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Occupying Force

I’ve been thinking a lot about the phrase I prophesied last year that ‘it’s not business as usual’. I felt it in regards to the nation and that there would be some sort of sign with Big Ben, which is some sort of political sign. It’s interesting to prophesy something and then see the phrase used to describe seemingly every major political event on the news in the UK and US since.

What does it mean for the Body of Christ for it to ‘not be business as usual’ – that’s what I’ve been asking.

Basically what I think it means is this:

Going through the motions won’t be enough to get by in this season.

Relying on previous revelation won’t be enough to sustain you in this season.

The establishment will struggle to accurately predict future events.

Previous revelation will not be helpful in looking forward because it comes from a place of certainty whereas we are living in a time where uncertainty is king. So those operating from the previous season will struggle to determine the future and see accurately. The seasons change. Our perspective will too if we allow God to challenge our current way of thinking.

So what seemed impossible previously is now possible – I mean that in terms of the natural – unelectable people suddenly rising to power (I think Boris and Jeremy will both become Prime Minister at some point) and the rise of extremes.

There are positives and negatives with this – space has opened up to be occupied, so who will occupy it? Not people who are going through the motions, living in the status quo or running on old revelation.

But it seems that the future is open for the dreamers, the risk takers and those filled with some faith.

If it is not business as usual – this means we are in a time of the unusual, the unpredictable, the uncertain, the difficult to discern. A time for unusual doors of opportunity.

Discernment is so important, I think it’s the gift for this season – it will become increasingly more valued. I mean literally people will pay a lot of money for prophets with discernment to look in to situations in business, government etc. to discern future events /trends etc. But also to discern the intention of people’s hearts.


Something happened which was an interesting prophetic sign a couple of weeks ago. To understand it properly you need to go back to 2002 and a bunch of prophets standing outside Elland Rd, the home of Leeds UTD. Martin Scott was there along with Steve Lowton. Martin declared that something was going to happen to Leeds UTD which would be a sign to the nation. Prophetic signs from a prophetic city. Oooh Champions League victory? European Glory once again? Increased success and money? No. Bankruptcy and relegation; the exposing of debt and dodgy deals. They were forced to sell Elland Rd in 2004 and rented the stadium while the club plummeted to the bottom. And since then much has been said and written about the ‘Empire spirit’, I’ve written a couple of blogs about it too.

Then just recently Leeds got a new owner. He came in with a whole bunch of promises including saying he would buy back the ground. Fans were sceptical, others had come in with false promises saying they would buy back the ground and failed to deliver, ending up as mere stewards – looking after a land and a destiny they didn’t own. But a couple of weeks ago the new owner bought back the ground. Fans couldn’t believe it, it’s too good to be true! But no he fulfilled his promise. Repossessing the land, ownership, an occupying force once more, 13 years later.

The time of the stewards are over, those looking after a land that doesn’t belong to them and it is the time for Sons who will possess the land they have inherited.

In uncertain times there is certainty for those who are in possession of the land, the occupying force. We are in possession of an inheritance, seated in Heavenly places, hidden in Christ, high and lifted up yet rooted and grounded in his Love. There is a Heavenly Occupation happening.

We have been fully established in the inheritance of our Father by his Son. We walk on land he paid a price for us to possess. It was expensive and was brought about by his death and his resurrection. We did nothing to obtain it, he did everything while we were dead in our sin, dead in our dreams and without Hope.

The unshakeable 3 – Faith, Hope and Love are given to us as gift. They are given to us by the Rock, the stone the world rejected that became the Cornerstone. In uncertain times we have been given the gift of certainty in Christ. We have been given possession of a Rock that can’t be shaken.

Winds of Love

In uncertain times I just see Love beginning to blow through lives again, casting out fear and as it does people will begin to dream again, picking up old dreams, raising their gaze to the horizon with faith and hope once more. Their adventuring spirit and pioneering heart will return, and the spirit of God will blow through them again.

The Sons of inheritance have been given a stake in the land. It is theirs to possess. But He’s also coming to possess our hearts, He is bringing a Heavenly occupation of our hearts. He wants to be our desire, he wants our gaze too. The Lover is searching for Sons who are caught up in Awe and Wonder, whose desire drives them to adventures with the Son.

Future adventures await!








What does the future hold?


Surely the Lord does nothing without revealing his secret plan to his servants the prophets. Amos 3.7

I love the voice of God. Psalms says ‘the voice of the Lord is over the waters, the God of Glory thunders’ and Psalms 29:5 says  ‘The voice of the lord splits the mighty cedars; the lord shatters the cedars of Lebanon’. How awesome is that. Several years ago the Lord began to speak to me about specific national and international events that would occur – the exact timing of when Andy Murray would win Wimbledon, a certain Hollywood film that would be made about the Suffragette movement and an Academy Award that would be won by a particular actor that year. With these events the Lord showed me the significance of them, what they represented. These things came to pass and off the back of this in May 2016 I began to see that ‘winds of change’ were coming to the UK and that there would be a national sign with Big Ben in the main news. God was saying  that it was no longer ‘business as usual’. Big Ben was on the news and of course the winds of change swept across the UK and US with Trump and Brexit. US News media even used the exact phrases that the ‘winds of change’ were blowing and that this was not ‘business as usual.’

Many people prophesied that Trump and Brexit would happen, personally I disagreed with a lot of the interpretations out there about these events. I think some prophets saw that he was going to win and assumed it was a good thing – You may see some future event but this does not automatically make it a good thing or everything associated to it God ordained (consider Agabus prophesying the famine in Acts 11). I won’t write Trump off yet but there are several issues coming which concern me in regards to what spirit could ride in on his coat tails. The rise in popularity of Far right authoritarianism and nationalism is one issue…

This has been stirred up with Brexit, in the US with Trump and France has Far right leader Marine le Pen on the outskirts of power and an election next year. Other European countries have been teetering towards far right authoritarianism all year. There is a permissioning that is already happening for racism, angry speech and hatred and this could continue to grow and be given an ever louder voice. The treatment of minorities in the future is a concern – this nationalistic spirit is pushing to open a door of discrimination, trying to reopen something that has been shut by Prophets in the past. And although there were a lot of prophetic people speaking out negatively about the EU, one thing I didn’t see recognised by them was the fact that the EU has brought the longest period of peace to Europe ever! A weakened EU will affect this.

I particularly liked what Mike Bickel had to say in response to the elections and rise in racism – he talked about the church coming to a ‘Valley of Decision’ in how it responds to this (from about 20 mins is good) – a casual commitment to show mercy will be overtaken by the storm of anger and hatred. What will be needed is a radical commitment to kindness and mercy.

Several nights before the US election I had a powerful dream where I saw some shifting and things taking place internationally. I woke up reminded of the feeling I had on 9/11. On Sept 11th 2001 I remember getting home after hearing about the attacks at work and sitting on the sofa, shocked to my core. I knew the world as we knew it would be different from then on. It was this feeling that overwhelmed me in the dream and afterwards. At that point I felt that Trump would probably win. On the morning of the election result God woke me up at 3.33am. Martin Scott is my port of call when I am in need of wisdom and so I asked him what he thought about the significance of the time I had woken up. Martin always knows what is going on and directed me to a prophetic word someone had just released about the significance of the election and importance of ‘3 3s’.  Particularly Jeremiah 33.3‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

2017 the Year of Consolidation

From this God began to speak to me about ‘3s’ and some stuff for 2017. 2016 was no doubt the year of transition and so 2017 will be the year of consolidation. (This doesn’t take a Prophet to work this out lol). Here are some things I am seeing and I will write more over the next few weeks and months

I believe that 2017 will lay a foundation for things to be built on for 10 years. I can see that the position that people have come to in 2016, personally or nationally will be firmed up and cemented into place in 2017. Even the position of people’s hearts and attitudes – In some cases there needs to be alignment even in this last month of 2016 because going into 2017 people will become entrenched in the place they are at.

I am going to throw this out there – I believe that in the next three presidencies in the US – one will only last for 2 years. For what reason I don’t know but one presidency will last 2 years.

A new breed of Prophet will rise up in the next 10 years starting in 2017. They will be Prophets who embody a message with their lives in a similar way to Martin Luther King- not just releasing prophetic words but ones who carry a message through their life and actions. Particularly Prophets who act as catalysts for creativity and who move in Peace and release new waves of Mercy. They will be pioneers and positioned in the world where they can release a flow of creative ideas, pure creativity will flow through them like a river. These Prophets will be called to shape the future, and impact the future of companies and businesses and churches, even Governments.

Often the world has looked to nature for inspiration and creativity – copying nature, flowers, trees, animals for patterns and designs, looking to the earth for answers. But what I can see happening is people tapping into the pure source of creativity, liquid creativity from heaven which has no earthly comparison – this creative flow from the Throne Room will ripple out to inspire art and the media but also technology giants.

These 3 remain…

What is going to be spoken of more and more in the world is ‘legacy’ – How companies, businesses create a legacy that outlasts the lifetime of their own employees in to 100 / 200 years of legacy.

I have heard teaching about the creative force of the prophetic spoken word, where prophets speak things in to existence and can create and shape the future and yes I love this but I am beginning to see that there is another level of creativity where we can actually begin to tap into an eternal Legacy and reach into the Power of the Age to Come. Knowledge at some point is always surpassed by other knowledge and eventually becomes redundant and 1 Corinthians 13 even says all knowledge will one day pass away; prophecy too – but 3 things will remain. I am beginning to see that the greatest creative force in the earth is Faith, Hope and Love. These 3 things ‘Remain’ and create the biggest legacies in the earth, in culture, in world history.

So Prophets who embody and live in Faith, Hope and Love will create Legacy in the earth over the next few years and have the biggest societal impact and opportunity to affect culture. What they will do by living in Faith, Hope and Love; the 3 that Remain, is sow into the realm of eternity and the Age to Come. And by doing this they can reap a harvest of the Power of the Age to Come. And so by embodying the message of Faith, Hope and Love on the earth today they will walk in unparalleled power which will be an unstoppable force.

They won’t necessarily just be known by the church – but like Martin Luther King, a Prophet who embodied Love and received a nation changing legacy, they will be visible to the world, sought out by the world even. They will be Eternity Prophets – Prophets seated in the realm of Eternity, with Christ on the Mercy Seat, yet fully immersed in society around them. They will flow in such a creative force they will be sought out for their wisdom by businesses and Governments, and they will be able to be a catalysts for Mercy movements towards minorities and suffering people, people targeted by discrimination and racism. Art and media will also be affected.

Some will call it a New Renaissance or a new Civil Rights Movement, or modern Jesus People Movement, it will have many names because it will affect many different parts of society and culture, but what will be happening is God calling and positioning the Josephs with coats of many colours to many aspects of society. Prophets of Faith, Hope and Love, who have tapped into the rich gold vein of God’s creative power, flowing from the Throne will rise and release the sound of Mercy. And as they rise the sun of righteousness will rise with them with healing in its wings.






The Winds of Change are ringing the Wild Bells


‘Love is a dangerous word to those who fear losing control. Love is a wild wind and no one knows which way it blows’ Jason Upton 

Big Ben

The wild winds of change are rattling through the UK once more, silencing the old religious answers and ways of doing stuff. Wild bells of fulfilment are ringing again.

A few weeks ago at the last Northern Glory I prophesied that we are in the season of ‘fulfilment’. I prophesied that as a sign of this Big Ben would be on the main news within a couple of weeks.

Sure enough a few weeks later Big Ben was in the main news because the bell is being silenced for several months for repair work. (Obviously I didn’t know this when I prophesied it). It is first time repair work like this is to be done on it in 160 years. Read about it here.

So what’s the significance of all this then? God’s voice rings louder than the noise from the age old traditions of man. God is interrupting business as usual to challenge the ways we have done stuff before. We love relying on our trusted and traditional formulas so we import the models, the programs, the things that seem to work in revivals all around the world, we get the books and listen to the podcasts, whatever works elsewhere, we’ll try it! Everything except the actual whack.  We love to rely on the manmade instead of the mystical. It can hide our unbelief!

All the noise made by our striving is being silenced. In the space the sound of the voice of God at rest, in fulfilment and living in Grace is being heard. It’s the sound of the Wild Bells from Heaven. It is time for us to get whacked, get a bit of the anointing and pioneer something new which will have global impact.

God is speaking and it’s the sound of fulfilment that is ringing out. It is calling the wild fire prophets to attention and the crazy apostles to wake up. It is sounding to those who have dared to believe there’s a different way, to those have believed in promises. The sound of the Father’s faithfulness to fulfil his promises can be heard again. The bells of fulfilment are ringing out to the prophetic promises that are hanging over the UK.


Simeon is a symbol for our time. God started to speak to me about Simeon and I messaged a prophet friend of mine who said they too had been thinking about Simeon that same day.

Simeon was a prophet waiting on the fulfilment of God’s promises in Luke 2. His name means ‘he has heard’.  He was a man the Spirit was on. He lived in the anointing. He had heard and seen something different, something wild from Heaven which had stirred his soul to believe; he was filled with a Joy and anticipation that got him whacked. He had experienced something powerful enough to determine his life and lived to see the fulfilment of it. When the baby Jesus turned up in the temple Simeon announced ‘Sovereign Lord as you have promised… My eyes have seen your salvation…which you have prepared for in the sight of all nations.’ Simeon lived to see fulfilment and the faithfulness of God.

It is interesting to compare him to Zechariah, John the Baptist’s father. Both men eventually saw the fulfilment of prophecies. Both men saw something, Zechariah had an angelic visitation from Gabriel about the same events but responded in unbelief.  Zechariah couldn’t believe there was something different to business as usual and like Big Ben was silenced. Simeon however, lived in the Spirit and caught a glimpse of something which would affect nations, he met Jesus.

Jesus was and is fulfilment, he embodies fulfilment. He wasn’t just a Prophet but was the fulfilment of the Prophetic Word.  Jesus says of himself in Matthew that He came to fulfil the Law and the Prophets. Galatians 4 says ‘But when the fulfilment of the time came, God sent his Son.’ Hebrews describes it as being the ‘culmination of the ages’. So in the incarnation you have God coming, bringing fulfilment, answers, breakthrough. He is the Manifestation of Fulfilment. It is in the Father’s very nature that He is faithful to fulfil His Promises and so Jesus is God’s answer, Jesus embodies God’s faithfulness. He is the embodiment of fulfilment.

Jesus is the sound spoken from the Father’s lips. He is the sound of the wild fire of God’s love. He is the sound of fulfilment.


Fulfilment is walking next to you. But you won’t believe it until you see it. I love the story of the guys on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24. They were walking filled with disappointment, downcast, thinking the promises they had believed in were over, Jesus had failed, it was all a lie. Yet Jesus, having overcome death, resurrected and living in the fulfilment of all things and was standing right next to them. Jesus began to speak and they started to hear a different sound from Heaven. As they listened to his voice their eyes opened to see Jesus face to face – the Manifestation of their desires right before them. The Fire on the voice of God burned in their hearts. It burned fulfilment and the breakthrough of Jesus into them. It burned through the dark clouds of their disappointment to bring breakthrough to their hearts. This caused them to enter into fulfilment.

There’s a different sound from Heaven ringing out. God is speaking and His voice carries the wild Fire of His love that will burn in your heart. It manifests fulfilment to the promises He has spoken. It brings the Wild Fire of breakthrough to rest in our lives so that we can say like Simeon, ‘As you have promised… now my eyes have seen…’ The face of Jesus is being revealed and is being branded into our hearts. This is causing the manifestation and release of fulfilment to the promises over our lives. Promises are going to be fulfilled right in front of our eyes.

The manifestation of fulfilment

Wesley is a guy who walked in fulfilment, a true prophet, when he walked around he brought the Wild Fire of breakthrough. He embodied fulfilment in that he walked in the accomplishments of Jesus; authority, power and lived in Christ’s breakthrough. He had an encounter with Jesus which ignited his heart with a Wild Fire – this lead him to say his now famous phrase ‘my heart was strangely warmed’. It was this fire that people gathered to see in the thousands. They climbed trees to catch a glimpse of this guy to be warned by other people that they would fall out under the power of God. Thousands would be gathered, shaking under the shadow of the Fire that Wesley carried. He truly impacted this nation. He said ‘catch on fire and others will come to see you burn’.

I believe fulfilment looks different for different people, obviously we each have promises from God that are different and will be for different areas of life.

But I believe that one of the things that is coming is the same Fire that affected Wesley. The sound of Heaven, wild bells ringing out is releasing this Wild Fire. Two guys on the road to Emmaus had an encounter with the embodiment of fulfilment and it burned a breakthrough in to their hearts. Jesus spoke and it warmed their hearts like Wesley.

So to try and summarise what God is saying here:

  • God is challenging the traditional religious ways of doing stuff that come from the business as usual type mindset.
  • Zechariah and Simeon are symbolic of this time. Zechariah responded to the new with unbelief and was silenced. Simeon lived in the anointing and responded with faith… ‘as you have promised… now my eyes have seen… which you have prepared in the sight of all nations…’ He was privileged to see something in advance of nations.
  • We are in a time of fulfilment.
  • The voice of God will speak like a fire into disappointment and discouragement.
  • Jesus is the embodiment of fulfilment and He is causing the fulfilment of promises to appear in our lives.
  • Fulfilment will burn like a wild fire in our hearts so we can walk in it.
  • Fulfilment looks like different things but one aspect of it is the fresh manifesation of the John Wesley fire.

Fulfilment is not far off, His name is Jesus and He is standing next to you. He is upholding and sustaining your life.  His Fire will encounter you with resurrection reality. God is faithful to fulfil His promises. Listen to his voice, the sound of fulfilment will burn away your disappointment and discouragement. Be one ‘who has heard’ so that you can live in fulfilment. His Words will brand your heart with breakthrough.


The Spirit of Empire pt.2: Union

A Kingdom Mindset

Jason Westerfield prophesied that the Body of Christ will go from a church programme mindset to a Kingdom releasing mindset. He prophesied this over Bill Johnson in Bethel and that is what they have discovered. God has given a platform to Bethel because they have sought the Kingdom first. Many churches look at Bethel and try to emulate what they have but Bethel seeks the Kingdom first. You can have a miracle manifestation but be in a mindset wilderness- miracles don’t prove you’ve got the goods. The Israelites had miracles in the desert but God wanted to take them to the Promised Land to experience the Kingdom.

Uprooting the Empire

Martin Scott has carried a revelation about the Empire Spirit for about 15 years now. Others have stood like Roger and Sue Mitchell, Godfrey Birtill, Steve Lowton, Mike Love and many others and have carried a message that God is uprooting and opposing the Empire Spirit. I know that God is dealing with this issue in the church. Dale Gentry released a Prophetic Word many years ago that the wind of the Spirit of God was going to blow through the church and get rid of every plan of man, causing the things which opposed the Spirit to collapse. Churches which embraced this wind would experience a second more powerful wind of revival.

I walked with Steve Lowton in 2005 from London to Edinburgh as part of a team prophesying the Empire is over. We walked up the spine of the country, to uproot a mindset of empire in the nation. It was sore and I was definitely one of the worst walkers. God spoke to me during this walk that churches, businesses and ministries with an Empire mindset might look the same on the outside as ones that didn’t have it, but God looks at the heart and motive of the people.

Steve Lowton eventually walked from York to Rome. Martin Scott had prophesied months earlier that the birth of his grandson would be a prophetic sign of the coming Government of God – 12 representing this in Hebrew. So in the 20 minute window that they had in Vatican Square, the Pope appeared and they prophesied in the presence of the Pope that the Empire is over. Martin Scott’s grandson was born in this 20 minute window on the 21st of the 12th.

The History of Empire

When we talk about the Empire Spirit we are not talking about big and successful churches. We are talking about a demonic Spirit. This demonic spirit opposes the Holy Spirit. It can attach itself to mindsets, in a churches, businesses, groups or people. Being a big church doesn’t mean you have an Empire Spirit! But likewise being an apparant successful church is not a sign that you are free from it either! The issue is not found in what a church looks like but in its heart and mindset. The size of congregation is irrelevant.

It was the Emperor Constantine who first Christianised the Roman Empire and built what is known as ‘Christendom’. While this brought a time of blessing to the Christians in the Empire it confused the advancement of the Kingdom with the advancement of the Empire. This was the first time the church went from houses and living rooms to church buildings. It went from sending people out into the community to drawing people inwards. Many people think the church became inward focused at this time, serving itself rather than God and the needs of the people. It gathered money in, and ceased being a source of blessing to the poor. The centre of the church became Rome and the Head of the church became the Pope (I do love Catholics however just to clarify). The church became preoccupied with preserving and replicating itself rather than serving God’s plans.

The Fruit of Empire

The fruit of the Empire Spirit is self promotion, selfish ambition, competition and strife. It looks at everything else as a threat to its own position and so brings division and disunity. Because of its suspicion and jeolousy of other’s success it breeds prickly isolation between itself and other churches. It only networks with other churches which serve its own interests. It has a hierarchy which is top heavy. Leadership is seen as the pinacle and so it values the few at the expense of the many. It makes the many serve the few! It sucks people in, instead of sending them out. It promotes man based on his efforts and not the voice of the Lord. Like Judas it betrays the plans of God for the selfishness of man. In doing so it sets itself in rebellion against God. Rebellion is the sin of witchcraft and with the Empire Spirit there is always the operation of witchcraft.

We are not talking about hocus pocus magic when we say that but manipulation and control. Rick Joyner has written a great article called ‘Overcoming Witchcraft’ where he addresses these issues in the Church. In it he writes:

What God is building is not raised up by might or power, but by His Spirit. Whatever we build by other means is an affront to the cross and will ultimately oppose that which the Spirit is doing… Any authority or influence that we gain by our own manipulation or self-promotion will be a stumbling block to us and our ability to receive a true commission and authority from God.

You can read the whole article here:

Many writers including Roger Mitchell have written on the subject of the Empire Spirit. Dyfed Wyn Roberts has a great blog where he is exploring this issue:

From Pyramids to Mountains

Pyramids are manmade mountains. I believe that the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land is a prophetic picture for the church. It must go from slavery to Pharoah, building manmade mountains to walking among the Mountains of God, ruling in true Spiritual authority. It is the church’s destiny to LIVE in the Promised Land. Hebrews 4 calls this ‘the rest of God’ and gives the command ‘cease from your labours’. The church is called to cease from its labours and live in the Kingdom of God.

Sat in Christ, not Eygpt!

There is no hint of Empire in Christ. He was tempted by it in Luke 3.5 but the crosshairs of his earthly ministry were fixed firmly on the cross. The Devil jangled the Keys of the Kingdom in front of Him like a carrot on a stick and showed Him all the Kingdoms and Empires of the world, saying “I will give you all power and authority” but Jesus knew He could not serve the Empire Spirit and God. God’s Kingdom would cause Him to empty Himself and become nothing (Philippians 2.7) in order to truly restore the Keys of the Kingdom.

He opposed every opportunity that He had to establish an earthly rule, much to the frustration of his followers at times. Although His ministry platform only consisted of a few towns and cities He was not intimidated by the fact His disciples’ ministries would take them around the world. Neither was He jealous that they would see greater things than He would; that Peter would see people healed through his shadow, or that Paul would write more books for the New Testament than Him.

In Mark you have the what is called the ‘Messianic secret’ – that Jesus even hid his true identity of being the Messiah! Instead of seeking legitimacy and an endorsement from the Chief Priests He spent time with tax collectors and sinners. He took the low road to death, to a humiliating end to what seemed like a failed ministry. Even the first people He appeared to after His resurrection were people 1st C. Palestine did not value- women! Imagine the I told you so on the Pharasees He could have got, standing before them in resurrection power!

The Kingdom of God is an upside Kingdom. Jesus says “Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven 5” Matt 18. So often we can get caught up in trying to ‘serve’ the Big Names and yet Jesus teaches in the Parable of the Sheep and Goats ‘what you do for the least of these you do for me’.

Although Jesus opposed the Empire Spirit He wasn’t an anarchist. Infact He said ‘rend to Caeser what is Caeser’s. This is because the fruit of the Kingdom of God is righteous, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. The Presence of God is the focal point of the Kingdom. It has its eyes fixed on Jesus and makes the Presence of the King the priority. The Kingdom of God lets us enjoy our union with Christ. When this happens, when we rest in the Kingdom, the fruit we are seeking manifests naturally. I believe that this is what has happened in Bethel. It is not in their striving that they have seen revival but in their rest.


What the Lord has been releasing is a revelation of our union with Him but in the coming days the Lord will release a revelation of our union with each other in the church. God wants us to realise we are one in the body of Christ. Philippians 2 states:

Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

We might read this in the context of a local church and think ‘yes this is what our church needs!’ but the Lord wants us to see this in the context of His Kingdom. Whatever denomination we are in, whichever church we go to the Lord is releasing the revelation and understanding that there is no separation in the Kingdom, that there is no separation in Christ. We are one. The Kingdom of God turns the Empire on its head. Philippians 2 is calling for church organisations and ministries to serve and promote each other. For competing churches to value the interests of each other and actually work together (crazy thought I know!)

I love the Catholic understanding of the Communion of Saints. During the Eucharist they believe that in union with Christ they become one with each other and the Communion of Saints: the whole host of Heaven! We believe we are continually united to Christ. We are continually one with the communion of saints- both those on the earth and in Heaven. The Body of Christ is permanently united in Christ. The worldwide church has been united in His death and resurrection to each other.

In Christ there is no division of church walls and ministry. There is no seperation between denomination and local churches. There is union. Union with Christ and union with each other.

God has given us a revelation of unity within the church. The Body of Christ transcends the man made structures, boundaries and walls that exist on earth. God is releasing now a revelation of the family of God which will cause love to conquer all. The Spirit of Empire with its ugly manifestations will be overwhelmed by love and the revelation of union.

Even Jesus’ last prayer was for a revealtion of union in the Body:

20 Neither for these alone do I pray [it is not for their sake only that I make this request], but also for all those who will ever come to believe in (trust in, cling to, rely on) Me through their word and teaching, 21 That they all may be one, [just] as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, so that the world may believe and be convinced that You have sent Me.22 I have given to them the glory and honor which You have given Me, that they may be one [even] as We are one: 23 I in them and You in Me, in order that they may become one and perfectly united, that the world may know and [definitely] recognize that You sent Me and that You have loved them [even] as You have loved Me.

Being united in Christ means we are united with each other. The Lord has given us the Glory so we can be one and then, Jesus says, the world will have a revelation of who Jesus is. That is a pretty powerful prophecy from Jesus Himself. Jesus is saying that the greatest form of evangelism is union. The biggest way we can bring a revelation of Christ to the world is though resting and enjoying our union with him and resting in our union with each other. No striving or competing but understanding we are one. Jesus said it himself: Revival will happen through our union.

‘Leeds leads’

It was prophesied by Martin Scott years ago that Leeds would lead and pioneer in the UK. 10 years ago when we were living in Leeds there were countless organisations set up across the city which brought together 30+ churches to work together. Leeds Youth Cell Network is pioneering a city wide network of youth from 30+ churches. Kidz Klub in leeds is the only Kidz Klub in the country which brings together 30+ churches from across the ciy to work together. I remember a friend of mine, Justin Thomas, commenting “it is now unheard of in Leeds for a program to be set up by one church on its own. Churches which are doing that are unseccessful here”. Network Leeds was established 10 years ago – a city wide website promoting and linking together churches and ministries from across the city. You can find it here:

When we are talking about churches working together, we don’t mean a meeting once every 6 months. We are talking about working together week in week out, daily working on a team together. In this melting pot the church you’re from becomes meaningless!

The original vision for unity in Leeds came from looking at the unity present in churches working together in cities during the Argentinian revival. Jesus’ last words were demonstrated because the cities in Argentina turned to God in revival fire.

Leeds is a forerunning city in the nation but its now time for the UK to catchup. The prickly isolation, suspicion and competition between churches that exists because of Empire is being dealt with by God. God is releasing a revelation of union that will manifest the Kingdom in revival fire.

The Spirit of Empire pt. 1

This update contains some thoughts on the Empire Spirit, and also a prophecy for the Summer- Enjoy!

The Spirit of Empire


Spiritual maturity does not always equate to title, position and platform in the natural. In Christ’s moment of victory on the cross, he had been betrayed and denied by his followers. By all accounts he looked defeated and was treated like a blaspheming criminal! But through man’s betrayal he brought humanity’s Salvation.

God’s way of doing things does not always agree with our way of doing things and sometimes looks foolish. There is something wrong when we can have a successful church meeting without God’s Manifest Presence even being there. The Spirit of Empire causes man to build something which is at odds with the Presence. It may look good and sound wise, just like the pharasees’ expectations for the Messiah, but in the end it causes you to betray the very thing you have been waiting for.

The Empire Spirit seeks its own agenda for its own sake. In its competitiveness it will forsake the widow and orphan for the achievement of its selfish ambition. It breeds Career Christians, church promotions and gives promises of leadership titles on the grounds you serve it.


True Sons value the Presence above all else. Consider Brother Lawrence. His book “The Practise of the Presence of God” is an international classic. The kitchen dishwasher became a literal living pilgrimage destination because of the Manifest Presence he lived in. Scripture writes that the Sons of God are led by the Spirit. His reputation was transformed from being regarded as a good washing upper to being internationally recognised as a mystic, teacher and source of wisdom. He didn’t have a strategy. He stayed whacked up in the Glory. He cared not for himself and inherited the Kingdom of God. 

(Martin Scott has taught on the Empire Spirit extensively. I highly recommend listening to or reading his material on the matter.)

Open Skies, Open Heaven:
Prophesy for the Summer 2012


The last update  contained a decree I had written, about the forthcoming drought that had been predicted on the news and weather bulletins. I prophesied that in the Summer there would not be a drought and that the weather would reflect the truth; that we are not in a desert season or wilderness. Instead Christ has restored us to Eden. This is a truth whether we believe, see it, walk in it or even disagree with it! Believing this truth will see it manifest. Faith is the Substance of things hoped for! And so when we believe truth it becomes reality.

The week after I had prophesied “No Drought” the BBC news reported that areas in the country went from “drought to floods in a week”. It said on the 27th of April, a few days after I had prophesied, that there had been “a dramatic change in the weather in the last few days.” Two weeks later the BBC reported that the rain which had fallen in the second half of April had caused it to be the wettest April in about 50 years. It was then reported that many areas of the UK were officially drought free.

God is causing a people in the nation to rise up in faith and start to believe in a God of Wonders. God is causing His Sons to walk in Life. This Summer there will be no drought but it will be a Summer of clear blue skies and sun filled days. The rain will stop in time for the Summer and it will be marked by Joy and Hope. The open skies will reflect the Open Heavens.

Proverbs 13.12 talks about Hope Deferred causing the heart to be sick. So many people are living in disappointment and disillusionment but I prophesy that this Summer the “longing fulfilled will be a tree of life”. This will be experienced nationally.