What we believe about Prophecy

happy prophetsWe believe in Happy Prophets

Doom and Gloom prophecy does not reflect the heart of a Happy God!

Prophecy is hearing the voice of God and is for every believer and every child of God (John 10.27). The Father is always speaking to us and God’s voice brings clarity and peace. It is filled with love, humility, tenderness and JOY! His voice does not bring confusion, doubt or stress. The voice of God is filled with revelation. It is to encourage the Body of Christ (1 Corin 14). It’s interesting that normally I’m encouraged by positive things!

Prophecy does not spread fear, intimidation and never controls people. Witchcraft does though! Paranoia prophecies are not from God either (Prophecies that spread paranoia about the end of the world coming or that certain people are the anti-christ/ demons). Prophecy is a spiritual gift (Rom 12.6-8 + 1 Cor 12.10) and even one to be desired above others! (1 Cor 14.1) Why should it be desired above others? Because prophecy should reveal the Joy and Happiness of God’s heart and tell us Good News!!!

If you’re hearing Prophecy that doesn’t sound like Good News, it aint the Gospel!!

God speaks everyday- its good to be encouraged by God everyday and important! I love what Bill Johnson says on hearing the voice of God: “We have the potential to kill Isaac simply because we heard what God said yesterday, and failed to hear what He is saying today!” We need to hear the voice of God Today!

There is a distinction between being prophetic and being called to the Office of a Prophet. Prophecy is for everyone but not everyone is called to be a Prophet. Being a Prophet is not about giving lots more prophetic words than everyone else, its about living out a Prophetic  message through your entire Life – it is about Being the Word – the Word is Jesus and Jesus is the Fulfillment of it. Prophets will therefore be called to live in the fulfillment of their Prophetic Word!  They have a platform, usually on a national level and are able to speak into Government.

Prophecy in the New Covenant:

hateTrue Prophecy reflects the heart of the cross – Grace and Love! It points to what Christ has fulfilled and Finished! It reveals the spiritual ‘time and season’ of the New Covenant and how this has affected humanity.

Prophecies which create distance and delay between us and God, or our spiritual inheritance in Christ do not fit within the Gospel because God is Immanuel! God is with us, He is not leaving and He has already given us every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies through our union with Christ (Eph 1.3)

Prophecies about a ‘coming revival and future wave of the Spirit’ have already been fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Christ. He brought revival 2000 years ago, He IS Revival and He lives in us (col 1.27). So often we have sat around waiting for God to fulfill some prophetic word about a coming revival and not realised that WE have the fulfillment of the prophetic word!! God can’t give us anything more than Himself! Yes I believe in Revival and love Revival history but we must understand: Revival comes through Faith in what we have already been given, not waiting for God to do what He already has done.

The Joy of the Gospel supersedes Jeremiah’s laments and there are no desert seasons this side of the New Covenant because in Christ we have reached the Promised Land- Eden.


In Acts a Prophet called Agabus prophecies about a famine that was going to happen. His prophecy was not about judgement but so the early church could prepare for it and help people caught up in it. His Prophecy didn’t create fear or paranoia and actually came true! God speaks through words of knowledge- factual information about someone/ something, to provide insight or encouragement into a situation eg. a particular illness someone might have which God wants to heal. God might give you detailed information about what is going on in a particular situation so that you can release Power and Grace into it.

‘After the eventers’: A word released after an event, saying that the event was going to happen, is not prophecy but journalism and we can watch the news for that.

Prophecy must be centered around the Finished Work of Christ.

The purpose of the prophetic in the New Covenant therefore is to:

1. Understand what Christ has accomplished on the cross so we can release people, cities and nations into truth, freedom and their destiny through our lives. The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy (Rev 19.10).

2. To decree the truth of the Gospel and see a manifestation of God’s Kingdom; His power and authority on the Earth.

3. To be able to foretell the future/ supernaturally know factual information (words of knowledge) and through a revelation of the Gospel provide insight and understanding or a solution to what is going to happen, or the reasons why something is happening.


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