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Union – the litmus test for 2015

This is some of the stuff I am seeing for 2015 including something new happening in the music world; the places corruption will be exposed and some other things…

Over the last few years we have been discovering the times and seasons of the Gospel; that there is THE time and THE season called the New Covenant! Within this I love seeing the freedom of the Gospel coming and hitting different areas of society.

I have prophesied that this freedom would affect areas like women’s rights- this has been happening for a while now and I prophesied that there would be a film commemorating the Suffragette movement and Emeline Pankhurst’s life. This film is now in the last stages of being made – it is called Suffragette and stars Carey Mulligan and Meryl Streep. It will be out later this year. Related to this whole idea of honouring women was the idea that men would find increased freedom in their own life through it – I read an article Brad Pitt wrote where he honoured his wife and as I read it God spoke to me about the increased blessing he would step into; I saw that he would win an Oscar in 2014- which he did as producer of the film 12 Years a Slave. (You can read that article here.)

So carrying on this theme of freedom and the honouring of humanity there are a few different things I am feeling for this year:

Freedom Unites

God is found in the union. One of the things I am seeing is that the heart of God won’t be found in division or separation. With all the events going on in the world relating to the terrorist attacks in Paris, the focus has become about freedom of speech, whereas the real issue is division vs unity. There are people with an agenda that want to breed separation through ‘us and them’ language or acts which cause division through destruction and fear. True freedom doesn’t divide, it unites. This is true with the ‘freedom of speech’ too. We have politicians sowing seeds of separation and division in the UK, and it comes from a Pharisaical or separatist spirit; people who want to draw lines along religion, race etc. But God’s heart and will is found in the union and the coming together.  This will be the litmus test for many this year! For those trying to seek out God’s heart it will be found in things where the fruit honours the union of humanity not in things which is causing division.

One of the ways this will manifest is through a movement of creativity within the music world. It will be something comparable to Britpop and will be culture creating. It will carry the sound of union, celebrating culture and drawing people together. It will act as a catalyst for gathering people together in celebration. It will tumble into the art world too and transition into more of an ‘arts movement’ which will affect the economy of the North East, as I see it coming from that area.

God loves the poor and one of the things which I think will open up is the corruption and the abuse of power where the weak are exploited and abused. This is going to hit places of authority like the Police and expose some areas of corruption. I believe that this is one of the things I am seeing; that there will be an exposing of corruption in the Police, and other places of authority, where those who should be defending the weak are doing this opposite.

This year we will also begin to see people live in the Faith of God and see demonstrations of this. We will see people move beyond their own faith to walking in God’s Faith. I do think that this year there will be displays of the raw power of God’s Faith which will show the difference between man’s efforts and the effortless power of God’s rest.

(Oh and Messi will move from Barcelona to Chelsea in the summer too)

2014: Year of the Pioneer

All I know is that this is the year for the Wild Fire, Organic, celtic underdogs; those who have been written off, discredited or forgotten. It’s for dreams that have been tossed away and laughed at. It is for the accomplishment of things which seemed impossible for many and rediscovering the NEW. People discovering new favourite things- music, food, friends; people who wrote off any chance of getting married suddenly meeting the love of their lives, people discovering new hidden talents, even at a late stage in life, which they realise is the very thing they were made to do! It is for people who have seen it all before to experience new wonder, new awe, new LIFE and to see the very things which they’ll leave as a legacy! It is a year for the Pioneer!

We are beginning to see, even in the last few days and weeks an explosion of the Wild Fire move of the Holy Ghost outside of the box. An uncontrollable Move of the Spirit which will increase and build in momentum and intensity. Talking to a friend who works in Tescos yesterday, he told me that he was seeing some customers fall out under the power of the Spirit. I have seen an upgrade and outbreak in healing over the last few weeks where people have been healed by me simply saying to them the pain will be gone in 5 minutes. I have known information about people just by looking at them and then spoken to them to have them say to me “Are you psychic????” Something is happening! Something is going to break this year which will be incredible.

(Feb 2014)

Andy Murray will win Wimbledon in 2013

God showed me in Oct 2012 that Andy Murray would Wimbledon in 2013. I prophesied it in 2012 and then put it out on Facebook before Wimbledon in 2013. The Gospel is all about bringing a longing fulfilled: Bliss! No more Hope deferred, Delay or Lack and so I said Murray would win the event which had so represented delay, disappointment and the ‘we’ve seen it all before’ mentality.

I remember reading an article a few years back writing off Murray, saying he had already reached his peak and that like Tim Henman he would never really succeed. There was an obvious mindset of disappointment transferred to Murray. But Murray isn’t like Henman. There is something unorthodox and wild about him, unpredictable even. Murray is a Celt…

I think that it is a manifestation of the Gospel in creation – that with Christ there is no more distance or delay and no hope deferred but that Christ is the fulfillment of our desires- we are seated in him – in the fulfillment of our desires.

You can read my full thoughts on this prophecy here.

Women’s Rights

There will be a heart of justice towards women this year (2013) and over the next few years. It will start of with a renewed public interest in the history of women’s rights and the media will focus on its history with documentaries and programmes. In particular there will be a public honouring of the women who campaigned and suffered for equal rights- Emeline Pankhurst and others. There will be at least 1 Hollywood film about the Suffragette movement and Emeline Pankhurst’s life. It will also be mentioned and honoured in Parliament.


It will challenge the mindset which has shackled women with oppression and control. A new mindset will continue to form and change with an understanding of honour towards women and there will be renewed media interest in sexism and feminism, talking about these issues being ‘revisited’. Feelings of outrage will grow where there are areas of injustice.  There will be an outcry towards the sex trade industry and human traffiking- these areas will get a high profile in the media and a significant platform where there is the opportunity for reform.

The Church of England will come under pressure for its stance on Women Bishops as will the Catholic stance on Women Priests. There will be continued pressure for these areas to be reformed, and there will be feelings of frustration with people saying things like “I just don’t understand why they don’t change”. It will eventually cause a reaction from the Vatican. The new Archbishop of Canterbury will also appear powerless, being accused of this in the media and of being not strong enough to unite the church.

There will be a focus on the release of creative women into the media- many notable new women writers and artists- even a celebration of them.

2013 will be significant for recognising women in leadership in the church. Where some women have stood in the shadow of men, it will be like a mindset shift overnight will happen in places and they will be viewed differently- they will be honoured and released in their own right; with people even saying “I don’t know why we havn’t supported you earlier!” Other women who have been in a place of leadership will find louder voices. Apostolic women leaders will begin to rise up in authority because they will find confidence and freedom in their own identity – and get support from men!

(Dec 2012)

Read reflections on this word with links to some interesting articles in the media here: ‘In 2013 the women’s movement has come back with a vengeance…’ 

Prophetic Words by other people for 2013:

Martin Scott:

We are in a decade of re-alignments. 2013 will be another year of extremes, extremes in weather patterns, extremes in politics rising up and a year, of course, of pressure. But amidst pressure there is also Grace, so I see a Grace package coming that has 5 elements to it:

1. A gift of courage

2. Flexibility- an ability to adapt to quick changes

3. Laughter- a buoyancy in our spirit

4. Where we are being squeezed, we will be squeezed into the gaps God has got for us.

5. Relaxation in God as we let go.

Martin Scott is internationally recognised as a prophet and teacher in the body of Christ.


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