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Waking up to the sound of His voice


‘I’m fully satisfied as with a rich dinner, my mouth speaks praise with joy on my lips – whenever I ponder you on my bed, whenever I meditate on you in the middle of the night’ Psalm 63. 4-6

I had an interesting dream the other night – it was about Lonnie Frisbie of the Jesus People Movement. Although he died in 1993, in the dream he was still alive today, but had been totally forgotten about. God showed me the legacy he had left in terms of the impact he had on John Wimber and the Vineyard movement, yet he is largely unknown and not really honoured. He was holding very small gatherings with 5/6 people and I had this intense desire to go and hang out with him in these meetings with the remnant of revival that he was carrying. I woke up thinking that the revivals of old are not dead, they’re just forgotten and dormant, hidden by a spiritual amnesia and blanket of slumber.

There’s something about remembering what God once did, holding it within your heart and allowing that fire to awaken something new today. The day after I had that dream I was on the train passing through Bradford, the city where Smith Wigglesworth lived. As the train pulled in, sitting on the platform was the spitting image of Smith Wigglesworth; an old Yorkshire gent, moustache and all just looking at me. For a split second as I looked at him Smith Wigglesworth stared right back at me and God said to me “Smith Wigglesworth isn’t dead either.” The anointing that Smith carried is alive today. It isn’t dead, although so many churches act like it, it is just forgotten and dormant. We might remember the person but the church has forgotten the anointing he carried, the Presence, the Fire on his life.

Wakey wakey

Several years ago while we were youth workers in Antioch Church in Llanelli, we were holding our usual Wednesday night youth meeting. We had just had a conference where the youth had been particularly impacted about revival and God had started to really stir something on their hearts. I asked the youth group whether God had spoken to them anything that week. I had given them a word the previous week that they were going to be given new shields of faith and I was interested if anything had happened. Most shrugged “no…” but a young 15 year old girl looked and said “Yes… actually… In the middle of the night God woke me up and I heard him say “Go to Moriah Chapel, (the place where the 1904 Welsh revival started) and say ‘Wakey wakey’ to the angel there…”

Louise told me and the rest of the youth group what had happened that week; that she had gone to the chapel the next day after she had been woken up in the middle of the night by God. The chapel happened to be next to her sixth form college. When she got there she stood looking at Moriah Chapel deliberating about what to do. There was a bus stop filled with people next to it. She looked at the bus stop and back at Moriah Chapel and whispered “wakey wakey”. God spoke to her in that moment and said “Is that how much you want revival??” so challenged and even while people in the bus stop watched, she yelled “WAKEY WAKEY!!”

The story of what happened next has spread like a wild fire around the world. Louise watched as a  15 /20 foot angel yawned and stepped out of the chapel. It then spoke to her. It said “I am the angel of the 1904 revival and you’ve just woken me up” Louise stood there thinking ‘what on earth…!!!’ and the angel said “I fell asleep because people stopped calling out for revival”. The angel then wandered away up the road while Louise stood there gob smacked.

Several prophets have met the angel since. One prophet bumped into the angel unaware of what had happened, and asked the angel what it was doing. The angel replied “a 15 year old girl just woke me up.”

God woke Louise up with the sound of His voice in the middle of the night and brought her into a supernatural encounter which awoke something that had been dormant since 1904.

I don’t believe we have seen the full manifestation of what that angel is about today but in the months that followed the angelic experience our youth group went through an amazing time of encounter with the Holy Spirit. We experienced physical healings for the first time, we were opened up to the supernatural; gold and silver dust became common and other angelic encounters happened quite frequently. Some kids from the local community came along and were saved. It got to the point where teenagers who had never been to the prayer room before, came in and were falling out under the Presence of God as soon as they were prayed for. One kid screamed and ran out the room we met in as his eyes opened to the angels there. He physically saw them. Amazing events that opened up my life to a whole new world. It has marked the last 10 years of my life.

I believe that the angel from Moriah Chapel was commissioned for Awakening in 1904 and it still is today. It hasn’t abandoned its position (Jude 1.6). A well known minister in the US encountered the angel recently and it said to him “Wakey Wakey is my name, that is what I was commissioned for – awakening”. In the lead up to the 1904 revival Evan Roberts had a season of intense visitation in the night. Such a heavy presence of God would rest in his room and would wake him up night after night. God would wake him up with an intensity of His Presence, enough that could shake the nation and would speak with this General of the future.


It is funny how quickly we forget what God did for a nation. Spiritual amnesia causes us to forget what He did. In the dream about Lonnie, spiritual amnesia caused people to forget the anointing Lonnie walked in. Spiritual amnesia is like a toxic fog of hopelessness, confusion and doubt which comes to put out the fire and abort the promises of God over our lives. Spiritual amnesia ultimately leads to deception. It happened in the Garden “Did God really say…?” 

The Israelites were constantly reminded in the Old Testament- ‘Do not forget the Lord, remember what I have done for you…’ King David would lie awake in the night hours and remember the stories of old. It would stir his heart and awaken something new within him. 

Why am I talking about this now? Because I believe that God wants to bring us into fulfilment and awakening. There is a significant connection between remembering and Awakening – One of the jobs of the Holy Spirit is to help us remember what Jesus said (John 14.6). Why? because we have been given every Spiritual Blessing in the Heavenly places, we have been given Fullness in Christ. We are New Creation beings but have forgotten where we came from. This truth can get shrouded in an amnesia which chains up our inheritance and stops us from being able to walk out fulfilment… “Did God really say…?” But when we begin to remember, when we begin to honour what God once said, God can ignite this with a fire that burns away amnesia’s toxic fog of doubt, confusion and deception. Remembering the sound of His voice awakens us to a new reality of Heaven today.

In the remembering God’s voice wakens us to a door of the supernatural where we begin to understand things which Heaven has never forgotten. Heaven can’t forget because they are in the present reality of it now. It is not a dead memory, it is a present reality, a fire that constantly burns.

The angels remember the day when the Presence of awe and wonder began to fall on the meetings Evan Roberts lead. But more than that they rest in the present reality of it at the feet of Jesus today. They know what Evan Roberts tapped into. Heaven remembers, it has a record of what it was like when Wesley began to stir himself with the fire and watch as the people began to gather around him in a realm of Heaven. But it is more than a story it is a living fire, accessible through an open door today which Jesus opened through his life and death. God remembers the Might which Smith Wigglesworth operated in and the desire that exploded out of him to see people free from infirmity, that Gift of Faith is freely available today.

Visit encounters of old, remember what God once did and let him awaken you with His voice to fire today, fresh fire, fire we have never experienced before, fire that the revivalists and saints of old walked in; Apostolic Fire, that has been dormant since the days of Cuthbert’s wild fire revival. But its not just an old fire, it’s alive today, birthing something new, something for our day, something not been seen before on the earth; something unique. This anointing is not dead. His voice is whispering “wake up to reality”.


Northern Glory with Stuart Watkins


Northern Glory with Stuart Watkins | Cielo, Garforth | 7.30pm

We are excited to have Stuart Watkins with us for Northern Glory this month. Stuart has been on the leadership team of Antioch Church (a Pioneer Church) in Llanelli for many years and has a proven track record as a Prophet. He has ministered in Eastern Europe extensively, working with local churches and speaking at leader’s conferences where he has seen God work amazingly. Stuart has written a book on the prophetic which has been translated in Bulgarian.

He has incredible stories of God’s supernatural power working in his life and those around him – if you have heard story of the teenager who met the ‘Wakey wakey’ angel from the 1904 Welsh Revival – that was his daughter. This will definitely be a significant time that you don’t want to miss!

Here is a cool testimony from a conference Stuart spoke at:

‘I was taking a week of meetings in a church in Bucharest. First night while speaking I noticed a few guys in the front row looking at their hands. I stopped speaking and asked them what was going on. At first they did not really want to say but as I looked I could see oil on their hands. They looked a little surprised as this had never happened to them before. As these guys put their hands near to others the same thing began to happen – oil and also gold dust started appearing on their hands. The meetings were being streamed live over the internet around Europe, mainly to Romanian people. During a meeting a young girl called in to say as they were watching the meeting oil was running down the walls of the room they were in. “What should we do?!!” they were asking. I felt to tell them to take some of the oil put it on their hands and go outside and pray for people. This they did and reported back that people were getting healed as they prayed for them.’

northern-glory-healing-tentWe had a great time at David’s Tent over the summer!

Such a privilege to part of something so special which God is doing in the UK. We took a team down made up with some crazy radicals from Sheffield, Leeds and South Wales and ran a ministry tent during the festival. We had some amazing encounters and some remarkable miracles took place. The main thing was the tangible presence of God that people said they walked into when they came into the tent. God brought lots of people to tears and touched many people’s hearts.

Here are some testimonies from our ministry tent:

‘Dear Northern Team, my husband and I went to David’s Tent and although your prayer schedule was totally booked you still managed to fit me in. God’s presence was so mighty and real I felt so light- may I say light as a feather. I almost felt I could fly. Prior to going my right foot was swollen and the big toe was in considerable pain. I have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 27 years but whilst Fiona and Heather were praying my foot felt free of all pain and swelling- the reason I say free of swelling is because sandals I was wearing, actually had room for my foot to move without pressure and rubbing. I believe I am healed! Big thank you Northern Glory team for your dedication and commitment.’

Other healings included:  – a woman with swollen lymphs in her neck had them visibly shrink within a couple of minutes prayer, A woman’s abdominal pain was healed, someone with ligament damage had all the pain instantly go, a person with neck strain was instantly healed, back pain was healed, a person with a damaged wrist instantly healed. One woman had a locked shoulder, she couldn’t raise her arm above her head before she came in the tent and was in pain – after 5 mins of prayer there was no pain and she could put her arm fully in the air.

Many people also came for prophetic words and different people commented that there was a Spirit of Prophecy that was resting in the atmosphere over the tent. The accuracy of the words given by the team was very high. A couple came in and I instantly got the word ‘Lily of the Valley’, turned out that Lily was the girl’s name. The team were getting people’s  places of work, their actual house numbers, business ideas that people were actually involved in doing, even naming the different over seas countries that people’s children lived in.

It was pretty amazing to see God work so powerfully and touch people’s hearts.



What do you see?

what do you seeIt’s funny hearing people talk like “We need to bring the Kingdom of God into the secular world” or even “How can we build the Kingdom of God?!” Secular world? What’s that then? You are going to build God’s Kingdom for him? Good luck trying that! (Genesis 1.1 is a clue).

I am so grateful that wherever I go I am permanently surrounded by the Kingdom and Glory of God. He is everywhere, He is all around us. (Matt 3.2, Matt 10.7) Luke 17.21 says ‘The Kingdom of God is within you (in your hearts) and among (surrounding you).’ AMP

His Presence is part of every aspect of our lives, He has permanently invaded our world, it is not a new thing, He has always been here. He has fully entangled Himself within our created order and He doesn’t regret it. He is entwined within our lives and He knew what He was getting Himself into.

It’s not that God is here within creation, standing around feeling awkward. He has intermingled himself within the fabric of our humanity; flesh and blood. He became one with the substance of human skin and bone. God became man; the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

And since then our own humanity has become the gateway and window for Jesus Christ. We are the human tabernacles of His Glory. There is absolutely no separation between your life and Heaven. Your flesh radiates Glory.

How can we have a ‘normal’ perspective on life knowing this? We look as people who have died and become One with Christ; lifted up to a new perspective and brand new reality. We have been raised with Christ. He has seated us within the ecstatic worship and cosmic party of the Trinity; within the centre of Heavenly Bliss and Perfection, at the centre of union and intimacy with our Creator, surrounded and pressed in by angels. What a rave!

Get a free buzz from that reality and your perspective will permanently change. No longer can you have sight filled with the darkness of lack and unbelief, but a vision overcome with the light and fullness of Christ. Not your situation. God wants to permanently wreck your paradigm and shift your mindset from “almost done” to “It is finished.” Something happens to your sight when you believe. You go from being overwhelmed by the problems you see to being transfixed by the answer. You are filled with Christ and the Hope of Glory. It is a power that brings transformation.

It happened to Elisha’s servant (2 Kings 6.17) His eyes were opened to reality and it changed his perspective. Totally surrounded by Angels; it freaked him out.

The angels understand, they can see. In Isaiah 6.3 they declare ”the whole earth is full of His Glory!’, not one day but is… I seem to keep coming across people quoting Habakkuk 2.14 wrong saying things like “one day the Glory will cover the earth… can’t wait for that!” but that is not what it says. Habakkuk says ‘The Knowledge of the Glory will cover the earth.’ The whole earth is already filled with His Glory, but people just can’t see it yet! Again Isaiah 40.5 says that ‘the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together…’

The Celtic Saints saw the natural world as being shot through with the Glory, the sacred thread of His divinity weaving through everything. When you look at creation with faith you start to see the pattern and framework of the Kingdom of God surrounding it and embedded within it. You can see Jesus, you can recognise His Presence. Justice, Love and Peace sing out and suddenly you have access to a Presence which changes situations. You stop seeing the negative and start seeing the answer.

It is amazing that He made a spectacle of the imposed principalities of darkness; lack, chaos, disorder. There is the underlying hidden framework of the Kingdom of God which overcame through Jesus Christ that we have access to.

“Aww that’s nice and quaint. But totally naive and deluded.”

Haven’t you watched the news?

The world is full of issues! Syrian civil wars, natural tragedies, a refugee humanitarian crises… There is darkness where the revelation of this Glory that covers the earth is not known or seen. The Kingdom of God is obscured. But it is still there, hidden. Until you see it! Then you can access it, release it, flow with it.

Don’t respond to this darkness by boycotting Starbucks because they havn’t put snowflakes on their red cups. Religion is deluded and definitely has a skewed perspective on life. Obsessed by the Bible but denying its power? The darkness of religion doesn’t bring light to the darkness of the world!

When the religious leaders looked at Mary washing the feet of Jesus with perfume (Luke 7.38) they looked and saw a notorious sinner, shame, guilt and a waste of expensive perfume yet Jesus looked and saw true worship, He saw the Kingdom and Glory at work. He then flowed with it, releasing freedom; forgiveness, love, compassion which set her free. Religion looks with criticism, Jesus looks with compassion. And isn’t it interesting that the Pharisees looked and failed to see the Messiah yet the prostitute looked and saw her saviour?!

The Gospel has Power and is the answer to suffering. True prophecy doesn’t deny suffering or ignores it, but looks with faith and sees answers. God close, not far off, His Kingdom here, Compassion, love, kindness; His Glory all around us.  It will provide keys to unlock situations of hopelessness. Naturally or supernaturally; a physical healing or a business plan.

That’s why we are called to be ‘in’ the world, like yeast in dough, catalysts for change because we have a different perspective, a different revelation. We can get a different strategy, a solution that comes from a Heavenly perspective. A new idea, some new crazy plan that no one else has thought of that brings transformation by uncovering a different Kingdom.

Don’t try building the Kingdom, see that it is already here.

Love this prayer from St. Patrick:

Christ with me,
Christ before me,
Christ behind me,
Christ in me,
Christ beneath me,
Christ above me,
Christ on my right,
Christ on my left,
Christ when I lie down,
Christ when I sit down,
Christ when I arise,
Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
Christ in every eye that sees me,
Christ in every ear that hears me.

Reminder! Lucy Grimble | Leeds | Sat 21st Nov

Just a reminder that we have the amazing Lucy Grimble with us on Sat 21st Nov. Lucy is a really gifted and anointed worship leader based in London. She has lead worship at David’s Tent for several years and has released an EP. Her worship carries a real freedom and joy on it. We are really excited to have her with us!

Lucy Grimble | 21st Nov | Leeds


Hello! It has been a while since I posted anything! Here is a quick catch up; it has been a busy 6 or 7 months! We have been over to Copenhagen to minister to a Partners in Harvest church before the Summer. One of the things we went there to do was minister in healing and I ended up getting healed myself! One of the members of the church prayed for my arm which had been in pain since I had pulled a muscle moving house and I felt something lift off of it and the pain left! It hasn’t come back since. That was nice and unexpected!

We have seen quite a number of healings at Northern Glory over the last year or so and here is a testimony of one in particular: We were sharing about the Fire of the Holy Spirit at Northern Glory one evening before the Summer. I was talking about the Celtic Saints that lived in the North of England, in particular St Cuthbert, who was nicknamed ‘Fire of the North’. I was sharing how he carried such a strong Presence of God and Fire on him that he was known for this. As I was speaking it felt like that fire came in the room like pillars standing next to people.

One particular women needed healing from a trapped nerve and earlier in the night several people had prayed for her but she had not felt any improvement. Suddenly as we started talking about God’s Presence being like a pillar of Fire, she described feeling intense heat move down her body and instantly all the pain left her body! She was shocked as she had been in agony, it was amazing to see God move so powerfully, without anyone even praying for her!

We also took part in a healing and prophecy stall in Leeds, organised by our friends Jon and Lydia at a New Age Fair. We were perched in between a couple of tarot card readers and a masseuse.  We had a great time! The first lady I spoke to I did a dream interpretation for. Turns out she runs an event management company and asked if we would go and do training on dream interpretation at one of her events! We then met a guy who said he walks around events like this looking to see who has ‘the gift’ and who are frauds! He could see we were genuine and so he talked to us about his spirit guide and we were able to talk about ours! Then a lady came to find us because last year myself and someone else in the team had prayed for her for healing from recurring migraines. She said that since we had prayed she had not had another migraine since! Glory!

During the Summer we went to David’s Tent, a 3 day worship gathering on the South coast of England. It was so good, the worship popped each night in to another realm of freedom. Really excited about what God is doing through this worship movement; we believe that a new Move of the Spirit is starting to happen through it.

At the end of the Summer we hosted Crowder and Godfrey in Leeds for 2 nights. Was a great time, many people were impacted by the freedom and joy they experienced over these couple of days. We are having Godfrey back on the 18th Dec for a Northern Glory Christmas party! It may be fancy dress. We will tell Godfrey that anyway.

It has been interesting to watch some stuff unfold in the media over the course of the year which I felt God speak to me at various times. The rise in focus on women’s rights, in particular coverage of women’s sport has increased like the Women’s World Cup and it was also interesting to see the release of the film Suffragette which I felt a few years ago would be released as a sign of renewed interest in women’s rights. It has also been interesting to see various issues of corruption and abuse uncovered in the Police, something which I felt God show me at the start of the year and put out there. First issues were uncovered in South Yorkshire Police and then in the Metropolitan Police. I also said it would reach in to other places of authority and this has been the case as the corruption that has been uncovered has seemed to implicate West Minister. Read an article on the BBC about that HERE.

Think I may have also mentioned Messi moving to Chelsea… well looks like they need him more than ever now, who knows maybe a bit of delay on that word…?! 🙂

Lucy Grimble | Sat 21st Nov | 7,30pm at St Matts 

We have Lucy Grimble at Northern Glory on the 21st Nov. We first saw Lucy at David’s Tent last year, she carries the Presence of God and a real Spirit of Worship so we are excited about this! Tickets will be £5 and you can buy them on the door.

We feel worship is a key to opening up new experiences with God for the city and region. There are doors of opportunity open and waiting for the bold to take hold of them! Great days ahead.

Beyond the Boundaries

20141119-235224-85944528.jpgThe power of Religion always tries to box you in and keep you contained within a mundane religious life. But when you let the Spirit Flow and take you for a ride, you usually end up in situations that weren’t advertised in the church notices the previous week. You go beyond the boundaries of a normal religious life into unchartered territory. It’s how the Pioneers of revival carved out something new.

Here are 3 stories about experiencing God beyond those boundaries. These stories all happened as part of normal life.

Healing commotion…

I was in Leeds city centre with a few friends and we were offering people healing, destiny words, dream interpretation etc. and a guy with a cast on his leg hobbled passed us on crutches. I ran over to him and offered to pray for his leg and he happened to be a Christian, so agreed.  He had actually broken his ankle. We put our hands on his cast and he was surprised because he felt heat on his ankle. After a couple of minutes he was able to stand on his leg; the pain began to leave. We prayed a bit more and his ankle was totally healed.  We stood there amazed at what God had just done and he walked away carrying his crutches which he didn’t need anymore.

This miracle caused a little crowd to gather round as they were interested in what was going on. Some were sceptical but one woman yelled “Here, Gary! let them pray for your back!” and pointed towards a gruff Yorkshire man who responded “No, that is a load of b*llocks woman!!” Others now stopped to see what this shouting was about and a man came forward who had pain in his hips, a slipped disc and pain in his chest. Although he had come into town without any faith he just witnessed God heal a guy on crutches and it gave him hope that maybe God could help him too. We put our hands on him and watched as the Fire of God covered his body. Every bit of pain left throughout his body, even in his back. The man stood there experiencing the healing power of Jesus in the middle of the street.

A mum with her daughter came and sat behind us to watch what was going on. The daughter’s arm was in a sling because she had been pushed over at school and cracked her elbow. Her mum asked us to pray for her elbow and as we prayed all the pain started to reduce. We prayed more and the girl started smiling for the first time. She said “Mum, all the pain has completely gone!” as she got healed.

What started as one healing spilled out to cause a healing outbreak!

Follow the Gold trail…

While we were youth workers in Llanelli our youth group had a gold dust outbreak one night in our home. The youth were covered in supernatural gold dust and got it all over their hands. It was pretty cool. The next morning I was at the church building meeting Deb, one of the leaders. I started telling her what had happened and as I was speaking a large fleck of gold appeared on my hand in front of our eyes. Deb screamed when she saw it, it was funny.

We’ve had gold dust appear after that but usually in a church or conference setting until a few years later… I was talking to some young people at work about faith, they didn’t believe in God but asked me if I had ever had a ‘spiritual experience’. Good question! So I began to tell them about the gold dust outbreak in Llanelli and described what happened and how it appeared to Deb and me. As I was talking they began to get covered in Gold dust right in front of me. One girl shouted out “I’ve got it all over me!” and she started to brush it off her jacket looking freaked out. Her friends held up their hands looking confused saying “We’ve got it too!” They all had supernatural gold dust on their hands. Not glitter, or fairy dust but the real deal. I just stood there feeling the Presence of God invade the room.

The following week people who had not been there found out what had happened and wanted to hear about it. This was where it got crazy. As I was speaking suddenly everyone could feel an intense Presence of God in the air; call it the Spirit of Revival, the Fire, a visitation, call it whatever, but all I know is that God was there in the middle of a bunch of non- believers and everyone in the room could feel it, it was heavy. Normally you would experience this Presence in conferences at Toronto etc. but here I was at work and the Glory showed up. As it got more intense one non-Christian guy spontaneously shouted out “Tell us about Jesus!! Please tell us about Jesus, Go for it!!”

This was so far out of any box I had ever experienced and I was literally like, what the heck is going to happen?! I talked more and we were all impacted by what we had

I believe that this was a foretaste of future encounters to be had; spontaneous outbreaks of God’s Glory in our normal lives.

Shaman? I’d rather have the whack!

We were asked by some friends to meet a non-Christian friend of theirs on her lunch break because she needed some healing in her life. The night before we met her I had a dream or a vision or something that a tall white spirit was trying to get in our bedroom to attack me. I didn’t think much about it, just rebuked it and went back to sleep.

We went to meet this friend at lunch and it transpired that she had been seeing a shaman for a number of years who had been charging her a lot of money for his help. One of the things she wanted help with was to get free from a tall white spirit that would come in her room and attack her. She had become disillusioned with the shaman as he didn’t seem to be stopping the spirit.  We had a great chat with her about spiritualty and I told her that I had seen the spirit the previous night and that it couldn’t get me because of the power of Jesus. We prayed it wouldn’t attack her again. The next time we saw her, the demonic spirit hadn’t come back. She had visited the shaman again and he was surprised that she seemed  a lot better. However she informed him  that unfortunately it wasn’t anything to do with his power but her new friends who prayed in the name of Jesus and she wouldn’t be back to see him.

After this she invited us to meet a friend of hers that needed healing. So we ended up going to a Muslim home and being fed some amazing curry in the middle of Ramadan. We prayed with the family and watched as the mum was healed in front of our eyes. She cried as the Presence of God touched her.

The Wild Fire of the Holy Spirit loves the world and won’t be contained by a mundane religious life! He wants to explode out of our conferences and church meetings. Let Him take you on an adventure into the world; beyond the shores of normality, pioneering light into the darkness and releasing freedom and life.



unionA few years ago I wrote a blog talking about a coming revelation of our Union with each other in the Body of Christ (Spirit of Empire pt2. Union) and how we would come to the understanding that we are One – beyond just the congregation and local church to a place where we realise that as a whole Body, across different streams and denominations we are One. I wrote this having seen friendships across different church streams end simply because church leaders had said “focus on friendships within your local church”. It was something that was and still is desperately needed. So I was amazed to see a meeting that happened this week with the Pope and different protestant charismatic leaders like John and Carol Arnott, Kenneth Copeland and others take place where they talked about their desire for unity and Oneness within the Body of Christ. This meeting is so significant and happened in such an understated way.

Think about the division that has existed between the Protestant and Catholic Church for hundred of years since Luther’s reformation. Literally thousands of people have died in the name of Christianity. And yet now a revelation of Union is hitting the Body of Christ where we are realising there is no separation between us.

Luther’s reformation caused division and separation and yet in this current reformation we are getting a revelation of Union and our Oneness as humanity.  There is a healing that is taking place. Some people have prophesied a ‘civil war in the church’ but I’m seeing Peace; a union and a healing that is going to take place. Even over the next 6 months to year, there will be healing where there has been division. Especially with the whole ‘Hyper Grace’ stuff- this will be massively overshadowed by the revelation of our Union with each other because what will emerge is a greater level of maturity where we love beyond theology!

It’s a revelation and manifestation of Ephesians 2.14:

For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.

Christ has already broken down the ‘dividing wall of hostility’. God came like a wrecking ball and overcame the principality of division. He brought the two groups – Jew and Gentile together into One.

Now a few years later my understanding has moved beyond the traditional church focus to looking at humanity and seeing something of a Union and Family that is possible within the world through a revelation of Christ and the Gospel. Christ has removed the walls of hostility within humanity as a whole- in His human body he brought humanity together.

We can look at someone from a different religion and see just that – religion. And yet God sees their humanity and even shared in it! He sees their origin in Him and their potential as Sons and Daughters of God. I heard Bobby Conner talk about how God had called him to be a Prophet before he was formed in his mother’s womb. Bobby quoted Jeremiah 1.5:

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

How amazing is that! It’s incredible that we are all called before He formed us. Is this only true for a Christian the moment he becomes a Christian? Obviously not!! It was always true! At a certain point in his life he encountered God who connected him with this reality.

The whole of humanity is walking around having been known and called before they were formed in their mother’s womb. This is a mystical reality. Psalm 139:13 states ‘for you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb’ – this is the origin of humanity.

Humanity goes way back with God – before they were formed! The Father knows each person intimately and has designed everyone with uniqueness. The only reason Hopelessness exists is because people have become disconnected from the Hope with which He made them! He is the Father of all Creation and He looks at people that He has made with compassion.

It’s an interesting thought that the mindsets we have and words we speak are creative and effect the world around us. As a family we went to Belfast for a special family wedding last year and got to tour around Belfast. We saw the ironically named ‘Peace Wall’ that stands about 20 feet high separating the Protestant and Catholic areas of Belfast. It has witnessed murders, fighting and riots during the ‘Troubles’. Amazing when we think about Ephesians 2.14. Did Christ destroy the ‘hostile wall of division’ or not?

The lack of revelation of humanity’s Union in Christ has literally caused civil war in the city; through Christianity! Life and Death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18.21); God created Life with words. The Word is creative and He’s in you- so your words have creative Power too. We too can cause the World to respond to our words – we can make Hell on earth through speaking death. Indeed we can prophesy a ‘civil war in the church’ and create worlds of chaos through a mindset of division or we can cause Union!

There is something about speaking out the truth of the Gospel over people and situations which is creative and causes the world to respond. We can prophesy what God sees – Ephesians 2.14 – His children on earth. We can cause them to come into an encounter that will connect them with their destiny and manifest Heaven on earth through their life.

It says that we were crucified with Christ and in that moment of crucifixion Christ Spoke “Father forgive them…” He prophesied and released forgiveness and in that forgiveness it is possible to be delivered of the dividing wall of hostility.

What do you see when you look at humanity? Do see someone who was known by God before He formed them in their mother’s womb or do you see the labels the world has stuck on them?

Blessings! Phil Smith


Year of the Pioneer!!

ImageSo much of the prophetic can come across as too general, lacking accuracy and sometimes just weird. Naturally this just makes people cynical and disillusioned with it! One of the things that needs reforming relates to the accountability of the word given.

So I am going to try and offer a bit of a reflection on the words I gave for last year and give a bit of context for where we are heading. (I’d encourage you to read our ‘What we Believe about Prophecy’ page also, if you’ve not done so already.)

Women’s Movement: Excited about the honouring of women in 2013! (Read the full prophecy here).

There was so much in the media about this in 2013. Here are some interesting articles related to a re-emergence of a women’s movement:
‘In 2013 the women’s movement has come back with a vengeance…’ – Fourth Wave Feminism.

There was also reform to areas which had previously gone under the radar: Modern Slavery Bill.

Also some other areas which were highlighted: ‘As several media outlets have already pointed out, this has undoubtedly been a huge year for women…’ – Minority voices.

In relation to the film I said would be made about the Suffragette movement- I was sort of beginning to wonder but as I woke up one morning God said ‘Carey Mulligan’ – the next day I discovered she is going to be in a new film called ‘Suffragette’ all about the key people in the suffragette movement.

However there are some reflections that need to be made in all this. The things that God is dealing with are controlling, domineering and oppressive mindsets in order to bring Freedom to ALL – both men and women!

I found an amazing quote from Brad Pitt about honouring his wife back to health, was really powerful and lots of people were impacted by what he said. For me this is the key issue relating to this whole are of women’s rights.

When the identity and image of women is reformed, there has been in history an aggressive over compensation, or a dishonouring of men in the midst of it. This happened in the Suffragette movement and in the 70s. But God is bringing Freedom to ALL!! Not women at the expense of men! 

This is what I said about Brad – as he honoured Angelina and loved her into freedom he opened up new freedom and blessing for himself to live in! And I said that in 2014 because of this he would enter new realms of blessing and win an Oscar. (You can read the full article here.) I had no idea that the film he acted in and produced …about someone going from Oppression to Freedom… (’12 years a Slave’) would be up for so many Oscar nominations and be called ‘the best film ever made!’ Crazy how God speaks!

Jo Gravell (The New Ecstatics) wrote some very interesting thoughts on the whole idea of the feminine side to God in 2013- that both men & women were made in the image of God… as in God has a feminine side… (Gen 1.27).

This is something which has been explored within Christianity by many feminist theologians and writers for years. If we look at the story from Genesis we see God making Adam (which means humanity) fully in the image of God. In order to make woman, God has to remove ‘a rib’, in Hebrew ‘tsela’, which means ‘side’ and separate Adam into two…

The Spirit moved within Humanity and brought reform to the heart of Government in 2013. Freedom and humility are here for women to see themselves as being equally made in the Image of God. But equally means exactly that – its not at the expense of men!

Where are we headed?

2013 was filled with signs for those who believe. The whole revelation of ‘No more Distance or Delay’ was fully displayed when Andy Murray won Wimbledon last year. The Gospel is all about bringing a longing fulfilled: Bliss! No more Hope deferred, Delay or Lack and so I said Murray would win the event which had so represented delay, disappointment etc. etc. and the ‘we’ve seen it all before’ mentality. I remember reading an article a few years back writing off Murray, saying he had already reached his peak and that like Tim Henman he would never really succeed. There was an obvious mindset of disappointment transferred to Murray. But Murray isn’t like Henman. There is something unorthodox and wild about him, unpredictable even. Murray is a Celt…

I remember at school there was an assembly about the Celts vs Romans. We were shown the superiority of the Roman soldiers, their fighting skills, weapons, training etc. when compared to the Wild Celts of Britian. But something was rising up on the inside of me. At the end of the assembly my friends and I were chatting and they were saying “man the Romans were such organised and efficient soldiers” but all I could say was “Romans?? I’m a Celt!!! I’d have been there with the wild ones, with the war paint on my face, staring the Romans in the face saying “Gimme Britain or I’ll Die!!!”

Thinking about it now I’m reminded of a gathering I attended with my friends a few years ago called ‘Closer to the Flame’, where the Wild Goose catapulted people round the room, as others danced around totally liberated in the Glory with war paint on their faces, Angels literally pulling people round the room, while some took actual photographs of the angels present! Crazy. Martin Scott said at that event that the Baby or Revival had been born…

All I know is that this is the year for the Wild Fire, Organic, celtic underdogs; those who have been written off, discredited or forgotten. It’s for dreams that have been tossed away and laughed at. It is for the accomplishment of things which seemed impossible for many and rediscovering the NEW. People discovering new ‘favourite’ things- music, food, friends; people who wrote off any chance of getting married suddenly meeting the love of their lives, people discovering new hidden talents, even at a late stage in life, which they realise is the very thing they were made to do! It is for people who have ‘seen it all before’ to experience new wonder, new awe, new LIFE and to see the very things which they’ll leave as a legacy! It is a year for the Pioneer!

Wild Fire

We are beginning to see, even in the last few days and weeks an explosion of the Wild Fire move of the Holy Ghost outside of the box. An uncontrollable Move of the Spirit which will increase and build in momentum and intensity. Talking to a friend who works in Tescos yesterday, he told me that he was seeing some customers fall out under the power of the Spirit. I have seen an upgrade and outbreak in healing over the last few weeks where people have been healed by me simply saying to them “the pain will be gone in 5 minutes”. I have known information about people just by looking at them and then spoken to them to have them say to me “Are you psychic????” Something is happening!

Something is going to break this year which will be incredible. I spent a weekend with Dave Vaughan and we were talking about this, sharing some stories of the things we have seen. He has done 2 videos off the back of our conversations in order to paint a bit of a picture for where this is headed. Have a look- it’s powerful…

Organic Glory Breakouts pt 1

Organic Glory Breakouts pt 2

I’m going to be sharing some stories of some organic Wild Fire things which I have encountered over the next few weeks – watch out for the stories!!

The Dawn of the New Age

3 wisemenThe stars revealed a mystery to astrologers many years ago. They discovered a promise hidden in the galaxies and foretold centuries previous, to a nomad called Abraham. As they looked up at the same stars they heard the echo of a voice from down the ages saying “Promises”. The fulness of time caused this promise to be fulfilled and the stars responded. The wise men looked up at an open heaven, crisp in the night and stumbled upon the birthing of the New Age. These astral lights that the Magi were studying had felt the resonance of visitation ripple across the universe. Something had come, someone was here! Incarnation.

Heaven fixed its eyes on a small town on the fringe of the Roman Empire and it became the centre of the universe. Stars moved and shifted in response. Something was up! The Government of God visited the earth  remembering this prophecy “I will bless you richly and I will give you countless descendants, as many as there are stars in the sky… ” (Gen 22.17)

Space from earth

So the stars have declared this Promise above the earth. Since the time of Abraham right through to the day of the Magi they spoke of mystery. Its light led these inquisitors on a trail following after its mystery. The mystery was a promise and a promise about a Coming New Age. An age of Fathers, of Blessing, Rest and of Grace. It is an age of union and of restored relationship, of freedom from a labour camp to the rest of unbroken companionship in a Garden. The Age of Salvation.

And dwelling on Genesis 22.17 Paul realised this Promise would only be realised by Faith. He wrote:

8 Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham: “All nations will be blessed through you” so those who rely on faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith. 10 For all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse”. (Gal 3)

Only faith could see the fulfillment of this promise and the Dawning of the New Age. It was given through faith. Hebrews 3.19 is pretty clear – Humanity couldn’t enter the promise, they couldn’t see the filfillment of it because of their unbelief. And even when humanity mustered up some faith we put it in stone statues and idols instead of Jehova!

We had a problem. We were drowning in unbelief, covered by a curse and dying. The Promise of the New Age needed Faith. And so we waited.

And then birthed amongst animals was a gift given by the Godhead. The Gift of Faith had come. The Faith Of God. Faith that caused the completion of the Promise.

23 Before the coming of this faith, we were held in custody under the law, locked up until the faith that was to come would be revealed. 24 So the law was our guardian until Christ came that we might be justified by faith. 25 Now that this faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian. 26 So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith.

The astrologers followed one star, in search of one Seed. When they found the stable they heard the cry of a new born baby and this was the sound of Heaven invading Earth. The mystery unravelled before their eyes: Immanuel. What had been hidden from previous ages was made known. They understood they were in the Presence of God. 

“The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. Scripture does not say “and to seeds,” meaning many people, but “and to your seed,”[i] meaning one person, who is Christ.” (Gal 3) One Star led to One Bright Morning Star, Jesus Christ and wisemen made in the image of the King were remembered as Kings.

Christ’s birth brought about the Dawning of a New Age. A rebirth took place for humanity and we were given what God had all along: Rest, Blessing, Family, Grace and Victory. Now that faith has come we are able to rest above the stars with the Father of Lights, High and Lifted up in the Brightness of a New Age.

It is the Age of the Children of God. A New Covenant made with the human race, discovered by Astrologers one starry night.

Hidden in the Stars

Theres a mystery that’s been revealed. It has been hidden in the stars but is now being declared to humanity.

Nasa have taken some of the most incredible pictures of the stars in the last 20 years. Deep out in space the Hubble Telescope has been taking pictures of parts of our universe that the human race has never seen before. We are the first generation of humans to see these images with our eyes since the dawn of time.

As Abraham gazed up at the Heavens glowing above him the Lord spoke a promise “…As many as there are stars in the sky…” We are now beginning to understand the enormity of that promise as we gaze deeper into space. The mystery is being revealed before our eyes. And the mystery is Christ crucified for the earth. “…and your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies and through your offspring all nations of the earth will be blessed.” As we gaze into God’s Grace we begin to get overwhelmed by his love and compassion for the nations; for people in hopelessness, people trapped by circumstances they can’t control and people who just don’t know how much they are loved. Love is waiting to possess the cities. People who are lost and escaping reality through addictions to drugs and all sorts are coming to a Gospel which brings freedom. Freedom from lies- lies about their identity, lies that they have no family and that no one loves them.

The truth is that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them. And this truth will set them free. Andre Rabe recently said “you can’t be lost unless you first belong.” There is a lost nation out there who belong. They belong because they have been forgiven. Jesus said 31 The time for judging this world has come, when Satan, the ruler of this world, will be cast out. 32 And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself.” The Lord has drawn the world to to Himself. He has reconciled humanity and has forgiven their sins. John 12.31-32. In Colossians 2.13 it says Christ ‘forgave (past tense) our sins having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us’ and John writes in 1 John 2.12 ‘I am writing to you, dear children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of his name.’

There are so many people who are surrounded by the feelings of loneliness and isolation because of their guilt. They are walking around in darkness with their spiritual eyes closed, not realising that their Father is here with forgiveness. And there is a generation of people who are being awakened to the reality of the Father’s love; who are leaving the nightmare of their darkness, and having their eyes opened to Grace and love. They are becoming aware of Grace for the first time.

How can God’s forgiveness be conditional? God is the forgiver. It is in his nature; He is forgiveness. This is not based on what we do or pray. It never was: ‘while we were dead in our sin…’  His heart was moved by compassion for us from the start. And it still is.

And how can an increased revelation of Grace lead to more sin? By getting a deeper revelation of Grace we understand more what has been done for us; a greater revelation that we are seated in Christ and of ‘Not I but Christ’. You know that Christ is the fulfillment of the law because he is Perfect? We are seated in the fulfillment of the law too! We are not bad people. An increased understanding of Grace leads you to realise that you are seated in completion, the perfection of the law. When we truly begin to believe this how can sin continue? People who have been told their whole life that they are bad and dirty and rejected as worthless; people who have heard the same message from the church- ‘you’re an evil sinner’; are about to get hit with Grace and realise that by Grace they are saved, seated in righteousness and have been made GOOD!

Paul preached this message as an Apostle, as a Father. There is a world waiting for fathers to reveal that God is a Father of forgiveness; to reveal the mystery of the Gospel: Emanuel, God with us. These are the Apostles the world is waiting for, who search out orphans on rubbish dumps and seek out rejected young people on council estates.

Christ fulfilled the promise hidden in the stars. The Overcomer took possession of the cities of His Enemy. These cities are God’s Possession. They are His family. So let Truth Awaken a nation to love.