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Northern Glory with Stuart Watkins


Northern Glory with Stuart Watkins | Cielo, Garforth | 7.30pm

We are excited to have Stuart Watkins with us for Northern Glory this month. Stuart has been on the leadership team of Antioch Church (a Pioneer Church) in Llanelli for many years and has a proven track record as a Prophet. He has ministered in Eastern Europe extensively, working with local churches and speaking at leader’s conferences where he has seen God work amazingly. Stuart has written a book on the prophetic which has been translated in Bulgarian.

He has incredible stories of God’s supernatural power working in his life and those around him – if you have heard story of the teenager who met the ‘Wakey wakey’ angel from the 1904 Welsh Revival – that was his daughter. This will definitely be a significant time that you don’t want to miss!

Here is a cool testimony from a conference Stuart spoke at:

‘I was taking a week of meetings in a church in Bucharest. First night while speaking I noticed a few guys in the front row looking at their hands. I stopped speaking and asked them what was going on. At first they did not really want to say but as I looked I could see oil on their hands. They looked a little surprised as this had never happened to them before. As these guys put their hands near to others the same thing began to happen – oil and also gold dust started appearing on their hands. The meetings were being streamed live over the internet around Europe, mainly to Romanian people. During a meeting a young girl called in to say as they were watching the meeting oil was running down the walls of the room they were in. “What should we do?!!” they were asking. I felt to tell them to take some of the oil put it on their hands and go outside and pray for people. This they did and reported back that people were getting healed as they prayed for them.’

northern-glory-healing-tentWe had a great time at David’s Tent over the summer!

Such a privilege to part of something so special which God is doing in the UK. We took a team down made up with some crazy radicals from Sheffield, Leeds and South Wales and ran a ministry tent during the festival. We had some amazing encounters and some remarkable miracles took place. The main thing was the tangible presence of God that people said they walked into when they came into the tent. God brought lots of people to tears and touched many people’s hearts.

Here are some testimonies from our ministry tent:

‘Dear Northern Team, my husband and I went to David’s Tent and although your prayer schedule was totally booked you still managed to fit me in. God’s presence was so mighty and real I felt so light- may I say light as a feather. I almost felt I could fly. Prior to going my right foot was swollen and the big toe was in considerable pain. I have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 27 years but whilst Fiona and Heather were praying my foot felt free of all pain and swelling- the reason I say free of swelling is because sandals I was wearing, actually had room for my foot to move without pressure and rubbing. I believe I am healed! Big thank you Northern Glory team for your dedication and commitment.’

Other healings included:  – a woman with swollen lymphs in her neck had them visibly shrink within a couple of minutes prayer, A woman’s abdominal pain was healed, someone with ligament damage had all the pain instantly go, a person with neck strain was instantly healed, back pain was healed, a person with a damaged wrist instantly healed. One woman had a locked shoulder, she couldn’t raise her arm above her head before she came in the tent and was in pain – after 5 mins of prayer there was no pain and she could put her arm fully in the air.

Many people also came for prophetic words and different people commented that there was a Spirit of Prophecy that was resting in the atmosphere over the tent. The accuracy of the words given by the team was very high. A couple came in and I instantly got the word ‘Lily of the Valley’, turned out that Lily was the girl’s name. The team were getting people’s  places of work, their actual house numbers, business ideas that people were actually involved in doing, even naming the different over seas countries that people’s children lived in.

It was pretty amazing to see God work so powerfully and touch people’s hearts.




Lucy Grimble | 21st Nov | Leeds


Hello! It has been a while since I posted anything! Here is a quick catch up; it has been a busy 6 or 7 months! We have been over to Copenhagen to minister to a Partners in Harvest church before the Summer. One of the things we went there to do was minister in healing and I ended up getting healed myself! One of the members of the church prayed for my arm which had been in pain since I had pulled a muscle moving house and I felt something lift off of it and the pain left! It hasn’t come back since. That was nice and unexpected!

We have seen quite a number of healings at Northern Glory over the last year or so and here is a testimony of one in particular: We were sharing about the Fire of the Holy Spirit at Northern Glory one evening before the Summer. I was talking about the Celtic Saints that lived in the North of England, in particular St Cuthbert, who was nicknamed ‘Fire of the North’. I was sharing how he carried such a strong Presence of God and Fire on him that he was known for this. As I was speaking it felt like that fire came in the room like pillars standing next to people.

One particular women needed healing from a trapped nerve and earlier in the night several people had prayed for her but she had not felt any improvement. Suddenly as we started talking about God’s Presence being like a pillar of Fire, she described feeling intense heat move down her body and instantly all the pain left her body! She was shocked as she had been in agony, it was amazing to see God move so powerfully, without anyone even praying for her!

We also took part in a healing and prophecy stall in Leeds, organised by our friends Jon and Lydia at a New Age Fair. We were perched in between a couple of tarot card readers and a masseuse.  We had a great time! The first lady I spoke to I did a dream interpretation for. Turns out she runs an event management company and asked if we would go and do training on dream interpretation at one of her events! We then met a guy who said he walks around events like this looking to see who has ‘the gift’ and who are frauds! He could see we were genuine and so he talked to us about his spirit guide and we were able to talk about ours! Then a lady came to find us because last year myself and someone else in the team had prayed for her for healing from recurring migraines. She said that since we had prayed she had not had another migraine since! Glory!

During the Summer we went to David’s Tent, a 3 day worship gathering on the South coast of England. It was so good, the worship popped each night in to another realm of freedom. Really excited about what God is doing through this worship movement; we believe that a new Move of the Spirit is starting to happen through it.

At the end of the Summer we hosted Crowder and Godfrey in Leeds for 2 nights. Was a great time, many people were impacted by the freedom and joy they experienced over these couple of days. We are having Godfrey back on the 18th Dec for a Northern Glory Christmas party! It may be fancy dress. We will tell Godfrey that anyway.

It has been interesting to watch some stuff unfold in the media over the course of the year which I felt God speak to me at various times. The rise in focus on women’s rights, in particular coverage of women’s sport has increased like the Women’s World Cup and it was also interesting to see the release of the film Suffragette which I felt a few years ago would be released as a sign of renewed interest in women’s rights. It has also been interesting to see various issues of corruption and abuse uncovered in the Police, something which I felt God show me at the start of the year and put out there. First issues were uncovered in South Yorkshire Police and then in the Metropolitan Police. I also said it would reach in to other places of authority and this has been the case as the corruption that has been uncovered has seemed to implicate West Minister. Read an article on the BBC about that HERE.

Think I may have also mentioned Messi moving to Chelsea… well looks like they need him more than ever now, who knows maybe a bit of delay on that word…?! 🙂

Lucy Grimble | Sat 21st Nov | 7,30pm at St Matts 

We have Lucy Grimble at Northern Glory on the 21st Nov. We first saw Lucy at David’s Tent last year, she carries the Presence of God and a real Spirit of Worship so we are excited about this! Tickets will be £5 and you can buy them on the door.

We feel worship is a key to opening up new experiences with God for the city and region. There are doors of opportunity open and waiting for the bold to take hold of them! Great days ahead.

True Freedom Unites

imageOver the last few years we have been discovering the times and seasons of the Gospel; that there is THE time and THE season called the New Covenant! Within this I love seeing the freedom of the Gospel coming and hitting different areas of society.

I have prophesied that this freedom would affect areas like women’s rights- this has been happening for a while now and I prophesied that there would be a film commemorating the Suffragette movement and Emeline Pankhurst’s life. This film is now in the last stages of being made – it is called Suffragette and stars Carey Mulligan and Meryl Streep. It will be out later this year. Related to this whole idea of honouring women was the idea that men would find increased freedom in their own life through it – I read an article Brad Pitt wrote where he honoured his wife and as I read it God spoke to me about the increased blessing he would step into; I saw that he would win an Oscar in 2014- which he did as producer of the film 12 Years a Slave.

So carrying on this theme of freedom and the honouring of humanity there are a few different things I am feeling for this year:

Freedom Unites

God is found in the union. One of the things I am seeing is that the heart of God won’t be found in division or separation. With all the events going on in the world relating to the terrorist attacks in Paris, the focus has become about freedom of speech, whereas the real issue is division vs unity. There are people with an agenda that want to breed separation through ‘us and them’ language or acts which cause division through destruction and fear. True freedom doesn’t divide, it unites. This is true with the ‘freedom of speech’ too. We have politicians sowing seeds of separation and division in the UK, and it comes from a Pharisaical or separatist spirit; people who want to draw lines along religion, race etc. But God’s heart and will is found in the union and the coming together.  This will be the litmus test for many this year! For those trying to seek out God’s heart it will be found in things where the fruit honours the union of humanity not in things which is causing division.

One of the ways this will manifest is through a movement of creativity within the music world. It will be something comparable to Britpop and will be culture creating. It will carry the sound of union, celebrating culture and drawing people together. It will act as a catalyst for gathering people together in celebration. It will tumble into the art world too and transition into more of an ‘arts movement’ which will affect the economy of the North East, as I see it coming from that area.

God loves the poor and one of the things which I think will open up is the corruption and the abuse of power where the weak are exploited and abused. This is going to hit places of authority like the Police and expose some areas of corruption. I believe that this is one of the things I am seeing; that there will be an exposing of corruption in the Police, and other places of authority, where those who should be defending the weak are doing this opposite.

This year we will also begin to see people live in the Faith of God and see demonstrations of this. We will see people move beyond their own faith to walking in God’s Faith. I do think that this year there will be displays of the raw power of God’s Faith which will show the difference between man’s efforts and the effortless power of God’s rest.

(Oh and Messi will move from Barcelona to Chelsea in the summer too)

Over the next few weeks I will be exploring this whole idea of the Faith of God, and looking at the union between heaven and earth, something which the Celtic Christians valued. Sign up to receive our blogs straight to your email too if ya fancy!

northern glory

This coming Friday Northern Glory will be in Sheffield at Woodseats Baptist Church, S8 0RF. Connect with us on Facebook to get regular updates about Northern Glory, which is a monthly event we hold in the north of England!


10 Signs you definitely need to get more drunk on the Holy Ghost…

We all sober up every once in a while, so here are 10 warning signs you may need another drink:

1. The Lord rebuked you for your pride and you thought it was a prophetic word for the nation

2. You have a ‘check in your spirit’ about Todd Bentley after ‘what happened’ and so seek wisdom from a Psalm by King David

3. You gave a 20 year prophesy for global events that were going to happen… and none of them happened (so you congratulated your intercessory team for stopping them from happening)

4. You repented for skipping cell group/ home group/ life group in order to read The Shack while drinking a beer (a Coors Light)

5. You recently made a comment like “church is hard but we’ve just got to stick with it”

6. You felt guilty for going on a date with your wife instead of attending the ‘Supernatural Revival Conference’ in your church

7. You felt burned out by ‘revival’

8. You have to tell people you have an Apostolic Network

9. You thought the number of likes on your facebook ministry page was directly related to the anointing on your life

10. You think your ministry is about you

The Gospel Reformation


The global eyes of the earth are awakening to a whole new world. The sun is rising and light is shining on the revelation of the New Covenant. And thus Christianity is changing. The archaic religious system is buckling and giving way to the living, breathing Body of Christ on the earth. It is Reformation. It is not just a supernatural revolution, a change in the way we do church, a social justice movement or a deeper understanding of Grace.  

It is a revelation of the New Covenant which encompasses all these things. It will and is affecting the way we ‘do’ church, it is totally supernatural, its voice will shout “Justice” for the oppressed and its foundation is Grace. It is an understanding of Christ Crucified and is a Gospel Revolution.


The world is waking up to revolution

The prophetic movement, particularly in the States has needed reforming for a while now. It is too heavily influenced by a Political Spirit but more significantly it is too focused on an Old Covenant understanding of the Prophetic and seriously lacking in a New Covenant Gospel foundation. It is not that people are lacking supernatural experiences. People are having lots of experiences, and have been for years but are lacking in knowing their identity in Christ.

There is a massive danger in getting your identity from an experience; I’m a revivalist, I love revival; I’m a seer, I see angels; I’m into the supernatural because I have supernatural encounters. Its not that these are wrong, I love all of those things! I could get an identity from the salvations I’ve seen recently, or the level of discernment I have operated at; when I have seen the dreams people have had, have told them and then interpreted them, or supernaturally heard the the conversations people have had. But If you define yourself by your victories when you fail you will say ‘I am a failure’.

Judas and Peter are not all that different – Judas betrayed Jesus and Peter denied Him. Judas allowed his failures to define him and he ended his life. But Peter allowed Christ to define him- rename him and call him to be the first Leader of the Church. Peter was defined by Christ not the denial of Christ.

If you get your identity from being a church Leader/a Prophetic person /a Radical or Revivalist you will get your identity from an experience- good or bad. But A Son gets His identity from his DNA- who his Father is, whose image and likeness he is made in; the name Christ gives you, not the label the world slaps on you.

What happens when the thing that defines us stops? When our ministry ends? Or our spiritual experiences stop? When the revival ends? When we go a while without a prophetic word, or seeing an angel? We better make sure they don’t! A crises ensues and we run around trying to make sure our ministry doesn’t end. We run ourselves into the ground. In the times we don’t experience anything we are full of self doubt and insecurity, hopelessness, even feelings of failure. Then we see an angel or have some little success- ‘phew its OK God hasn’t left me…’ What a manic existence! That is not a healthy lifestyle. The Father’s message to a generation caught up in maintaining a ministry or seeking after an experience is simple-

Stop! Cease from your Labours! Be Still and Know that I am God!

Many, many, many revivalists end their ministry with nervous breakdowns, deception, broken marriages, disillusionment and worse because they felt that it was all down to them to maintain it. I have learned that getting Hope from an experience ends up being shallow and empty.

Look at the life of Evan Roberts- 3 years of revival that saw 100,000 people saved and a nation transformed, the power of God which was released through the Welsh Revival rippled around the world and sent shock waves down the decades. After 3 years he suffered a breakdown which he never recovered from.

John Alexander Dowie, the father of the modern healing movement, saw an incredible breakthrough of healing and impacted the lives of thousands. He ended his life in controversy, declaring himself to be Elijah and created a town called Zion which he ruled. Many consider John G Lake to have been impacted by Dowie’s ministry and Lake saw incredible supernatural power in his life- people would not even be able to stand near him – if they approached him they would fall under the power. He said he felt liquid fire run through his veins on occasion which led to healing after healing of people from wheel chairs and diseases which were death sentences. It is recorded that Lake had 3 seperate nervous breakdowns throughout his life.

Maria Woodworth Etta and William Branham got to the point of total and utter physical exhaustion because of their ministry. Branham ended his life with a church that worshipped him as Elijah and had to tell his friends the day before he died that the Lord needed to remove him because of the deception he was causing. 

They were all great ‘Generals of the Faith’ but the last thing the church needs is thousands of Prophet like Branhams running around, exhausted, proclaiming “I am Elijah!” The church does need a generation of people who know their identity however. They will be the most mystical revivalists the world has ever seen.

We look at the lives of people like John G. Lake and want to see the same fruit he has seen. We want his encounters and so we read all his teaching and do the things he did. Yes this seems like the obvious thing to do. And we do this instead of believing that the Gospel and a revelation of the New Covenant will lead us into greater encounters. Instead we follow guys like Branham down the same paths of distraction, even deception that they took. For example Branham was declared a heretic at the end of his life for his ‘Serpent Seed doctrine’- today there are lots of people seeking after prophetic experiences who believe his Serpent Seed Doctrine is true. John G. Lake taught about ‘spiritual hunger’ and so we think this is the key to revival, instead of believing what Jesus taught- that those who drink from Him will never thirst again, that those who hunger and thirst will be FILLED!

If we look at the lives of the Catholic Saints they saw some cool things! There are over 100 documented miracles of ascension (People flying under the anointing) witnessed and testified by hundreds of people- transportation, translation, bi-locations, healings and as weird a mircle you can think of. How did they get these encounters? Often by whipping themselves, starving themselves, Isolating themselves and punishing their flesh to get it to be submissive. So what do we do to get what they had? Lets go create an “Honouring the Saints Conference 2013”, Godfrey Birtill could lead worship and then we could whip and flagellate ourselves and our flesh untill we see Jesus (free whips included).

 No. I’m just glad I have access to Romans so I can read that our sinful nature has been crucified with Christ. 

The Grace of God allows us to be blessed even when our theology is nonsense. BUT there is an easier way. The depression caused by an addiction to ministry is being healed by an understanding that ‘It is Finished’. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. When we realise ‘It is Finished’ we wake up to the fact it is not our responsibility to ‘Advance the Kingdom’. How many families have taken second place to a ministry mogul intent on helping God out? No, God is not helped out by our efforts. 

So where does our Hope come from? Christ in you!!! Jesus the lover of your soul- Immanuel; God with us. The Kingdom of God is not some distant thing beyond the sky we have to chase and try to get to come down to earth – it is within you. Why? Because you are Children of God. You have the same DNA as Jesus- His victory is your victory, His blessing is found in your belly. His smile is your smile. The best way to ‘Advance the Kingdom’ is to cease from your labours, stop the striving and enter the Rest. Watch the Father manifest His effortless victory through your life.

We are the Sons of God first and foremost. I’m not trying to become a Son – no Galations 5 is pretty clear I make the death and resurrection of Jesus meaningless if I do that- I am recognising who Christ has already made me. We are called to a life of Union- to a revelation of our Oneness with Christ. We have been grafted in and there is no seperation; we are in Him and He is in us. We don’t need to try and squeeze out some fruit; we can rest in the vine and watch it grow effortlessly. It is this Union which will lead us to greater mystical experiences, not because we are seeking them but because a life united with Christ is the most Supernatural and mystical life you can have. Don’t have a relationship with God so you can achieve something, have relationship with God. Don’t make God the means to your ministry ends.

I’ve heard prophecies that God wants to come and tabernacle with His people, wants a habitation on the earth- incarnational community, or The Glory of God that rests over regions like in the Hebredean Revival. All I know is that Christ is enough, the New Covenant is enough- look in the mirror and see the habitation- Christ in you the Hope of Glory! You are the tabernacle. What God wants is the Full Manifestation of this on the earth! And this is not found in the charasmatic D.I.Y. gym of trying to get God down to earth. No, He did that- 2000 years ago. Regional Glory will manifest through the Union Christ achieved for us and with us on the cross.

So it is this revelation – a revelation of Union, a revelation of the Finished Work of the Cross which is causing a reformation. A reformation of our true Identity where our encounters with Christ will never end and will cause an unstoppable Revival of such force it will bring the world to Truth.

Philip Smith

Harvest Rest pt. 1

Hebrews 4 talks about entering God’s rest; that the children of God can enter His rest by faith. Its amazing how many times i’ve heard multi gold medalist Steve Redgrave talk about the importance of being relaxed and having a laid back attitude towards competing at the highest level in world sports during the Olympics. Stress doesn’t help and doesn’t produce good fruit. I’ve heard athletes being criticised for one thing in the last week: not being relaxed enough during their race. The thing that marks Usain Bolt out above the rest of his competitors is his position of rest, before and even during his race. His body relaxes and rests in a position of total dominance. When you are naturally the fastest person on the planet you don’t have to strive to win! Being yourself is enough!

I’m so glad the Gospel is the natural state of Victory. It is the declaration that you’ve already won! How many comparisons have there already been about Jessica Ennis’ last 800m race and the Gospel? She had already won the gold in the Heptathlon but had one last race to go. This race became 2 emotional victory laps surrounded by an ecstatic crowd of witnesses shouting and crying her on to the finish line. You know Christ died for us and as us? He won for us and as us. Its as if Christ entered and ran every other race in the Heptathlon for Jessica Ennis, won them all and then set her up to run the last 800m as Champion with the knowledge she was already victorious. The last race becomes the victory march!

Winnie Banov is often quoted as saying “the saints were home before they started!”. Do you know you were forgiven before you were born? While we were dead in our sin Christ restored and seated us in Him (Col 2). We are seated in our destination and finishing line already- Christ. Religion says “work for me and i’ll bless you”, but Christ says “sit with me in the blessing.” Not just some, but every spiritual blessing possible! He has given us such an inheritance as Sons already, Heirs to the promise. We just need to open our eyes to the riches of it! When you realise you are a Son you don’t need to strive to achieve victory; you’re sat in it. Relax in Christ by faith. He achieved it all for you! There is so much rest in freedom. Freedom knowing that He poured out His life and gave you everything.

The orphan, not knowing his identity, tries to prove he has worth. So much striving and hard work goes into achieving greatness, proving he is someone. He runs around showing the world what he can accomplish and achieve and he builds a legacy to prove he has value. Orphans build Empires but the Kingdom of God comes through the Son. Adam ran away from his Father and endured a curse of hardship and labour. Jesus rested in His Father, His identity and His Father’s victory, even in death and established the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God is like treasure hidden in a field. A man goes out and sells everything to buy the field. Christ poured himself out and gave up everything to purchase you, the treasure, cursed in the ground (Gen 3.17). He purchased you and gave you everything while you were still dead in your sin. God found you, the treasure, while you were covered in dirt, lost in the earth.There is so much rest in knowing your true value and identity; An Heir to the Promise- you’re His treasure! Have faith that being yourself is enough- He gave up everything for it.

Healing Booklet

I have just written a short booklet on Healing while I was teaching on Healing with Christ Church Armley. It contains teaching on healing from the revelation of the Finished Works Gospel. I look at how healing was easy for Jesus and the disciples and look at examples of extreme healing in the Bible. I explain how to access the Healing Power of God that is within you and how to manifest victory in this way.


If you want a free copy email me at: oiloftheovercomer@hotmail.co.uk

Ring out Wild Bells!

Beni Johnson released this significant word for the UK about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee:

This word resonated with me for various reasons. Two years ago I had a prophetic experience involving the ringing of a bell when my wife and I went to Sherwood Forest. In the middle of the forest there was an archery contest taking place and the Lord spoke to me and said “Enter the contest and it will be a prophetic sign for England.” I told my wife, who looked at the other contestants and worked out their average age must have been 12! Undeterred I signed up. Hanging in the middle of the target range was a giant bell and the Lord said “You are going to aim for the bell and hit it. This will be the sign!”. I am not good at archery and so decided to take a practice shot. I lined up and aimed at the practice target and completely missed. Looking round at the expectation of the 12 year olds gathered around me I took aim at the bell and shot. The arrow hit the bell and it started ringing out. At the same time my friend Godfrey Birtill wrote the song Ring out Wild Bells.

I also read the poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson called ‘Ring Out, Wild Bells’

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Ring out the grief that saps the mind,
For those that here we see no more,
Ring out the feud of rich and poor,
Ring in redress to all mankind.

Ring out a slowly dying cause,
And ancient forms of party strife;
Ring in the nobler modes of life,
With sweeter manners, purer laws.

Ring out the want, the care the sin,
The faithless coldness of the times;
Ring out, ring out my mournful rhymes,
But ring the fuller minstrel in.

Ring out false pride in place and blood,
The civic slander and the spite;
Ring in the love of truth and right,
Ring in the common love of good.

Ring out old shapes of foul disease,
Ring out the narrowing lust of gold;
Ring out the thousand wars of old,
Ring in the thousand years of peace.

Ring in the valiant man and free,
The larger heart, the kindlier hand;
Ring out the darkness of the land,
Ring in the Christ that is to be.

A lot o’ Glory!

As the nation rings the bells it will be celebrating the year of Jubilee.  A Diamond Jubilee! I am so grateful that Christ brought in the eternal Year of Jubilee that started on the Day of Atonement for all mankind. Leviticus 25 describes this year: “You shall proclaim liberty to all the inhabitants of the land… there will be a Sabbath rest and you shall not sow nor reap what grows of itself.”Jubilee speaks of the forgiveness of debt, setting the slaves free and giving the land back to the people! Hebrews 2 describes a Jubilee Sabbath Rest for the people of God; that in the New Covenant there remains a Rest for the Children of God because He has rested from His labours.

In the Year of Jubilee we no longer reap and sow that which grows of itself. This means we don’t reap and sow our own crop. In John 12.24 Jesus speaks of his own death; “Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies it remains a single seed. But if it dies it produces many seeds”. As Children of God and Heirs with Christ we have the glorious freedom of reaping what HE sowed! There is such a Rest in knowing that the fruit we bear is not by our own efforts, but by His effort, through the Cross; that He proclaimed Liberty and Jubilee to all Mankind 2000 years ago. We are living in the year of Jubilee and we have the New Wine for the party!

Christ rung out the old and He rung in the new a while ago. So as we begin to understand the Gospel in the UK lets ring out the false and ring in the true, that a program heavy ‘doing’ Church culture will not bring change! Let us cease from our labours in the Year of Jubilee, instead of trying to get Christ’s job done for him. If God couldn’t do it through the ultimate sacrifice of His Son, do we really think our Human effort will?! Change and breakthrough will come when we realise He brought change and breakthrough for us.

So we say Ring Out Wild Bells! Ring out the Old! Ring in the New! Ring in Liberty, Ring in the freedom that Christ has won and Ring in the Wild Fire into the Wild sky! Ring out the false pride and ring in harvest time! Ring out Wild Fire across the nation! Your Kingdom come, Your will be done!

It is the enormous overmastering supremacy which the Christ showed forth, which operated in him, raising him from the dead. This Power established the Christ “at his right hand” in spiritual spheres supreme in every way, untouched, unimpeded by the authorities and having power over all other names, not only in this age but in the next... God raised us out of it all with Christ and sat us at the right hand of Power. Ephesians 1 (St. Paul from the Trenches)

Victory is pretty easy: You are sat in it.

The House on the Rock

Welcome to our blog! 

[We are in a Revolution: A total or radical change; return to a point before occupied; the overthrow or renunciation of one government, and the substitution of another, by the governed.]

I used to think that my passion for God, miracles, signs, wonders and revival rested on my own hunger for them. I believed that I had to wrestle and contend for breakthrough in order to continually live under an open heaven. And beneath it all was a constant worry- what if I stop believing? What if I stop having faith in miracles? What if I get disillusioned and stop being ‘radical’? How do I maintain this passion and fire? What if I stop being hungry?

I wrestled with these questions in the same way that someone who builds his house on the sand struggles with subsidence. Man this seems so foreign to me now! Its only foreign because it’s foreign to The Messiah who resides within me.

Thank God for the revelation of the Gospel! My efforts are no longer necessary because I received faith as a gift.

Breakthrough was established by the gift of Christ. He gave His life so that we could live in Jubilee, seated on the Rock. The Keys of the Kingdom were given to Peter – The Rock and Christ said to him ‘On you I shall build my church’. The church is supposed to be built and established on the Rock of the Gospel as a foundation. The Rock is Christ’s Victory. When the rain comes and storms of life hit, the Gospel doesn’t change! It is not affected by the seasons of life- when tough times come His grace is sufficient and we walk through the valley of death fearing no man! Joy doesn’t go! Peace doesn’t leave! The whack stays! We are seated in Christ who slept through the storms! He woke up in the midst of a storm, couldn’t understood the anxiety of the disciples and in his groggy state commanded the storm to be still.

Resting in Christ naturally manifests the miracle we need. Resting in Christ manifests the faith to live in constant breakthrough. Resting in Christ establishes us on the Rock- the Mountain of God where true Governmental authority comes. The Rock is Christ’s Victory. The foolish build their house on the sand. It is established by their own efforts and because of this remains in the desert, not on the Rock of Christ’s Victory!

Martin Luther King pronounced the day before his assassination that he ‘feared no man.’ This came after the plane he had just travelled on was delayed because of a bomb threat aimed at killing him. He was established on the rock. He said in his last speech ‘I have been up the Mountain and my eyes have seen the Glory’. He knew where he was seated – up the mountain! He was established in Christ on the Rock and was seated on the Mountain of the Lord. What he discovered up there was the true Governmental authority of the Son. What changed the course of the nation was simply a man who discovered where he was sat.

Martin Luther King died the day after this speech.

Scotland and other thoughts for 2012

Over the New Year God spoke the same word to Sarah and me about Scotland. He said exactly the same phrase word for word:

Its time for Scotland to rise up and take its place among the nations.

We feel that Scotland will begin to be honoured in its own right this year. Firstly in Europe and then in the world. Whether this means it will gain independence i’m not sure but it will begin to be honoured as nation in a way that it has not before. New links will be made into Europe for business as the mindset of the nation changes from oppression to freedom. Glasgow will be honoured as a major European city and will be called ‘Significant’. The motto on the Glasgow coat of arms is ‘Lord, let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of thy word and the praising of thy name’, and we believe that in 2012 this identity will begin to be restored to the city.  I see some celebrations in Edinburgh too.

I also see race riots hitting England in 2012 in several major cities and I see the BNP hitting news headlines again. I believe that February will be a key month for the economic situation. A couple of blogs ago I wrote about a double dip and second recession which we are now in but I know that the revelation of the Gospel will produce an economic solution- a new economic system. Someone seated on the Rock will calm the economic storms.

Philip Smith, Jan 2012

Economic Hope

In Dec 2007 God spoke to me as my wife and I were driving down the M1 motorway about the economy and coming recession. I do not have a background in economics and was not expecting God to speak to me about this in any way.

What God showed me was that from 2008 onwards there would a bottoming out of the economy. I saw a double zero which I now believe represents a double dip recession. I also saw that the coming recession would be the worst the world had seen since the Great Depression of America which started with the Wall Street Crash at the end of the 20s. Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England said last month that the crisis was the most serious since the 1930s, “if not ever.” Later in Oct 2008 God gave me a significant dream about a coming collapse. I have recorded the dream at the bottom of the update but have not included it here because God wants this message to be clearer:

The Gospel is not affected by seasons of recession, economic meltdowns or credit crunches. Those who rest in the Finished Works of Christ live under a supernatural economy based on what He has done.

There are many people who have prophesied an eventual crash of the economy and I believe that you don’t need to be prophetic to realise that. Rick Joyner wrote of a collapse in his book “Visions of the Harvest” in the late 1980s. In it he describes the collapse of the economy coming like the sinking of the Titanic. He has since gone into much more detail about what he thinks will happen as have others. Advice has come about preparing in the natural- stock up food, get your debt paid off and while this is all helpful the only true preparation can come in learning to rest in the Gospel. The Gospel is the true foundation which will cause us to be able to see hope and not be overwhelmed by fear. Bill Johnson says “you have authority over any storm you can sleep through”.

In the last few weeks the Euro has been standing on the precipice staring oblivion in the face with Italy and Greece dominating the headlines. Things in the natural can appear very bad but one thing I strongly believe about the recession is this: we can stand for hope and victory a midst the doom and gloom of the current climate and live in a supernatural prosperity regardless of the natural circumstances. We must have the Gospel as a foundation in our lives so that we will not be shaken. A revelation of the Gospel will not only be a foundation and anchor in the midst of chaos but will produce a recovery plan.

I believe that out of the revelation of the Finished Works of the Cross a new economic system and solution will be created. This is because those who live under the Government of Christ with a revelation of the Finished Works will not live affected by an economic crash. They will live under a different system, under a different era: The New Covenant. There is not poverty or lack in the New Covenant but there is a supernatural abundance and prosperity which is not changed by natural situations.

Agabus in Acts 11 prophesied that a famine would occur over the Roman World. This did not create fear and scare the believers but instead the believers rose up in the Gospel and were able to ‘provide help’ for people living through this. They rose up in faith and abundance and became a source of prosperity during a difficult time in the natural. This must be our response.

I strongly believe that any recession or economic collapse is NOT God’s judgement against the West. This is because the judgement of the world has already been dealt with in Christ’s death! God doesn’t then think “I’ll do it again but this time punish the people!” Christ took away judgement from the world and instigated Grace over Law. There is a very good podcast teaching by Kris Vallotton from Bethelon this subject. It is dangerous to prophesy God’s judgement over a nation and predict the destruction of it or its economy. Those that do this are coming very close to standing in alignment with a Terrorist Spirit that wants to destroy and create chaos. This is not the heart of God! He already Judged the world and sits on the Mercy Seat.

If the economy crashes I believe it is the results of the principles of sowing and reaping. The creation of a poor economic system with little regulation has been abused by some people on the inside to make billions of pounds and it has been pushed to breaking point, bowing under the pressure of debt. What has been sown is now being reaped with recession and the possibility of a double dip.

God wants us to rest in Him and what He has accomplished regardless of what is taking place in the natural. We have been seated in Christ through His death and this does not change when things get tough. When we live from this place we begin to see it manifest in our lives. I know that those who are living in this revelation will receive a revelation about a new economic system. A Daniel/ Joseph character will emerge and have great influence in the corridors of power of the economic world. The new system will be based on the Kingdom principles of the Gospel, rest and sufficiency. It will be taken up and used in the economic system of the world.

Below is the dream I received:

On Tues 29th Oct 2008 I was praying and I asked God to speak to me that night in a dream about what ever he wanted to talk to me about. He spoke to me that night through a very disturbing dream about the economy. In it I saw 3 clear snapshots representing 3 stages of economic meltdown:

  1. I saw an economics reporter speaking on the BBC News with a graph behind him. He was describing how businesses were making 10% of the previous year. They were making in that year what they had made in a month the previous year. I could see the graph and the changes in it. (In the morning I drew the graph in my journal at the time but didn’t understand it. Looking back at it now it describes a clear double dip.) The economy dominated the news and there was an overwhelming sense of fear. Things were happening so fast that the News Readers were watching to see what was happening and were really worried. In the dream I was watching the news with some prophetic people but we were unable to see the significance of what was happening. We were saying “maybe this is it!” We were expecting a collapse to happen but couldn’t actually believe it would take place. Other people were standing around and had been consumed with anxiety. Some people had had a breakdown.
  1. The dream shifted and I was sat on a large passenger plane travelling long distance. Passengers were worried that during the flight the airline would go bankrupt. Suddenly the airhostesses put on their jackets and all sat down and said “the Airline has gone bankrupt; we are not serving anything now” and everyone on the flight was shocked and panicked. The airhostesses were not worried about being sued by the passengers because legal firms had gone bust. It was clear that society infrastructures were beginning to unravel.
  1. The third snapshot showed me there was a communication blackout because the internet had failed. People lost contact with family members in other parts of the country. People were worried about looters breaking into houses unchallenged by any police authority.

In this part of the dream I was talking to prophetic people who were seeing large tsunami waves breaking out at sea. They could see them breaking far out but didn’t know whether what they were seeing was right or not. They kept saying “Is this a real manifestation?”

Whether this dream refers to literal events that are going to take place or is symbolic there are a few themes that stand out:

  • The prophetic people could not believe what they were seeing.
  • Our society is built upon certain human systems we take for granted which may not always be there.

We must rest in faith in the Gospel which will not be shaken and is eternal.

Philip Smith, 13th Nov 2011