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No Drought this Summer

22nd April 2012

20140301-145648.jpgWhile the media are declaring over the UK that this summer there will be droughts, we are saying there will be no droughts! The UK is not in a desert season! We make a decree that before this summer the land will be watered and we command the natural land to recognise its spiritual reality – in Christ there is no desert season and no drought! We believe weather patterns will come into line with truth this summer!

The following week the BBC reported that the UK had gone from “drought to floods in a week” on 27th April and that there had been “a dramatic change in the weather”. The BBC then reported that the UK was officially drought free in time for Summer.

Interesting articles from the Guardian:

‘No sooner had 20 million people in southern and eastern England been banned from using hosepipes than the heavens opened, and now parts of the country have been told to prepare for flooding’ Full article here: Drought-hit areas of England told to prepare for floods (from Thurs 26th April 2012)

‘The scale of drought recovery in 2012 has ‘not been seen before’, says Centre for Ecology & Hydrology’ Full article here: UK’s year of drought and flooding unprecedented, experts say

Dramatic turn around: 



(Pictures from the Mail Online April 2012)

Scotland and other thoughts for 2012 (Jan 2012)

Over the New Year God spoke exactly the same phrase to Sarah and me:’Its time for Scotland to rise up and take its place among the nations.’

We feel that Scotland will begin to be honoured in its own right this year. Firstly in Europe and then in the world. Whether this means it will gain independence i’m not sure but it will begin to be honoured as nation in a way that it has not before. New links will be made into Europe for business as the mindset of the nation changes from oppression to freedom. Glasgow will be honoured as a major European city and will be called ‘Significant’. The motto on the Glasgow coat of arms is ‘Lord, let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of thy word and the praising of thy name’, and we believe that in 2012 this identity will begin to be restored to the city. I see some celebrations in Edinburgh too.

I also see race riots hitting England in 2012 in several major cities and I see the BNP hitting news headlines again. I believe that February will be a key month for the economic situation. A couple of blogs ago I wrote about a double dip and second recession which we are now in but I know that the revelation of the Gospel will produce an economic solution- a new economic system. Someone seated on the Rock will calm the economic storms.

Scotland’s independence dominated the headlines for much of the first half of the year. Its amazing this year that 30,000 people in Edinburgh celebrated the achievements of several Olympic medalists including Sir Chris Hoy. He became the greatest ever British Olympic Champion and was honoured in a celebration in the capital city of Scotland by being given ‘The Freedom of the City’- from oppression to freedom! Its interesting that where I prophesied Race Riots across the UK there have been demonstrations against the anti Islamic film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ here but massive riots across the globe against what many Muslims have declared a racist, and heretical film.

The Release of the Angels of Resurrection (Feb 2010)

This was the word the Lord gave me in Feb 2010 before I went to speak at a youth conference in France with Justin Abraham of ‘Company of Burning Hearts’. Justin wrote in the update about that conference: “in the night Phil Smith from Sheffield England went for it stirring up the fire. The atmosphere shifted and a very unusual presence of God came in the room. It was way beyond what has been normal and was a deep visitation glory of the Father coming very close and personal. Some could see a visible cloud in the room.”







The purpose of angels in the New Covenant is to bring revelation. God is releasing a fresh revelation to Europe of the power to raise the dead. With this revelation will come signs and wonders- tremendous lightening storms and earthquakes in the regions it hits. The first appearance of Resurrection angels appear in Matthew 28:1-5:

After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. 2 There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it.3 His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow. 4The guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men. 5 The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.6 He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.

Jesus was crucified and he offered up his arms and hands to be tied and nailed to wood. The hand and arms of God are shown throughout the Bible as a sign of God’s power. In many Psalms there is reference to the Mighty Arm of the Lord or the Hand of God: Psalm 89:13 says “You have a mighty arm, strong is your hand.” In Exodus 3 God says “and they will know that I am the Lord when I stretch out my hand towards Egypt with wonders” and the disciples pray in Acts 4 for God to stretch out his hand for mighty signs and wonders.

When Jesus was crucified his arms and hands were tied and nailed to a cross. The Messiah embraced powerlessness. Jesus embraced the powerlessness of His people, the powerlessness of death- the curse that humanity had lived under. He became powerless, he took away our powerlessness. The powerlessness that Jesus accepted released something greater: The overcoming of death. Jesus overcame powerlessness and released to His people Resurrection Power! Angels clothed in lightening pronounced to the earth that death had been defeated and overcome.

God defeated death through his Lightening Power and The Messiah was resurrected. Job 36 describes God as “filling his hand with lightening and commanding it to strike” and the Psalmist writes “Out of the brightness of His presence clouds advanced with hailstorms and lightening bolts. Great bolts of lightening were shot at his enemies and he routed them.”

At the resurrection the Angels were clothed in the brilliance of God’s Lightening Power and the earth responded. The earth physically shook. Romans 8 says that creation is in eager anticipation for the Sons of God to be revealed. It responds to power. Right now Angels of Resurrection are being sent out from Heaven to restore revelation of the Resurrection Power that Jesus wants his bride to move in. They will visit France and there will be signs following- lightening storms and earthquakes. The rational, atheistic, secular spirit which defies faith will be struck by the Lightenings of God through demonstrations of God’s resurrection power.

The UK will be visited and there will be notable dead raising miracles even mentioned in secular papars. A couple of weeks after receiving the revelation God gave me about Angels of Resurrection I attended for the first time, a meeting which was focused specifically on praying for the resurrection of someone who had died. This is a sign of what is coming- Sons of God, Overcomers, clothed in the Lightening Power of Christ, releasing the message that the Messiah is no longer dead. He is seated at the Right Hand of the Father. In this video Jason Westerfield describes when he raised his son from the dead.

Watch this little testimomy:

No More Delay UK!

God gave me this prophetic word in 2008 and Dave Vaughan sent it out through Emerge Wales and I received good feedback about it then from various people. I think parts of it are still relevant today although and I have explained on an update how I think it should be interpreted in the light of the Gospel of the Finished Work.

Spirit of Infirmity

The Lord showed me in 2008 that although people were living in massive breakthrough in Wales and an open Heaven, Many people in England were still locked up in negative mindsets. This was because there was a Spirit of “Hope Deferred” over the nation. Dreams of revival in the late 90s with Delirious’ songs of “Revival Town” and various prophetic words that revival was coming to the nation which were not fulfilled in the time scale prophesied caused people to become disillusioned. Hope deferred had settled over the church. This had caused a Spirit of Infirmity to come over the nation as ‘Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick’. After God showed me this I heard Bob Jones prophecy that England had a Spirit of Infirmity over it. I have since heard this again confirmed by Bill Johnson who prophesied that England would not see Revival until it gets over its disappointment with God. God showed me that this had manifested itself in the nation with hope for World Cup glory always ending in disappointment and hope deferred. He showed me that David Beckham is the quality of player who should lift the World Cup- this is over his life but he is stuck in disappointment and unfulfilled dreams.

The Champions in the Land

20140301-150055.jpgIn the midst of this revelation that God was down loading to me the controversy over Todd Bentley and Lakeland occurred. In the week I heard about the problems in Lakeland I was watching the Olympic 200m final with Usain Bolt. While I was watching it I went into a prophetic experience where God spoke to me through the emotions I was feeling: I could feel the pressure Usain Bolt was under- everyone expected him to win. He had won the 100m race easily but this was his main event. I suddenly felt ‘the pressure is too much. He is going to fail because the expectation is too high and the weight on his shoulders is too much. He is too careless!’

As he sprinted to the finish line breaking the world record God said this to me: “Now is the time for the champions to arise”. Up against expectations of failure and cynicism Champions would arise that would not fall, that would not fail, that would bring fulfillment to the prophecies God had spoken, that would move in power, signs, wonders and would cause massive nation shaking revival. They would be champions in the land. The Overcomers who will walk in the Seven fold Spirit of God and be known as Sons of God.

The sun of righteousness will rise

God spoke to me at the beginning of 2009 that in this year the “sun of righteous will rise with healing in its wings”(Malachi 4.2) over England, healing the land from infirmity. The Spirit of Hope Deferred would be broken off and Champions would begin to arise towards the end of the year, moving in power on the streets and seeing mighty things. God would heal the land from a sense of miscarriage of previous moves of God. Within the last 2 weeks a man paralysed from the waist down was prayed for in a pub by 1 Christian guy and was totally healed right then and there in Sheffield! They are rising.

Release of the Rainbows of God!

God showed me that as the nation is healed of Hope Deferred there would then be “No more Delay” with the promises that God had spoken over England- the hopes and dreams of revival fire and seeing the nation changed. He started speaking to me through rainbows- the promises of God that they stand for and the Seven Fold Spirit of God which is represented by a rainbow (Isaiah 11). In 2005 my wife and I had an encounter with an angel covered in a rainbow on Swansea beach. It related to Revelation 10. The message which God brought to us then was “there shall be no more delay” and over the coming years we saw a release of healings, miracles, salvations and words of knowledge in our lives and those around us. I believe for England now that God is releasing “No more Delay” over the land and wants to release his Rainbows of promise and the 7 Fold Spirit. I have seen the same angel over England I encountered in Wales. It is bringing the same message to the nation for those who will receive it. As I saw it I felt the heavy Spirit of Revival released in England! There will be “no more delay” now! Now is the time for Revival Towns. Now is the time for History Makers. There is an open window right now to step through and see promises fulfilled. Let God shine over you. Let Him break Hope Deferred off and clothe you in His rainbow, His Spirit of Counsel and Might, His Spirit of Breakthrough for NOW! Now is the time for the Champions to Rise!



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