Healing pt 2: Healing stories

[We are in a Revolution: A total or radical change; return to a point before occupied; the overthrow or renunciation of one government, and the substitution of another, by the governed.]

I have just been remembering some of the healings which we have seen. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy; as we meditate on what Christ has done we are prophecying to the future and releasing the faith that He can do it again!

One of the first healings we saw was with a non-christian teenager in our youth group. She had a problem where her elbows would lock and she couldn’t stretch her arms out. It was painful when she tried and hindered her in playing netball which she loved doing. We prayed for her and almost instantaneously her right arm unlocked for the first time in her life!

Another healing I saw was when I was with Emerge Wales doing some stuff on the streets. I saw some guys just sitting on a wall and so went over and asked if they needed healing for anything. They thought I was joking but then one guy said “yeah I have pain in my back right now actually” I asked if I could pray for it then and there and he freaked out a  bit but let me. I put my hand on his back and commanded it to be healed. He looked at me really surprised and started saying “How did you do that?! What have you done? You’re tricking me!!” He thought I was a David Blaine wannabe but I then told him that God is real and has power today.

In Stockton at a meeting I was speaking at, I prayed for a women who had pain in her knee.  As I put my hand on her knee she felt fire go down her leg and hit her knee! Her knee was then completely healed! At about the same time I prayed for a women with scoliosis in her back. This is a curvature of the spine.  Her back was healed after praying for it for a few minutes.

In Ireland again with Emerge Wales I prayed for a women with eye sight problems. One eye had poor vision. I prayed for her and immediately  her eye was healed! I was quite shocked as it happened so fast and so easy!

After the first few healings I saw I started to focus on my healing gift and I even told some people I had healing ministry! Now I understand that as Christ rests in me I can manifest his healing power. I do believe in personal gifting but this is just a reflection of who is inside us. It is Christ who heals and He is our focus. Our job is to trust Him and let Him do it! We don’t heal, He does because He won.

As I was thinking about this post God started speaking to me words of knowledge for people who would read this. I saw people getting healed as they read the stories. I saw someone with migraine headaches being healed – the stress lifted off and didn’t come back. Peace came to their head. I saw someone with a tightness in their chest  being healed and the tightness being released. I saw healing coming to someone with asthma – it lifted off their lungs and someone else had their eyesight restored.  We also saw God bringing healing to someone with spina bifida, in particular that an upcoming medical appointment would have a surprisingly positive outcome!

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Great footage of healings at an American Football game

Some footage of healings at Disney Land. Gets good after about 2 mins:


Healing pt 1: Be the River not the Dam

[We are in a Revolution: A total or radical change; return to a point before occupied; the overthrow or renunciation of one government, and the substitution of another, by the governed.]

Instead of being the source of the river we are often the dam.

We can inadvertently stop the Spirit moving by trying to get Him to do stuff. We get in the way of God usually when we are trying to use our gifting to bring a breakthrough! A number of years ago while we were youth workers in Llanelli, South Wales, we had seen healings regularly over a number of weeks. We had a break for Easter and came back and for the first few weeks saw absolutely nothing. After 2 weeks I started to get worried and ask “Why have the healings stopped? I thought I had a healing gift! I thought we had seen a breakthrough in Healing!” During one evening I stood back and watched what was going on. I asked God “Why are we not seeing anything?”. I was expecting some clever keys for breakthrough but instead God rebuked me. He spoke quite clearly and said “Get out of my way and let Me do it!” So I did and its not rocket science – surprisingly we saw healings occur again that night and from then on. I had got in God’s way because I thought I had got a breakthrough!

Kobus van Rensburg commented ‎”If God must do things because you performed, you put God in the box of being your servant instead of your Lord. We must come to place where we hear His voice instead of Him hearing ours.”

When we become preoccupied by our own gifting and successes our confidence comes from what we’ve seen instead of what He has done. We start to think it is down to our own efforts and become a dam to the river of life bubbling from our bellies.

I have seen several healings this week at work and in a Christian meeting and really it was easy. There was no hard intercession and speaking in tongues for a breakthrough or fasting  to change the spiritual climate. I rested in Christ’s victory, His ability to heal, His gifting, His Spirit and then with little effort they happened from the overflow. I let His victory bubble up and manifest itself.

When the Gospel is our foundation and we stand in His victory we will witness victory occur around us; we are still and come to the place of knowing He is Lord.

Philip Smith 11 Dec 2011

Fire Power

[We are in a Revolution: A total or radical change; return to a point before occupied; the overthrow or renunciation of one government, and the substitution of another, by the governed.]

I believe that the fire of the Holy Spirit will grip this nation as it is setting others around the world ablaze. Right now we are being gripped by the flame of God and are being consumed by the Fire of the Holy Spirit. We have had revival in England through many great people over the last few hundred years.

John Wesley said “I set myself alight and people come to watch me burn”.

England is missing the Fire of God today. God has released a Wild Fire in Wales that has burned brightly over the last few years but England has not really embraced this on a corporate level. One thing I know is that the Fire of God has consumed England in the past and it will again.

Churches and organisations that are willing to put down agendas, ministries and programs that are obstacles in front of God will be able to host the Fire of God on a corporate level. The Fire of God will not be contained by man’s programs and it tears up agendas where God’s Glory is not put first.

In Oct 1995 I was in Edinburgh during a conference with various leaders from Toronto with my family. My mum had taken me along to a leader’s meeting and Jim Paul, a leader from the Toronto Airport Church was standing at the front. There were loads of leaders from various different Scottish churches and they were discussing when to meet and the agenda for the next year. Even as a teenager I could feel the damp presence of religion! Suddenly the Fire of the Holy Spirit got hold of Jim Paul and he started shaking up and down uncontrollably as he was standing at the front. God had set him alight. Out of his mouth came a prophecy towards the leaders for about 5 minutes. As he was shaking up and down, the words came flying out of his mouth. The pure Fear and Awe of God filled the whole room and Jim Paul’s glasses flew off as he shouted “Stop trying to control God! Stop making agendas that God has not created!” I remember being convinced right there of the reality of God and that His agenda comes first.

This country has a history of Apostles filled with Fire. The Celtic Saints like Cuthbert and Patrick walked in Fire. They turned the heart of the nation towards the Father, not through programs and meetings but by living in the Fire. The Celtic Fire is returning to save thousands a day. God’s agenda does not look like ours. It is messy on a natural level. It seems out of control. It is scary and it is offensive to our man made plans. People misunderstand it, they think His apostles are drunk when it is only the morning. They may think they are heretics. But everything else is second rate. The day I saw Jim Paul ablaze with the Fire of God and saw the dank, dry, boring alternative my heart had been won by Christ. All else is second rate. I want the Fire!

The reality is The Lord who is a consuming Fire lives within us. He is the Hope of Glory. Jesus is the Fire and he is beginning to reveal himself through his Sons. As we yield we burn. As we give control of ourselves over to God He manifests the Fire out. Others begin to feel it. Strangers standing at bus stops feel the Spirit on us and it grips their heart. When we let the Fire manifest crazy stuff starts happening.

Zechariah 2.5 states “I will be the Fire around and the Glory within”. The drunkenness of the Spirit IS the Fire of God!

I was with a friend in Sheffield city centre and we were drunk in the Glory but the Fire was around us. We approached 3 girls and asked if they had ever got drunk on God and not surprisingly they said “No!” So we asked if we could pray for them. One girl started crying, another started laughing hysterically and after we prophesied over the third she screamed because of the accuracy of the prophetic word and ran over to the other side of the road literally. Our God is a consuming Fire. On another occasion I witnessed the Spirit of God leap onto a hardened atheist from my friend as we were talking to him while totally whacked, in a shopping centre. The atheist stood weeping uncontrollably in front of his mates. Later we talked to 5 of his other friends and the Spirit of Prophecy came on me. I saw details about their lives and told them specific things relating to their destiny, gifting and other things which happened to them when they were younger. The aim of a drunk man on fire beats that of a sober man any day.

The Fire of God is uncontrollable and destroys the works of the enemy. The Kingdom of God is advancing in victory. Great meetings, powerpoint presentations, buildings and car parks mean squat next to the raw Fire of God. This is what God has put within us and it is what he expects us to live in.

Philip Smith, 27th Nov 2011

The Drunken Glory

Welcome to our blog! 

[We are in a Revolution: A total or radical change; return to a point before occupied; the overthrow or renunciation of one government, and the substitution of another, by the governed.]

I’m so pleased the heavens are always open. I am just grateful to Christ. The Wine is always flowing from Heaven and there is a heavy whack. All I know is this: Whatever we have experienced of the Glory there is always more to experience. We go from Glory to Glory.

Bill Johnson said about the visible Glory Cloud that has manifested in Bethel that it would be a crime if the greatest manifestation of the Glory was seen in Moses’ life- a man who wasn’t even born again. He shone in the Glory. We live in the Greater Glory and I know that things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. What we are seeing in the Bethel is only the start of what He is about to do.

There are many accounts of supernatural things like this happening throughout church history, and even more extreme accounts of men literally glowing in the Glory. I have seen people radiating light out of their body and I know that this will increase. Isaiah 60 talks about the Glory being seen upon His people. We are about to see people literally radiating, glowing in His presence like light bulbs and becoming public signs and wonders.

This week a friend of mine who is called to be a prophet in England had a radiance of light shining out of his hand that was visible to the natural eye. We were gathered in the Glory and drunk in the Spirit and suddenly wrapped around his hand was a visible cloud of light! There is a heavy drunken Glory that comes from seeing a visible cloud of Glory. I have heard Bob Jones say that the Shekinah Glory looks like the brilliance of the sun blazing out through the clouds. You have this within your being.

You are a walking open Heaven and Heaven will come bursting out in the brilliance of colour and majesty.

Economic Hope

In Dec 2007 God spoke to me as my wife and I were driving down the M1 motorway about the economy and coming recession. I do not have a background in economics and was not expecting God to speak to me about this in any way.

What God showed me was that from 2008 onwards there would a bottoming out of the economy. I saw a double zero which I now believe represents a double dip recession. I also saw that the coming recession would be the worst the world had seen since the Great Depression of America which started with the Wall Street Crash at the end of the 20s. Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England said last month that the crisis was the most serious since the 1930s, “if not ever.” Later in Oct 2008 God gave me a significant dream about a coming collapse. I have recorded the dream at the bottom of the update but have not included it here because God wants this message to be clearer:

The Gospel is not affected by seasons of recession, economic meltdowns or credit crunches. Those who rest in the Finished Works of Christ live under a supernatural economy based on what He has done.

There are many people who have prophesied an eventual crash of the economy and I believe that you don’t need to be prophetic to realise that. Rick Joyner wrote of a collapse in his book “Visions of the Harvest” in the late 1980s. In it he describes the collapse of the economy coming like the sinking of the Titanic. He has since gone into much more detail about what he thinks will happen as have others. Advice has come about preparing in the natural- stock up food, get your debt paid off and while this is all helpful the only true preparation can come in learning to rest in the Gospel. The Gospel is the true foundation which will cause us to be able to see hope and not be overwhelmed by fear. Bill Johnson says “you have authority over any storm you can sleep through”.

In the last few weeks the Euro has been standing on the precipice staring oblivion in the face with Italy and Greece dominating the headlines. Things in the natural can appear very bad but one thing I strongly believe about the recession is this: we can stand for hope and victory a midst the doom and gloom of the current climate and live in a supernatural prosperity regardless of the natural circumstances. We must have the Gospel as a foundation in our lives so that we will not be shaken. A revelation of the Gospel will not only be a foundation and anchor in the midst of chaos but will produce a recovery plan.

I believe that out of the revelation of the Finished Works of the Cross a new economic system and solution will be created. This is because those who live under the Government of Christ with a revelation of the Finished Works will not live affected by an economic crash. They will live under a different system, under a different era: The New Covenant. There is not poverty or lack in the New Covenant but there is a supernatural abundance and prosperity which is not changed by natural situations.

Agabus in Acts 11 prophesied that a famine would occur over the Roman World. This did not create fear and scare the believers but instead the believers rose up in the Gospel and were able to ‘provide help’ for people living through this. They rose up in faith and abundance and became a source of prosperity during a difficult time in the natural. This must be our response.

I strongly believe that any recession or economic collapse is NOT God’s judgement against the West. This is because the judgement of the world has already been dealt with in Christ’s death! God doesn’t then think “I’ll do it again but this time punish the people!” Christ took away judgement from the world and instigated Grace over Law. There is a very good podcast teaching by Kris Vallotton from Bethelon this subject. It is dangerous to prophesy God’s judgement over a nation and predict the destruction of it or its economy. Those that do this are coming very close to standing in alignment with a Terrorist Spirit that wants to destroy and create chaos. This is not the heart of God! He already Judged the world and sits on the Mercy Seat.

If the economy crashes I believe it is the results of the principles of sowing and reaping. The creation of a poor economic system with little regulation has been abused by some people on the inside to make billions of pounds and it has been pushed to breaking point, bowing under the pressure of debt. What has been sown is now being reaped with recession and the possibility of a double dip.

God wants us to rest in Him and what He has accomplished regardless of what is taking place in the natural. We have been seated in Christ through His death and this does not change when things get tough. When we live from this place we begin to see it manifest in our lives. I know that those who are living in this revelation will receive a revelation about a new economic system. A Daniel/ Joseph character will emerge and have great influence in the corridors of power of the economic world. The new system will be based on the Kingdom principles of the Gospel, rest and sufficiency. It will be taken up and used in the economic system of the world.

Below is the dream I received:

On Tues 29th Oct 2008 I was praying and I asked God to speak to me that night in a dream about what ever he wanted to talk to me about. He spoke to me that night through a very disturbing dream about the economy. In it I saw 3 clear snapshots representing 3 stages of economic meltdown:

  1. I saw an economics reporter speaking on the BBC News with a graph behind him. He was describing how businesses were making 10% of the previous year. They were making in that year what they had made in a month the previous year. I could see the graph and the changes in it. (In the morning I drew the graph in my journal at the time but didn’t understand it. Looking back at it now it describes a clear double dip.) The economy dominated the news and there was an overwhelming sense of fear. Things were happening so fast that the News Readers were watching to see what was happening and were really worried. In the dream I was watching the news with some prophetic people but we were unable to see the significance of what was happening. We were saying “maybe this is it!” We were expecting a collapse to happen but couldn’t actually believe it would take place. Other people were standing around and had been consumed with anxiety. Some people had had a breakdown.
  1. The dream shifted and I was sat on a large passenger plane travelling long distance. Passengers were worried that during the flight the airline would go bankrupt. Suddenly the airhostesses put on their jackets and all sat down and said “the Airline has gone bankrupt; we are not serving anything now” and everyone on the flight was shocked and panicked. The airhostesses were not worried about being sued by the passengers because legal firms had gone bust. It was clear that society infrastructures were beginning to unravel.
  1. The third snapshot showed me there was a communication blackout because the internet had failed. People lost contact with family members in other parts of the country. People were worried about looters breaking into houses unchallenged by any police authority.

In this part of the dream I was talking to prophetic people who were seeing large tsunami waves breaking out at sea. They could see them breaking far out but didn’t know whether what they were seeing was right or not. They kept saying “Is this a real manifestation?”

Whether this dream refers to literal events that are going to take place or is symbolic there are a few themes that stand out:

  • The prophetic people could not believe what they were seeing.
  • Our society is built upon certain human systems we take for granted which may not always be there.

We must rest in faith in the Gospel which will not be shaken and is eternal.

Philip Smith, 13th Nov 2011

Driving Lessons

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[We are in a Revolution: A total or radical change; return to a point before occupied; the overthrow or renunciation of one government, and the substitution of another, by the governed.]

Hey guys,

Just when you think God has got it under control He shows you something which makes you realise just how sovereign He truly is. This week as we were driving back from a meeting in Manchester God warned me about the danger of an overtaking car on Snake Pass. 5 minutes later He reminded me again and showed me it was about to happen. Seconds later as we approached a blind summit with headlights coming over the top a car over took us and was literally inches form hitting the oncoming car head on. I had slowed down to get out the way but could have been hit if the two cars had crashed. God then reminded me of another incident involving our car. A while ago He showed me for a full day that at traffic lights I never put the hand break on, I just hold the car on the clutch. He reminded me that if someone went into the back of me I would shoot forward and hit the car in front. Later that day I was sat waiting at lights on a hill and so I put the handbrake on. Seconds later a car smacked into the back of our car but because our handbrake was on we didn’t go into the car in front. The back of our car wasn’t damaged but we would have damaged the car in front if the handbrake hadn’t been on and we had been rammed forward!

This all seems good and we were thankful to God for protecting us and our car-  But then Sarah contacted our insurance about something different and discovered that our address hadn’t been updated when we moved house- this meant our car wasn’t properly insured during all this although we had been paying it all! God had truly protected us!

Signs in the Nation

The nation is definitely in a different state than it was in a few years ago. A couple of years ago I released a prophetic word about a ‘Spirit of Infirmity’ that was over the nation that had grown through ‘Hope Deferred which makes the heart grow sick’. God showed me He was releasing Hope to the nation again for people to start to believe in the impossible again. I believe this is happening now all around us.

Now I understand things slightly differently than I did back then

(And my perception will continue to change as He continues to open my eyes- Martin Scott used to say: ‘I didn’t believe this last year and I might not believe it next year’).

The Gospel is our Hope and this never changes. He causes this to manifest around us as we begin to believe in what He has done and the Hope this gives us. I heard Francois du Toit, a great teacher and translator of the N.T. say ‘Religion thrives on two lies: The illusion of delay and the illusion of distance.’ We have believed the lie that God is not here, revival is not here yet and we must do something in order to get it. We have waited, or striven in a mindset of delay. This has caused ‘Hope Deferred’ to grow in the hearts of believers.

BUT Believing the Gospel brings the NOW fulfilment of all prophetic words that have been spoken because Christ is the fulfilment of the prophetic word. He is the Word. He is not just the fulfilment of the Messianic prophetic words of the O.T. – He is the fulfilment of EVERY prophetic word ever uttered. We have Christ in us the Hope of Glory. We are the fulfilment of every prophetic word for revival because we carry Christ, His Glory, His Power, His Might, His Revival into every situation we face. Because of this we can truly say: ‘The Kingdom of God is at hand’.

Every single day through facebook or something else I hear testimonies of miracles, signs wonders, salvations and an increase in people knowing His Glorious Good News. There are signs of things changing within the media and celebrity world.

I was watching a music video by Tynchie Stryder (embarrassing and very randomly haha) and God spoke to me clearly through it. He said: ‘I have my people placed undercover’ unaware that the chorus of the song goes ‘I have my undercover lovers’. God has people placed in the media and within the celebrity culture completely hidden but people He is using to influence it.

Two other videos which caught my eye are below:

Javier Hernandez is a Mexican Christian who plays for Manchester United. He prays in the centre circle before the games, in front of the entire crowd. After he prayed in this video he then went on to score 35 seconds later (one of the quickest goals ever scored for Man Utd).

Torres gets prayed for in this video by David Luiz, a Brazilian Christian. He then goes on to score 2 goals in the match! Things are changing!

Godfrey Birtill’s New album

We are really excited about Godfrey Birtill’s new album that is coming out at the end of October The Wine is Alive. We were there to see the live recording in Lincoln with several members of Iona. It was a truly awesome gig with a heavy intoxication! Godfrey said about his new album:

Last night was my 16th album recording from over the last 14 years. It felt like the 1st of a completely new sound for me. I’ve never been as excited about an album I’ve recorded as much as this one. The band was just stunning! and every song points to Christ and His finished work. It’s the sound of the new covenant people…the sound of the gospel!

Godfrey was with us in Sheffield in Feb 2011 with Dave Vaughan preaching the revelation of the finished works  for their Scandalous Gospel Tour. His new material contains the significant message he is carrying at the moment that the UK desperately needs to embrace. Check out 3 new songs from his album The Wine is Alive