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Jesus did not appease God’s anger

mouthThomas Paine once wrote ‘Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man’. It is really sad that some of the evangelical thinking about the Gospel has turned many people off God and Christianity. Many non-Christians encounter the core belief found within Evangelicalism, one celebrated this time of year; of an angry God, mad at humanity who had to vent his rage, eventually finding enjoyment in the murder of His own Son and are repulsed.

Disillusioned with this kind of thinking and the defensiveness displayed by the Evangelical wing once questioned about it, many have left Christianity in the search for something less sinister. Most do not even bother with it in the first place finding solice in more peaceful things like meditation, yoga or Zen Buddhism.

It is sad that most people do not even realise that the Penal Substitutionary Theory of Atonement, which depicts the wrath of an angry God coming down upon his own child is only one view of atonement among nine which express the importance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Penal Substitution is one of the most recent theories and was born in a time of legalism, cruelty and Empire as Britain sought to control the world through its ruthless reign.

Other theories throughout the last 2000 years of church history, theories which have never been labelled as heresy by the way, uphold the Goodness of God and focus on His forgiveness while avoiding Penal Substitution’s ‘cosmic child abuse.’ So while some people like Steve Chalk or others in America, have felt the brutal force of the Evangelical world by rejecting Penal Substitution, they would not be labelled as heretics by the Church Fathers, or by any Church Council that has  been organised over the last 2000 years.

He’s Good but not Theologically

One of the things that God has been revealing over the last 15 years is a revelation of His Glory, His ‘Goodness’ as Exodus 33 puts it; how Good God really is! Lots of charismatic ministries have focused on the Glory for some time, with places like Bethel in Redding even having Supernatural encounters with the Glory of God. It is no surprise then that theological structures like Penal Substitution which are at odds with a God who is ‘Good all the time’ (which instead depict an angry God) would start to buckle.

Many people have a relationship with a God who is ‘Good all the time’, who is loving and kind but yet have a theology which shows a God who was angry, filled with wrath and takes his temper out in His children.

There is a mismatch; a confusion going on here. Not only are people’s experiences of God kinder than their theology but people themselves are actually far kinder than it too!

Penal Substitution is actually at odds with what most Charismatic Christians actually think God is like. And yet because of a theological void within the Charismatic Church and the volume with which the Evangelical Church shouts, these Christians are not aware of these contradictions or that there is an alternative.

God is Good all the time. I can say that knowing it through a relationship with him and also through a theology which is filled with this revelation.


What is beginning to happen, and what will get stronger as time goes on is a gradual exodus of the church away from current evangelical thinking towards a more orthodox view of atonement. Many have already found refuge from the anger of the Evangelical Church in the Eastern Orthodox Church, people like Brad Jersak who I had the privilege of meeting a few years ago.

People will begin to discover a theology which doesn’t contradict God’s Goodness as Penal Substitution does but one that displays it as Orthodox Theology does.

This is part of a reformation that is happening in the Body of Christ.

The Gulf War: Word vs Spirit

Smith Wigglesworth, who saw his first healings in the city I live in, gave a famous prophecy about the power that will be released when the ‘Spirit and Word’ come together (Google it of you are not aware of it.) I don’t believe this is talking about young zealous Christians who are ‘into the Word and the Spirit brother’ but is talking about the gulf that has existed over the last few hundred years between theology and the manifestation of God’s Presence.

It has not just been a gulf but a war between theologians and the charismatics. Charismatic Christians couldn’t be in to ‘The Word’ or theology because they met a God in Penal Substitution who they didn’t like and didn’t know! Therefore they stuck to their experiences and allowed the gulf to exist between the Spirit and the Word  (so today most Charismatic Christians wouldn’t even know the term Penal Substitutionary Atonement Theory let alone realise their church adhered to it!) But yet Smith saw something of the potential Power of two streams coming together.

The gulf between the Presence and Theology has not been there within Church history. The founding Fathers of Christian Theology, people like St Thomas Aquinas, St Augustine, and Church Doctors like St Theresa of Avila were not just theologians; they were mystics and miracle workers. To get the title ‘saint’ they had to perform miracles; even some while they were dead! And we are not talking about a quick blessing over someone with a cold but extreme miracles like levitation, witnessed by hundreds of people. The early church theologians were known for their power and miracles. The theological revelation they walked in, that has stood for hundreds of years was matched by supernatural displays of power.

But yet for many Christians there is a mismatch. They have not been able to find the compassionate God that has been revealed to them in His Presence, within their own theology.

The mismatch is causing some to walk away, it is keeping others from entering in the first place. Many people who have had encounters with the love of God in a Supernatural way outside of a church context are completely turned off the Evangelical Church by its depiction of an anger filled, child beating deity.

However this is changing. Jesus is leading people down the ancient path, to encounter the Church Fathers of old, and to lay aside theological views which shut down the Presence of God for orthodox theology which reveals the Presence of a compassionate and loving Father, filled with kindness for His children, slow to anger and rich in love; a God who is for us, who reaches out towards us and has not hidden His face from us.

Jesus is leading people to the place where the two streams meet, the vision Smith saw years ago. A river of Power. No mismatch, just the revealing of His Glory.

I believe God is revealing just how Good He really is and this is at an unprecedented level. This is happening in a supernatural way – through the physical healings, supernatural encounters, through the miracles signs and wonders we are seeing but also in a theological way through the discovery of an orthodoxy which supports all this.

Our theology is catching up with our revelation of His Glory so that we can’t shut it down but release and display it to the world!

What i’m not saying is that everyone needs to join the Orthodox Church however. I’m saying that there is an older and more authentic version of the Gospel, a wine with more whack than we’ve known  which has been preserved by the Eastern Orthodox Church which is now being revealed.

So what does the Orthodox Church teach about God’s Goodness?

Jesus was not sent to appease the anger of a violent God. He had no need as the issue was not with God’s attitude towards us but our attitude towards God. So God did not pour out His anger against Jesus. It was not God who had turned His back on us because of our sin but humanity that rejected Him. It goes right back to Genesis; God searching out Adam who was hiding in the garden for fear of an anger that didn’t exist. This fear caused darkness to reign in the heart of man, blinding us from the Love of God. In this darkness His Goodness was hidden from us. But when the fullness of time came God came to walk with us again. Christ revealed the heart of the Father… When you have seen me you have seen the Father… Jesus sought out those infested with fear and invited Himself for dinner at their house, or spoke to them at the well, he stopped the religious from stoning them to death, healed them, or taught them to love their enemies.

But when we came face to face with the pure undiluted Love of God It was too much for our hatred to take. We murdered God and through this act, our ultimate rejection of God, God brought our Salvation.

Brad Jersak does a great presentation of this called the Gospel of Chairs:

When hanging on the cross the heart of God is fully revealed as Jesus declares “Father forgive them!” He did what we couldn’t do and loved those that hated Him.

The final act of Christ’s ministry was to prophetically decree Psalm 22 over humanity. It starts with ‘my God why have you forsaken me’ and ends with ‘It is finished’.  God did not hide his face from Jesus while he was on the cross; Psalm 22.24 even states this! ‘Neither has He hidden his face from Him but when He cried to Him He heard…’

The only anger God had was towards sin itself because it had corrupted His very image within His creation. We had forgotten where we had come from. So in the death of Christ we find our corrupted nature, our sinful self, the old man crucified with Christ and the New Creation raised to life and filled with Light. This is the true meaning of the word ‘wrath’ – ‘God’s love in action’- Christ was sent to stop the corruption of death and bring us to life… while we were dead in our sin…

Neither humanity nor Jesus was forsaken by God. He has been with us the whole time. This is the power of the Gospel; God with us, God for us, His Glory surrounding us, His love enveloping us.

An angry God hell bent on killing his Son? No. Instead on Good Friday we can remember God’s goodness that was revealed, his loving kindness, his forgiveness, His Glory, our redemption and acceptance within his Presence; in the face of our anger and rejection of Him.


The Pattern within Creation

the pattern within creation

Seeing the Pattern of Heaven within Creation

I love the Celtic Christians. They didn’t have the view that ‘the spiritual world is good and the natural world is bad’. This view is Gnosticism and can creep into prophetic circles so easily. Even in terms of people’s priorities – valuing weird prophetic experiences above normal relationships. It can produce a disdain towards normal life! Urrr! Can’t believe I have to drop my kids off at school when I should be engaging with Heaven… It’s actually quite weird when you think about it but yet there are lots of prophetic people out there modelling something, possibly not quite as bad as that, but similar. The early Celtic Christians valued the natural as much as the spiritual. They discovered the mystical in the mundane.

The Kingdom of God is not some airy fairy Never Never Land, which takes us away from a life we don’t like, but is Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the midst of our everyday life. (Romans 14.17) Paul had encounters with the Third Heaven and yet realised that the Kingdom of God was entirely relevant to his normal life.

The Kingdom of God is the True Pattern of Creation

St. Augustine is an early church Father and is regarded as influencing much of western Christianity. Some of his teaching I don’t particularly like and would side with other Fathers of the Faith instead, with guys like Athanasius who have influenced the Eastern Church. But I do like Augustine’s view of evil- he believed that it is the ‘privation’ of good – the lack or absence of Good.

The Celtic Christians saw the Image of God embedded within the whole of creation; that the Kingdom and Glory of God is threaded through it. But there are situations in the world right now where although the Glory and Kingdom of God covers the whole earth, like in Samuel’s day, there is no widespread revelation of the Kingdom, or of the Glory. There is a lack of revelation of the Gospel, and in that lack or privation, there is darkness- war, sickness, poverty, isolation etc. The world needs the reality of the Kingdom of God, the illumination of the true pattern to life. This will uncover Peace in situations of war and hatred.

The earth is waiting in eager anticipation, in groans like labour for it to come about. The world actually wants it (Romans 8). And there are no excuses. The Christ has already come bringing with Him the pattern of the Kingdom of Heaven, this pattern is the true make up of creation. Creation has the imprint of Glory in it, the fingerprint of God carrying the pattern of His original design. This pattern is His image.

Why does Creation long for the Sons of God?

Jesus said in Matt 5 that ‘Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called Sons of God’. The Sons of God will be peacemakers on the earth. They will have authority to reveal the things hidden within the universe’s true design  – things like this Peace. Jesus understood this (it was the Word of God, that formed creation into this pattern in the first place) and so He operated in it.

Isaiah 9 prophesies about the Son of God and says that –

…He will be called… Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His Government and of PEACE there shall be no end, upon the throne of David and over his kingdom…

The Celtic Saints believed that this image- the image of the Prince of Peace, is threaded through the whole cosmos.

The Sons of God are of the same pattern as the Son of God

Jesus moved in Peace while walking around 1st C. Judea. In Matt 8 the Son of God stands in the middle of a storm, surrounded by chaos, waves crashing in, the boat about to break in two, ship wreck staring them in the face. He says “Peace! Be still!”  His voice releases the pattern of the Kingdom of God and brings creation into peace and stillness.

Having authority over creation is a real area for the Sons of God to tap into and I like many others have been fascinated by this and have seen creation respond in different ways – stopping rain, causing rainbows in the sky, snow to fall or whipping up the wind. (It is fun and has genuinely happened in real life…)

Jesus walked according to the dimension of the Kingdom of Heaven, to the pattern and revelation of Glory. Within creation was the memory of Eden, and as Jesus walked around, creation could tangibly feel the resonance of that Kingdom. Through the life and death of Jesus a new chapter was opened for creation – to be set free from the bondage of decay into a new pattern of liberty and fruit. Creation was being reconfigured from Adam’s corruption to Christ’s perfection. Creation responded to Christ and where it didn’t there was trouble! When Jesus met a fig tree, it seemed to refuse His pattern and refused to produce fruit. So Jesus cursed it! Crazy!

Peace in conflict

There is another element to this pattern of Peace, it’s not just about playing with the weather but in stopping conflict in the world. There is Peace available from the Kingdom of God right now for situations within humanity – conflicts, wars, violent situations. Situations where  the pattern of the Kingdom of Heaven needs to be revealed. Creation is waiting for people with an understanding of the Supernatural power of Peace to impact regions that are ravaged by war. People with this authority can stop terrorism and civil wars.

No nation on earth has fully discovered peace. In the West we place so much emphasis on learning and education, teaching and understanding and yet there is violence, chaos, murder, etc etc going on. No country is free from it. This is true in the church too – there is the lack or privation of peace. So many teachers, so many sermons and yet churches riddled with conflict, gossip, marriages on the verge of break up, fall outs etc etc. You would think that if knowledge was the answer then we would have cracked it? Or is there something else?

Peace is better than knowledge

In Philippians 4 it talks about a peace which goes beyond, is greater than, exceeds, or transcends understanding. In the past we have seen this as ‘there is peace in the middle of chaos’ and yes that is true but at the same time it is telling us that peace has more value than understanding.

Where there is war, we don’t need more teaching and understanding, we need Peacemakers. We need those who have a revelation of their identity, that they are made in the image and pattern of the Prince of Peace, who know the authority in them, who can speak words that carry the resonance of Heaven and bring the reality of peace into situations. They will see it bubble up before them.

We don’t need more Prophets of Judgement pronouncing that in 2015 there will be doom and gloom but the Sons of God who can decree Peace and see it established in the middle of war zones; Prophets who can reveal the pattern of Heaven within creation.

Northern Glory

We had an amazing time at Northern Glory in Sheffield last Friday. The Presence of God was really strong with more physical healings happening. We ended with a fire tunnel, renamed ‘rapture tunnel’ and holy chaos ensued. The Glory was strong!

The next Northern Glory will be on the 27th Feb, in Leeds, venue tbc, with  Godfrey Birtill.


True Freedom Unites

imageOver the last few years we have been discovering the times and seasons of the Gospel; that there is THE time and THE season called the New Covenant! Within this I love seeing the freedom of the Gospel coming and hitting different areas of society.

I have prophesied that this freedom would affect areas like women’s rights- this has been happening for a while now and I prophesied that there would be a film commemorating the Suffragette movement and Emeline Pankhurst’s life. This film is now in the last stages of being made – it is called Suffragette and stars Carey Mulligan and Meryl Streep. It will be out later this year. Related to this whole idea of honouring women was the idea that men would find increased freedom in their own life through it – I read an article Brad Pitt wrote where he honoured his wife and as I read it God spoke to me about the increased blessing he would step into; I saw that he would win an Oscar in 2014- which he did as producer of the film 12 Years a Slave.

So carrying on this theme of freedom and the honouring of humanity there are a few different things I am feeling for this year:

Freedom Unites

God is found in the union. One of the things I am seeing is that the heart of God won’t be found in division or separation. With all the events going on in the world relating to the terrorist attacks in Paris, the focus has become about freedom of speech, whereas the real issue is division vs unity. There are people with an agenda that want to breed separation through ‘us and them’ language or acts which cause division through destruction and fear. True freedom doesn’t divide, it unites. This is true with the ‘freedom of speech’ too. We have politicians sowing seeds of separation and division in the UK, and it comes from a Pharisaical or separatist spirit; people who want to draw lines along religion, race etc. But God’s heart and will is found in the union and the coming together.  This will be the litmus test for many this year! For those trying to seek out God’s heart it will be found in things where the fruit honours the union of humanity not in things which is causing division.

One of the ways this will manifest is through a movement of creativity within the music world. It will be something comparable to Britpop and will be culture creating. It will carry the sound of union, celebrating culture and drawing people together. It will act as a catalyst for gathering people together in celebration. It will tumble into the art world too and transition into more of an ‘arts movement’ which will affect the economy of the North East, as I see it coming from that area.

God loves the poor and one of the things which I think will open up is the corruption and the abuse of power where the weak are exploited and abused. This is going to hit places of authority like the Police and expose some areas of corruption. I believe that this is one of the things I am seeing; that there will be an exposing of corruption in the Police, and other places of authority, where those who should be defending the weak are doing this opposite.

This year we will also begin to see people live in the Faith of God and see demonstrations of this. We will see people move beyond their own faith to walking in God’s Faith. I do think that this year there will be displays of the raw power of God’s Faith which will show the difference between man’s efforts and the effortless power of God’s rest.

(Oh and Messi will move from Barcelona to Chelsea in the summer too)

Over the next few weeks I will be exploring this whole idea of the Faith of God, and looking at the union between heaven and earth, something which the Celtic Christians valued. Sign up to receive our blogs straight to your email too if ya fancy!

northern glory

This coming Friday Northern Glory will be in Sheffield at Woodseats Baptist Church, S8 0RF. Connect with us on Facebook to get regular updates about Northern Glory, which is a monthly event we hold in the north of England!


Beyond the Boundaries

20141119-235224-85944528.jpgThe power of Religion always tries to box you in and keep you contained within a mundane religious life. But when you let the Spirit Flow and take you for a ride, you usually end up in situations that weren’t advertised in the church notices the previous week. You go beyond the boundaries of a normal religious life into unchartered territory. It’s how the Pioneers of revival carved out something new.

Here are 3 stories about experiencing God beyond those boundaries. These stories all happened as part of normal life.

Healing commotion…

I was in Leeds city centre with a few friends and we were offering people healing, destiny words, dream interpretation etc. and a guy with a cast on his leg hobbled passed us on crutches. I ran over to him and offered to pray for his leg and he happened to be a Christian, so agreed.  He had actually broken his ankle. We put our hands on his cast and he was surprised because he felt heat on his ankle. After a couple of minutes he was able to stand on his leg; the pain began to leave. We prayed a bit more and his ankle was totally healed.  We stood there amazed at what God had just done and he walked away carrying his crutches which he didn’t need anymore.

This miracle caused a little crowd to gather round as they were interested in what was going on. Some were sceptical but one woman yelled “Here, Gary! let them pray for your back!” and pointed towards a gruff Yorkshire man who responded “No, that is a load of b*llocks woman!!” Others now stopped to see what this shouting was about and a man came forward who had pain in his hips, a slipped disc and pain in his chest. Although he had come into town without any faith he just witnessed God heal a guy on crutches and it gave him hope that maybe God could help him too. We put our hands on him and watched as the Fire of God covered his body. Every bit of pain left throughout his body, even in his back. The man stood there experiencing the healing power of Jesus in the middle of the street.

A mum with her daughter came and sat behind us to watch what was going on. The daughter’s arm was in a sling because she had been pushed over at school and cracked her elbow. Her mum asked us to pray for her elbow and as we prayed all the pain started to reduce. We prayed more and the girl started smiling for the first time. She said “Mum, all the pain has completely gone!” as she got healed.

What started as one healing spilled out to cause a healing outbreak!

Follow the Gold trail…

While we were youth workers in Llanelli our youth group had a gold dust outbreak one night in our home. The youth were covered in supernatural gold dust and got it all over their hands. It was pretty cool. The next morning I was at the church building meeting Deb, one of the leaders. I started telling her what had happened and as I was speaking a large fleck of gold appeared on my hand in front of our eyes. Deb screamed when she saw it, it was funny.

We’ve had gold dust appear after that but usually in a church or conference setting until a few years later… I was talking to some young people at work about faith, they didn’t believe in God but asked me if I had ever had a ‘spiritual experience’. Good question! So I began to tell them about the gold dust outbreak in Llanelli and described what happened and how it appeared to Deb and me. As I was talking they began to get covered in Gold dust right in front of me. One girl shouted out “I’ve got it all over me!” and she started to brush it off her jacket looking freaked out. Her friends held up their hands looking confused saying “We’ve got it too!” They all had supernatural gold dust on their hands. Not glitter, or fairy dust but the real deal. I just stood there feeling the Presence of God invade the room.

The following week people who had not been there found out what had happened and wanted to hear about it. This was where it got crazy. As I was speaking suddenly everyone could feel an intense Presence of God in the air; call it the Spirit of Revival, the Fire, a visitation, call it whatever, but all I know is that God was there in the middle of a bunch of non- believers and everyone in the room could feel it, it was heavy. Normally you would experience this Presence in conferences at Toronto etc. but here I was at work and the Glory showed up. As it got more intense one non-Christian guy spontaneously shouted out “Tell us about Jesus!! Please tell us about Jesus, Go for it!!”

This was so far out of any box I had ever experienced and I was literally like, what the heck is going to happen?! I talked more and we were all impacted by what we had

I believe that this was a foretaste of future encounters to be had; spontaneous outbreaks of God’s Glory in our normal lives.

Shaman? I’d rather have the whack!

We were asked by some friends to meet a non-Christian friend of theirs on her lunch break because she needed some healing in her life. The night before we met her I had a dream or a vision or something that a tall white spirit was trying to get in our bedroom to attack me. I didn’t think much about it, just rebuked it and went back to sleep.

We went to meet this friend at lunch and it transpired that she had been seeing a shaman for a number of years who had been charging her a lot of money for his help. One of the things she wanted help with was to get free from a tall white spirit that would come in her room and attack her. She had become disillusioned with the shaman as he didn’t seem to be stopping the spirit.  We had a great chat with her about spiritualty and I told her that I had seen the spirit the previous night and that it couldn’t get me because of the power of Jesus. We prayed it wouldn’t attack her again. The next time we saw her, the demonic spirit hadn’t come back. She had visited the shaman again and he was surprised that she seemed  a lot better. However she informed him  that unfortunately it wasn’t anything to do with his power but her new friends who prayed in the name of Jesus and she wouldn’t be back to see him.

After this she invited us to meet a friend of hers that needed healing. So we ended up going to a Muslim home and being fed some amazing curry in the middle of Ramadan. We prayed with the family and watched as the mum was healed in front of our eyes. She cried as the Presence of God touched her.

The Wild Fire of the Holy Spirit loves the world and won’t be contained by a mundane religious life! He wants to explode out of our conferences and church meetings. Let Him take you on an adventure into the world; beyond the shores of normality, pioneering light into the darkness and releasing freedom and life.



unionA few years ago I wrote a blog talking about a coming revelation of our Union with each other in the Body of Christ (Spirit of Empire pt2. Union) and how we would come to the understanding that we are One – beyond just the congregation and local church to a place where we realise that as a whole Body, across different streams and denominations we are One. I wrote this having seen friendships across different church streams end simply because church leaders had said “focus on friendships within your local church”. It was something that was and still is desperately needed. So I was amazed to see a meeting that happened this week with the Pope and different protestant charismatic leaders like John and Carol Arnott, Kenneth Copeland and others take place where they talked about their desire for unity and Oneness within the Body of Christ. This meeting is so significant and happened in such an understated way.

Think about the division that has existed between the Protestant and Catholic Church for hundred of years since Luther’s reformation. Literally thousands of people have died in the name of Christianity. And yet now a revelation of Union is hitting the Body of Christ where we are realising there is no separation between us.

Luther’s reformation caused division and separation and yet in this current reformation we are getting a revelation of Union and our Oneness as humanity.  There is a healing that is taking place. Some people have prophesied a ‘civil war in the church’ but I’m seeing Peace; a union and a healing that is going to take place. Even over the next 6 months to year, there will be healing where there has been division. Especially with the whole ‘Hyper Grace’ stuff- this will be massively overshadowed by the revelation of our Union with each other because what will emerge is a greater level of maturity where we love beyond theology!

It’s a revelation and manifestation of Ephesians 2.14:

For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.

Christ has already broken down the ‘dividing wall of hostility’. God came like a wrecking ball and overcame the principality of division. He brought the two groups – Jew and Gentile together into One.

Now a few years later my understanding has moved beyond the traditional church focus to looking at humanity and seeing something of a Union and Family that is possible within the world through a revelation of Christ and the Gospel. Christ has removed the walls of hostility within humanity as a whole- in His human body he brought humanity together.

We can look at someone from a different religion and see just that – religion. And yet God sees their humanity and even shared in it! He sees their origin in Him and their potential as Sons and Daughters of God. I heard Bobby Conner talk about how God had called him to be a Prophet before he was formed in his mother’s womb. Bobby quoted Jeremiah 1.5:

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

How amazing is that! It’s incredible that we are all called before He formed us. Is this only true for a Christian the moment he becomes a Christian? Obviously not!! It was always true! At a certain point in his life he encountered God who connected him with this reality.

The whole of humanity is walking around having been known and called before they were formed in their mother’s womb. This is a mystical reality. Psalm 139:13 states ‘for you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb’ – this is the origin of humanity.

Humanity goes way back with God – before they were formed! The Father knows each person intimately and has designed everyone with uniqueness. The only reason Hopelessness exists is because people have become disconnected from the Hope with which He made them! He is the Father of all Creation and He looks at people that He has made with compassion.

It’s an interesting thought that the mindsets we have and words we speak are creative and effect the world around us. As a family we went to Belfast for a special family wedding last year and got to tour around Belfast. We saw the ironically named ‘Peace Wall’ that stands about 20 feet high separating the Protestant and Catholic areas of Belfast. It has witnessed murders, fighting and riots during the ‘Troubles’. Amazing when we think about Ephesians 2.14. Did Christ destroy the ‘hostile wall of division’ or not?

The lack of revelation of humanity’s Union in Christ has literally caused civil war in the city; through Christianity! Life and Death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18.21); God created Life with words. The Word is creative and He’s in you- so your words have creative Power too. We too can cause the World to respond to our words – we can make Hell on earth through speaking death. Indeed we can prophesy a ‘civil war in the church’ and create worlds of chaos through a mindset of division or we can cause Union!

There is something about speaking out the truth of the Gospel over people and situations which is creative and causes the world to respond. We can prophesy what God sees – Ephesians 2.14 – His children on earth. We can cause them to come into an encounter that will connect them with their destiny and manifest Heaven on earth through their life.

It says that we were crucified with Christ and in that moment of crucifixion Christ Spoke “Father forgive them…” He prophesied and released forgiveness and in that forgiveness it is possible to be delivered of the dividing wall of hostility.

What do you see when you look at humanity? Do see someone who was known by God before He formed them in their mother’s womb or do you see the labels the world has stuck on them?

Blessings! Phil Smith


Mystical Miracles

flyting saint

When we think about the supernatural we usually think of a miracle breaking the laws of physics. But when we consider that the laws of physics are based on the human observation of the world and are actually continually changing, as our understanding of areas like Quantum Physics expands we begin to see a God who works within the world without breaking any laws but does things we have no grid or understanding for at the moment.

I said in a previous post that when we get the mystical obsession of the Cross we will be able to handle some of the craziest miracles ever because our focus is right. As we understand Grace we begin to tap into what Jesus actually accomplished in re-creating us from the corrupt nature to restoring His image, the God Image within us- ‘For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable’ 1 Peter 1.23.

Is it possible that having been born from above as New Creations we are able to interact with the world from God’s perspective, rather than our limited human understanding of nature?

A few years ago a good friend of mine prophesied that the mystic realm was coming- a realm of the supernatural, which the Christian Mystics of old walked in that would carry with it extraordinary miracles, signs and wonders. The Christian Mystics walked in some crazy stuff- they tapped into a realm of the supernatural that was unprecedented – there is lots of documented evidence throughout church history describing saints whose bodies’ physically lit up and glowed in the Glory like St. Columba; many saints defied gravity, St John of the Cross and St. Theresa of Avila were known for this. On one occasion it is well documented that St.Theresa was lifted off the ground in front of 30 people! We actually found and visited the church where this miracle happened in Avila in Spain and there is a lot of Glory there! Other saints caused objects to levitate and even others still changed weather patterns, raised the dead, or defied death themselves.

Recently prophets like William Branham have moved in this realm- he was praying for a girl who was close to death and she was struggling with faith to be healed. He commanded the cord for the light to spin around in a circle without touching it and the girl screamed out “I believe! I believe!” and was healed!

I love the Catholic Church. They have preserved the stories and documentation of countless unbelievable miracles for many hundreds of years. They don’t actually take miracle claims lightly. They are very thorough in their research and do not claim a miracle has happened until there has been an in depth investigation with medical reports if need be. To be called a Saint in the Catholic Church you have to do at least 3 miracles- 2 alive and 1 when you’re dead. The most recent person to be recognised as a Saint is Padre Pio who lived the most extraordinary life of the supernatural. He was alive during WW2 and was known to have levitated, bi-located, gone invisible and he was the priest who made famous the stigmata. When he had been dead for 30 or more years, priests dug his body up to find that it had not decomposed – he has now become known as an ‘incorruptible saint’, one whose body hasn’t decomposed. There is a documentary about it on Youtube, where it was filmed happening and you can even see his body. There are many ‘incorruptibles’ in the Church and you can find a list of the top 10 incorruptible bodies with pictures here.

I recently watched an interview with Bobby Conner and Paul Keith Davis talking about some of the crazy supernatural things they have experienced- things like the cloud of witnesses showing up at their meetings and commanding the snow to fall in the middle of summer. I love that stuff.

For a few years we pursued the Supernatural but it’s amazing that as we have focused more on the Gospel and Christ’s Finished Work over the last few years, this ‘realm’ has become more and more a part of our normal lives. It has become accessible and has invaded the every day with a sense of wonder. Many years ago the Supernatural would have been too much to handle, because it would have taken our focus of the Cross, but now having got the Cross centralised in everything and gazing upon Him there is an effortless explosions of this Mystic Realm all around as the natural overflow of LIFE! The more we focus on the cross, the more it happens!

So here are some of the crazy miracles we have seen lately!

Objects defying gravity

pennies on wall 1When Karen and Mark Lowe stayed with us a few weeks ago they told us about some guys in Bethel commanding objects to defy gravity and stick to the wall. They had been doing it in Antioch and so we gave it a go. There is a lot of anointing on doing this and it is very fun. I commanded three pennies to stick to the wall, and my friend Dave Vaughan walked in and commanded a £1 coin to stick to the wall first time. They stayed up there for a long time and there was nothing in the natural which could have held them in place on their own. It’s a crazy thing to do in the natural but a lot of fun!

pennies on wall 2


Countless saints have glowed when the Glory has shone out of them. Isaiah 60.2 says ‘See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.’ Isn’t it amazing that this has literally happened? There have been times where the Glory has become visible on me and glowed, so much so people have seen it! It has freaked me out but been really cool

Supernatural winds

My wife and I have felt the winds of God physically when praying for healing many times. Hebrews 1.7 says he makes ‘Angels like the winds’. When they show up often we can feel a wind on our hands or arms. The people we have prayed for can usually feel the cold wind too and then heat on their body and then are healed! Glory!

Oil and Gold dust

A couple of weeks ago I was with a friend of mine called Kris Goudie, listening to Darrell Stott speak. Darrell is a guy who has seen genuine revival in Indonesia – and moves in the supernatural like no other.  In the worship time the tips of Kris’ fingers were covered in oil! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Kris has seen some of the craziest healings in shops and in his work as he goes about his daily business.

We’ve had the Gold dust appearing on our hands, and over people we have been talking to about it for a number of years. On one occasion I was talking to a group of teenagers who were non-believers. I told them the story of when we had had Gold dust appear on my hands in our youth group in Wales. Instantly about 4 or 5 of the girls’ hands were covered in Gold and one girl had gold dust completely cover her jacket to the point she had to dust it off! They got blinged up and were freaked out!

Wheelchair Healing

Physical healing is the most common supernatural things my wife and I see. I was reminiscing with a friend about some of the crazy supernatural things we have seen together over the years. In Sheffield city centre a number of years ago, A man in a wheel chair  went passed us who couldn’t walk. Compassion hit me and I grabbed my mate to pray for this guy. The man’s friends and family that were with him said they had not seen him walk properly for 15 years, some of them had never seen him walk. We layed hands on him and commanded strength to enter his body. We stood him up and he was very weak, his legs could not hold his weight properly. As we prayed we could feel strength and virtue enter his body and suddenly from nowhere he started pacing up and down the street, striding back and forth. His friends and family could literally not believe it!! The man selling cigarette lighters next to us said “I have never seen anything like that before!!”

Knowing information and conversations

William Branham said when he got words of knowledge it was like peering over the top of a wall. I have certainly striven to see this happen to me but recently it has just happened naturally. I’ve looked at people and supernaturally known information about them. A couple of weeks ago I looked at a woman in a worship time in our house and instantly knew she had a foot infection on her right foot! She later came and embarrassingly asked for prayer for it and I told her I already knew!

It’s interesting that Jesus knew the intention of people’s hearts and the conversations people had about Him. Sometimes when I have talked to people who have issues with gossip and slander a horrible smell has manifested and I’ve known what they’ve been up to!

A number of years ago I was with James Mayers, and we asked God to speak to us the same thing at the same time. Instantly we both looked at each other and knew before we even said anything that God had spoken the same thing to the both of us. It was really strange we both just knew it. Then at the same time we both shouted out the exact same thing. We were totally amazed and were laughing for ages about it!

Rainbow comes out of hand and appears in the sky!

I was meditating on Hope and the promises of God and how the rainbow is the sign of promise; that Jesus walked in the fulfillment of God’s promises and prophecies, under the 7 fold Spirit of God (Isaiah 11) and that the Throne of God that is within us is surrounded by a rainbow (Rev 4.3 + Ezek 1.28). I was thinking that Jesus is the fulfillment of our Hope, and thinking about this being restored over the UK. As I was looking up at the sky I went into a trance, was lifted up into the sky in a vision and saw a rainbow come out of my hand like a river, was crazy! As I saw it in the vision an actual physical rainbow instantly appeared out of nowehere in the sky next to the sun! Jesus is sat at the right hand side of the Father and we are seated in Christ – where did the rainbow physically appear? On the right hand side of the sun!


A leader in our church in S. Wales was in Bulgaria on a mission trip. For a few nights in a row he was woken up at the exact same time in the night. One night he was taken into a vision where suddenly he was back in the church building in Llanelli. He was walking around, and saw that there was a gathering happening, saw what people were wearing and even saw some visitors from a church in North Wales there. When he phoned his wife back in Wales and described the scene she was freaked out! They had all had a meal in the building that night wearing those clothes with the visitors from North Wales!

Crazy Dreams

God speaks through dreams. At the top of our street in our old house in Sheffield there was a derelict building. My wife had a dream one night that she was inside the building and it had become a cafe. She saw the unusual shape of the rooms, and was inside a particular room upstairs, saw the furniture, and strange multi-coloured stair case. A few weeks later we could see that work was being done on the building and low and behold it had become a cafe! When we went for a coffee she could not believe what she was seeing- it was exactly like her dream – furniture, room layout and even the multi-coloured stairs. She had never even been in that building before! When we went to pay, on the counter was a book entitled “Customer dreams- write your dreams in this book”!! I wrote in the book and talked to the owner about mystical Christianity – he was Very interested!