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Northern Glory with Stuart Watkins


Northern Glory with Stuart Watkins | Cielo, Garforth | 7.30pm

We are excited to have Stuart Watkins with us for Northern Glory this month. Stuart has been on the leadership team of Antioch Church (a Pioneer Church) in Llanelli for many years and has a proven track record as a Prophet. He has ministered in Eastern Europe extensively, working with local churches and speaking at leader’s conferences where he has seen God work amazingly. Stuart has written a book on the prophetic which has been translated in Bulgarian.

He has incredible stories of God’s supernatural power working in his life and those around him – if you have heard story of the teenager who met the ‘Wakey wakey’ angel from the 1904 Welsh Revival – that was his daughter. This will definitely be a significant time that you don’t want to miss!

Here is a cool testimony from a conference Stuart spoke at:

‘I was taking a week of meetings in a church in Bucharest. First night while speaking I noticed a few guys in the front row looking at their hands. I stopped speaking and asked them what was going on. At first they did not really want to say but as I looked I could see oil on their hands. They looked a little surprised as this had never happened to them before. As these guys put their hands near to others the same thing began to happen – oil and also gold dust started appearing on their hands. The meetings were being streamed live over the internet around Europe, mainly to Romanian people. During a meeting a young girl called in to say as they were watching the meeting oil was running down the walls of the room they were in. “What should we do?!!” they were asking. I felt to tell them to take some of the oil put it on their hands and go outside and pray for people. This they did and reported back that people were getting healed as they prayed for them.’

northern-glory-healing-tentWe had a great time at David’s Tent over the summer!

Such a privilege to part of something so special which God is doing in the UK. We took a team down made up with some crazy radicals from Sheffield, Leeds and South Wales and ran a ministry tent during the festival. We had some amazing encounters and some remarkable miracles took place. The main thing was the tangible presence of God that people said they walked into when they came into the tent. God brought lots of people to tears and touched many people’s hearts.

Here are some testimonies from our ministry tent:

‘Dear Northern Team, my husband and I went to David’s Tent and although your prayer schedule was totally booked you still managed to fit me in. God’s presence was so mighty and real I felt so light- may I say light as a feather. I almost felt I could fly. Prior to going my right foot was swollen and the big toe was in considerable pain. I have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 27 years but whilst Fiona and Heather were praying my foot felt free of all pain and swelling- the reason I say free of swelling is because sandals I was wearing, actually had room for my foot to move without pressure and rubbing. I believe I am healed! Big thank you Northern Glory team for your dedication and commitment.’

Other healings included:  – a woman with swollen lymphs in her neck had them visibly shrink within a couple of minutes prayer, A woman’s abdominal pain was healed, someone with ligament damage had all the pain instantly go, a person with neck strain was instantly healed, back pain was healed, a person with a damaged wrist instantly healed. One woman had a locked shoulder, she couldn’t raise her arm above her head before she came in the tent and was in pain – after 5 mins of prayer there was no pain and she could put her arm fully in the air.

Many people also came for prophetic words and different people commented that there was a Spirit of Prophecy that was resting in the atmosphere over the tent. The accuracy of the words given by the team was very high. A couple came in and I instantly got the word ‘Lily of the Valley’, turned out that Lily was the girl’s name. The team were getting people’s  places of work, their actual house numbers, business ideas that people were actually involved in doing, even naming the different over seas countries that people’s children lived in.

It was pretty amazing to see God work so powerfully and touch people’s hearts.




Year of the Pioneer!!

ImageSo much of the prophetic can come across as too general, lacking accuracy and sometimes just weird. Naturally this just makes people cynical and disillusioned with it! One of the things that needs reforming relates to the accountability of the word given.

So I am going to try and offer a bit of a reflection on the words I gave for last year and give a bit of context for where we are heading. (I’d encourage you to read our ‘What we Believe about Prophecy’ page also, if you’ve not done so already.)

Women’s Movement: Excited about the honouring of women in 2013! (Read the full prophecy here).

There was so much in the media about this in 2013. Here are some interesting articles related to a re-emergence of a women’s movement:
‘In 2013 the women’s movement has come back with a vengeance…’ – Fourth Wave Feminism.

There was also reform to areas which had previously gone under the radar: Modern Slavery Bill.

Also some other areas which were highlighted: ‘As several media outlets have already pointed out, this has undoubtedly been a huge year for women…’ – Minority voices.

In relation to the film I said would be made about the Suffragette movement- I was sort of beginning to wonder but as I woke up one morning God said ‘Carey Mulligan’ – the next day I discovered she is going to be in a new film called ‘Suffragette’ all about the key people in the suffragette movement.

However there are some reflections that need to be made in all this. The things that God is dealing with are controlling, domineering and oppressive mindsets in order to bring Freedom to ALL – both men and women!

I found an amazing quote from Brad Pitt about honouring his wife back to health, was really powerful and lots of people were impacted by what he said. For me this is the key issue relating to this whole are of women’s rights.

When the identity and image of women is reformed, there has been in history an aggressive over compensation, or a dishonouring of men in the midst of it. This happened in the Suffragette movement and in the 70s. But God is bringing Freedom to ALL!! Not women at the expense of men! 

This is what I said about Brad – as he honoured Angelina and loved her into freedom he opened up new freedom and blessing for himself to live in! And I said that in 2014 because of this he would enter new realms of blessing and win an Oscar. (You can read the full article here.) I had no idea that the film he acted in and produced …about someone going from Oppression to Freedom… (’12 years a Slave’) would be up for so many Oscar nominations and be called ‘the best film ever made!’ Crazy how God speaks!

Jo Gravell (The New Ecstatics) wrote some very interesting thoughts on the whole idea of the feminine side to God in 2013- that both men & women were made in the image of God… as in God has a feminine side… (Gen 1.27).

This is something which has been explored within Christianity by many feminist theologians and writers for years. If we look at the story from Genesis we see God making Adam (which means humanity) fully in the image of God. In order to make woman, God has to remove ‘a rib’, in Hebrew ‘tsela’, which means ‘side’ and separate Adam into two…

The Spirit moved within Humanity and brought reform to the heart of Government in 2013. Freedom and humility are here for women to see themselves as being equally made in the Image of God. But equally means exactly that – its not at the expense of men!

Where are we headed?

2013 was filled with signs for those who believe. The whole revelation of ‘No more Distance or Delay’ was fully displayed when Andy Murray won Wimbledon last year. The Gospel is all about bringing a longing fulfilled: Bliss! No more Hope deferred, Delay or Lack and so I said Murray would win the event which had so represented delay, disappointment etc. etc. and the ‘we’ve seen it all before’ mentality. I remember reading an article a few years back writing off Murray, saying he had already reached his peak and that like Tim Henman he would never really succeed. There was an obvious mindset of disappointment transferred to Murray. But Murray isn’t like Henman. There is something unorthodox and wild about him, unpredictable even. Murray is a Celt…

I remember at school there was an assembly about the Celts vs Romans. We were shown the superiority of the Roman soldiers, their fighting skills, weapons, training etc. when compared to the Wild Celts of Britian. But something was rising up on the inside of me. At the end of the assembly my friends and I were chatting and they were saying “man the Romans were such organised and efficient soldiers” but all I could say was “Romans?? I’m a Celt!!! I’d have been there with the wild ones, with the war paint on my face, staring the Romans in the face saying “Gimme Britain or I’ll Die!!!”

Thinking about it now I’m reminded of a gathering I attended with my friends a few years ago called ‘Closer to the Flame’, where the Wild Goose catapulted people round the room, as others danced around totally liberated in the Glory with war paint on their faces, Angels literally pulling people round the room, while some took actual photographs of the angels present! Crazy. Martin Scott said at that event that the Baby or Revival had been born…

All I know is that this is the year for the Wild Fire, Organic, celtic underdogs; those who have been written off, discredited or forgotten. It’s for dreams that have been tossed away and laughed at. It is for the accomplishment of things which seemed impossible for many and rediscovering the NEW. People discovering new ‘favourite’ things- music, food, friends; people who wrote off any chance of getting married suddenly meeting the love of their lives, people discovering new hidden talents, even at a late stage in life, which they realise is the very thing they were made to do! It is for people who have ‘seen it all before’ to experience new wonder, new awe, new LIFE and to see the very things which they’ll leave as a legacy! It is a year for the Pioneer!

Wild Fire

We are beginning to see, even in the last few days and weeks an explosion of the Wild Fire move of the Holy Ghost outside of the box. An uncontrollable Move of the Spirit which will increase and build in momentum and intensity. Talking to a friend who works in Tescos yesterday, he told me that he was seeing some customers fall out under the power of the Spirit. I have seen an upgrade and outbreak in healing over the last few weeks where people have been healed by me simply saying to them “the pain will be gone in 5 minutes”. I have known information about people just by looking at them and then spoken to them to have them say to me “Are you psychic????” Something is happening!

Something is going to break this year which will be incredible. I spent a weekend with Dave Vaughan and we were talking about this, sharing some stories of the things we have seen. He has done 2 videos off the back of our conversations in order to paint a bit of a picture for where this is headed. Have a look- it’s powerful…

Organic Glory Breakouts pt 1

Organic Glory Breakouts pt 2

I’m going to be sharing some stories of some organic Wild Fire things which I have encountered over the next few weeks – watch out for the stories!!