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Hello there!

This is a place where we share some thoughts and perspectives on stuff God is saying, an occasional prophetic word and we also try to keep you up to date with stories of things that are happening.

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Below is a little summary of our journey over the last few years:

Philip and Sarah live in Leeds, in the North of England. They met at University where Philip studied Theology and Sarah studied Spanish. They both come from missionary families and Phil did a YWAM school in Cape Town in 2002. After receiving a prophetic word from John Arnott from Toronto the summer after they left university, they moved to South Wales in Oct 2005 and joined the leadership of Antioch Church in Llanelli and then got married.

They worked as youth workers for Antioch and while they were there came across teaching from Bethel Church in Redding, California. A team from the church went out to Redding in 2006 and when they got back the youth group began to see an outbreak of physical healings and other supernatural things.  Many teenagers from the local community experienced healing and met Jesus for the first time. The young people from their youth group have gone on to do exciting things including joining Bethel, getting involved in Mission with YWAM or with issues related to social justice in the world.

Something happened in S. Wales at that time, across different churches and ministries which was exciting and new. Martin Scott even prophesied that a ‘baby of revival’ had been born in S. Wales.

In 2007 they felt it was right to move back to England from South Wales so Sarah could complete a Masters and so they moved to Sheffield where they lived for 5 years.

In Sheffield they mentored some students who had also just moved to the city. Again healings and other supernatural things started to happen with them; this was around the time of the Lakeland Outpouring. The students wrote names of people they were praying for on a wall. After these people met Jesus they would go and cross their own names off the list!

Phil also started to see God do stuff in his workplace. On one occasion he saw 8 people healed in one go! They all felt challenged that the Presence of God had to impact the city; and so some of the (now ex) students moved into a deprived area of Sheffield and have got some great stories to tell from this.

In 2012 Philip and Sarah moved to a deprived area of Leeds to be part of a Christian community there. They are involved in youth work across the city in some of its more poorer areas and hold monthly gatherings called Northern Glory. They are continuing to see healings and prophetic stuff happen with young people, including broken bones healed on Briggate in the city centre, glory encounters in New Age Fairs, wherever, whenever!

Contact them at: oiloftheovercomer@hotmail.co.uk


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. It’s a wonderful dance where the lessons are free and the partners are the Trinity. Lovely. Great blog site will certainly enjoy it.

  2. would love to come up and see you guys before Christmas if possible.If there is a chance to meet your growing church that would be great too. Whaddya think ?

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