origin in Him and their potential as Sons and Daughters of God. I heard Bobby Conner talk about how God had called him to be a Prophet before he was formed in his mother’s womb. Bobby quoted Jeremiah 1.5:

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

How amazing is that! It’s incredible that we are all called before He formed us. Is this only true for a Christian the moment he becomes a Christian? Obviously not!! It was always true! At a certain point in his life he encountered God who connected him with this reality.

The whole of humanity is walking around having been known and called before they were formed in their mother’s womb. This is a mystical reality. Psalm 139:13 states ‘for you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb’ – this is the origin of humanity.

Humanity goes way back with God – before they were formed! The Father knows each person intimately and has designed everyone with uniqueness. The only reason Hopelessness exists is because people have become disconnected from the Hope with which He made them! He is the Father of all Creation and He looks at people that He has made with compassion.

It’s an interesting thought that the mindsets we have and words we speak are creative and effect the world around us. As a family we went to Belfast for a special family wedding last year and got to tour around Belfast. We saw the ironically named ‘Peace Wall’ that stands about 20 feet high separating the Protestant and Catholic areas of Belfast. It has witnessed murders, fighting and riots during the ‘Troubles’. Amazing when we think about Ephesians 2.14. Did Christ destroy the ‘hostile wall of division’ or not?

The lack of revelation of humanity’s Union in Christ has literally caused civil war in the city; through Christianity! Life and Death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18.21); God created Life with words. The Word is creative and He’s in you- so your words have creative Power too. We too can cause the World to respond to our words – we can make Hell on earth through speaking death. Indeed we can prophesy a ‘civil war in the church’ and create worlds of chaos through a mindset of division or we can cause Union!

There is something about speaking out the truth of the Gospel over people and situations which is creative and causes the world to respond. We can prophesy what God sees – Ephesians 2.14 – His children on earth. We can cause them to come into an encounter that will connect them with their destiny and manifest Heaven on earth through their life.

It says that we were crucified with Christ and in that moment of crucifixion Christ Spoke “Father forgive them…” He prophesied and released forgiveness and in that forgiveness it is possible to be delivered of the dividing wall of hostility.

What do you see when you look at humanity? Do see someone who was known by God before He formed them in their mother’s womb or do you see the labels the world has stuck on them?

Blessings! Phil Smith



5 thoughts on “Union”

  1. Great Writing! And what a confirmation. When I first met Jesus about 24 years ago I had a couple of prophetic experiences in which I was shown this Oneness. Sadly, as I later on proceeded on my journey through religion land I was told that this is all wrong. But over the last couple of years, after seeing the revelation that God is our Real Father – the Father of creation – all these things are coming back to me and I see confirmations popping up everywhere I am going.

    For a while, Papa had me just soaking in John 17 – I literally couldn’t read anything else – and I more than ever believe that Father’s love and the revelation of our Sonship/true Origin are the foundation of the Oneness we are ALL called into.Sadly, I know so many believers, who out of fear – based on their endtime theology – oppose these developements and even pray that the people involved would repent.

    It seems that without a revelation of the Oneness of humanity and its true Father/Origin there will never be any true Unity among us who claim to believe in the Person and message of Christ. And Churchhistory is full of examples of the bad fruit of this important truth lacking or even being ignored. That’s why it is so encouraging to see what’s happening right now all over the place. Thanks for your prophetic perspective on this. What an exciting time to live in!

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