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Occupying Force

I’ve been thinking a lot about the phrase I prophesied last year that ‘it’s not business as usual’. I felt it in regards to the nation and that there would be some sort of sign with Big Ben, which is some sort of political sign. It’s interesting to prophesy something and then see the phrase used to describe seemingly every major political event on the news in the UK and US since.

What does it mean for the Body of Christ for it to ‘not be business as usual’ – that’s what I’ve been asking.

Basically what I think it means is this:

Going through the motions won’t be enough to get by in this season.

Relying on previous revelation won’t be enough to sustain you in this season.

The establishment will struggle to accurately predict future events.

Previous revelation will not be helpful in looking forward because it comes from a place of certainty whereas we are living in a time where uncertainty is king. So those operating from the previous season will struggle to determine the future and see accurately. The seasons change. Our perspective will too if we allow God to challenge our current way of thinking.

So what seemed impossible previously is now possible – I mean that in terms of the natural – unelectable people suddenly rising to power (I think Boris and Jeremy will both become Prime Minister at some point) and the rise of extremes.

There are positives and negatives with this – space has opened up to be occupied, so who will occupy it? Not people who are going through the motions, living in the status quo or running on old revelation.

But it seems that the future is open for the dreamers, the risk takers and those filled with some faith.

If it is not business as usual – this means we are in a time of the unusual, the unpredictable, the uncertain, the difficult to discern. A time for unusual doors of opportunity.

Discernment is so important, I think it’s the gift for this season – it will become increasingly more valued. I mean literally people will pay a lot of money for prophets with discernment to look in to situations in business, government etc. to discern future events /trends etc. But also to discern the intention of people’s hearts.


Something happened which was an interesting prophetic sign a couple of weeks ago. To understand it properly you need to go back to 2002 and a bunch of prophets standing outside Elland Rd, the home of Leeds UTD. Martin Scott was there along with Steve Lowton. Martin declared that something was going to happen to Leeds UTD which would be a sign to the nation. Prophetic signs from a prophetic city. Oooh Champions League victory? European Glory once again? Increased success and money? No. Bankruptcy and relegation; the exposing of debt and dodgy deals. They were forced to sell Elland Rd in 2004 and rented the stadium while the club plummeted to the bottom. And since then much has been said and written about the ‘Empire spirit’, I’ve written a couple of blogs about it too.

Then just recently Leeds got a new owner. He came in with a whole bunch of promises including saying he would buy back the ground. Fans were sceptical, others had come in with false promises saying they would buy back the ground and failed to deliver, ending up as mere stewards – looking after a land and a destiny they didn’t own. But a couple of weeks ago the new owner bought back the ground. Fans couldn’t believe it, it’s too good to be true! But no he fulfilled his promise. Repossessing the land, ownership, an occupying force once more, 13 years later.

The time of the stewards are over, those looking after a land that doesn’t belong to them and it is the time for Sons who will possess the land they have inherited.

In uncertain times there is certainty for those who are in possession of the land, the occupying force. We are in possession of an inheritance, seated in Heavenly places, hidden in Christ, high and lifted up yet rooted and grounded in his Love. There is a Heavenly Occupation happening.

We have been fully established in the inheritance of our Father by his Son. We walk on land he paid a price for us to possess. It was expensive and was brought about by his death and his resurrection. We did nothing to obtain it, he did everything while we were dead in our sin, dead in our dreams and without Hope.

The unshakeable 3 – Faith, Hope and Love are given to us as gift. They are given to us by the Rock, the stone the world rejected that became the Cornerstone. In uncertain times we have been given the gift of certainty in Christ. We have been given possession of a Rock that can’t be shaken.

Winds of Love

In uncertain times I just see Love beginning to blow through lives again, casting out fear and as it does people will begin to dream again, picking up old dreams, raising their gaze to the horizon with faith and hope once more. Their adventuring spirit and pioneering heart will return, and the spirit of God will blow through them again.

The Sons of inheritance have been given a stake in the land. It is theirs to possess. But He’s also coming to possess our hearts, He is bringing a Heavenly occupation of our hearts. He wants to be our desire, he wants our gaze too. The Lover is searching for Sons who are caught up in Awe and Wonder, whose desire drives them to adventures with the Son.

Future adventures await!








The Resting Place

imageIt’s amazing that the Bible tells us that God entered into rest in its second chapter and yet it takes us the rest of the Bible to understand what this means or how significant it is for humanity,

Humanity was born into rest in the garden. Paradise, Eden was not a place of striving or contention but of perfect peace and harmony; creation was at rest. And yet for us it was a place of authority, a place where we could govern, rule and reign over it; name the animals and tend the garden. Humanity had dominion while walking in perfect harmony with God. It was an effortless authority that came from our maker and friend and radiated from our identity… made in His image. The image of God transfigured from within our being and commanded authority. Our authority and power was not rooted in ‘doing’ but resting!

When harmony was disrupted the first thing we lost was rest. In the garden rest carried authority and power and afterwards rest was replaced with a struggle and fight to gain authority, power and land.

We lost rest but God was still in it. Since God enters into rest in Genesis 2 this is the lens we should read the rest of scripture through. When you look to God you see rest. You see harmony, peace, laughter, fun. True rest has the imprint of Glory in it – the characteristics of God. It is creative, it is full of energy, the energy like that found in laughter. Rest is alive! Rest brings strength! Burned out people are not strong and yet there is a Spirit of Might found within Rest.

Isaiah 11 talks all about the 7 fold Spirit of God. it’s interesting that it talks about it ‘resting’ on the Messiah. The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon him… Spirit of counsel and might. It then goes on to describe that His ‘resting place will be glorious’. So Christ was in a place of rest, filled with Glory and radiating the image of God to creation. His place of rest was filled with Might. It had the Dominion of Eden, the power bestowed to humanity in a previous age. All Jesus had to do was live in the resting place. Out of His belly sprung a fountain so powerful it impacted nations, it has swallowed us up. It is great what Bill Johnson says- that everything Jesus did, He did as a man.

Its a paradox because there is supernatural energy found when you rest in God. His rest is filled with energy, Paul talks about it when he says in Philippians 2.13 Not in your own strength, for it is God who is at work in you, energizing, creating power and desire to work for His good pleasure, satisfaction and delight. 

Remember God is at rest, (He didn’t go from resting in Genesis 2 to working hard in Philippians 2) yet He energizes, and in this is delight, pleasure and satisfaction! Sounds good to me. In Colossians 1.29 Paul talks about the superhuman energy which Christ works within him. But don’t forget the context – He is about to go on to describe the Supremacy of Christ – God is not battling away against some equally matched devil. Christ has triumphed and is SAT on a throne (and has been at rest since Genesis 2).

There is what the mystics have referred to as ‘concentration ecstasies’. I’ve heard John Crowder talk about this, and experienced it myself; where the Spirit of God causes supernatural focus and energy beyond what you would normally be able to cope with. I have experienced times of extreme busyness in the natural, inspections at work, the pressure was on, I stayed up til 4am two nights in a row, had a second inspection the next week and yet entered a place of supernatural energy and focus that I could do everything I needed to do and had enough energy to go on to do other intense stuff afterwards and not be drained.

There is creative power available, it is found in the gold vein of God’s resting place. There is healing in the rest. The desire of God’s heart is that you enter His rest.

God desires people who will be in the place of Rest so that His Heavy Glory can rest on them like dew. Jesus lived in the Resting Place and affected the region around Him. It came under His anointing, dominion, His shadow. This is the true ‘Tabernacle of David’, or ‘David’s Tent’; the Presence at rest within humanity coming to envelope our communities in His cloud. I love the fact that through the Finished Work of Christ, the ceasing of our labours, we can see whole cities come under the cloud of His Presence.

Christ upholds and sustains all things. I love the fact that the core of your being is filled with the sound of Heaven, the voice of God. You’re a Word made flesh, God prophesied you into being. You can rest in the waterfall of God’s voice singing over you. You are God’s words that stretch into another era. Your identity reaches into eternity – into the age to come. In your identity not only is there power from the Age of Eden but from the Age to Come, since you have been made with eternity in mind. Rest in your identity, who you naturally are, the natural desires of your heart and you can access the Power of the Age to come.

Year of the Pioneer!!

ImageSo much of the prophetic can come across as too general, lacking accuracy and sometimes just weird. Naturally this just makes people cynical and disillusioned with it! One of the things that needs reforming relates to the accountability of the word given.

So I am going to try and offer a bit of a reflection on the words I gave for last year and give a bit of context for where we are heading. (I’d encourage you to read our ‘What we Believe about Prophecy’ page also, if you’ve not done so already.)

Women’s Movement: Excited about the honouring of women in 2013! (Read the full prophecy here).

There was so much in the media about this in 2013. Here are some interesting articles related to a re-emergence of a women’s movement:
‘In 2013 the women’s movement has come back with a vengeance…’ – Fourth Wave Feminism.

There was also reform to areas which had previously gone under the radar: Modern Slavery Bill.

Also some other areas which were highlighted: ‘As several media outlets have already pointed out, this has undoubtedly been a huge year for women…’ – Minority voices.

In relation to the film I said would be made about the Suffragette movement- I was sort of beginning to wonder but as I woke up one morning God said ‘Carey Mulligan’ – the next day I discovered she is going to be in a new film called ‘Suffragette’ all about the key people in the suffragette movement.

However there are some reflections that need to be made in all this. The things that God is dealing with are controlling, domineering and oppressive mindsets in order to bring Freedom to ALL – both men and women!

I found an amazing quote from Brad Pitt about honouring his wife back to health, was really powerful and lots of people were impacted by what he said. For me this is the key issue relating to this whole are of women’s rights.

When the identity and image of women is reformed, there has been in history an aggressive over compensation, or a dishonouring of men in the midst of it. This happened in the Suffragette movement and in the 70s. But God is bringing Freedom to ALL!! Not women at the expense of men! 

This is what I said about Brad – as he honoured Angelina and loved her into freedom he opened up new freedom and blessing for himself to live in! And I said that in 2014 because of this he would enter new realms of blessing and win an Oscar. (You can read the full article here.) I had no idea that the film he acted in and produced …about someone going from Oppression to Freedom… (’12 years a Slave’) would be up for so many Oscar nominations and be called ‘the best film ever made!’ Crazy how God speaks!

Jo Gravell (The New Ecstatics) wrote some very interesting thoughts on the whole idea of the feminine side to God in 2013- that both men & women were made in the image of God… as in God has a feminine side… (Gen 1.27).

This is something which has been explored within Christianity by many feminist theologians and writers for years. If we look at the story from Genesis we see God making Adam (which means humanity) fully in the image of God. In order to make woman, God has to remove ‘a rib’, in Hebrew ‘tsela’, which means ‘side’ and separate Adam into two…

The Spirit moved within Humanity and brought reform to the heart of Government in 2013. Freedom and humility are here for women to see themselves as being equally made in the Image of God. But equally means exactly that – its not at the expense of men!

Where are we headed?

2013 was filled with signs for those who believe. The whole revelation of ‘No more Distance or Delay’ was fully displayed when Andy Murray won Wimbledon last year. The Gospel is all about bringing a longing fulfilled: Bliss! No more Hope deferred, Delay or Lack and so I said Murray would win the event which had so represented delay, disappointment etc. etc. and the ‘we’ve seen it all before’ mentality. I remember reading an article a few years back writing off Murray, saying he had already reached his peak and that like Tim Henman he would never really succeed. There was an obvious mindset of disappointment transferred to Murray. But Murray isn’t like Henman. There is something unorthodox and wild about him, unpredictable even. Murray is a Celt…

I remember at school there was an assembly about the Celts vs Romans. We were shown the superiority of the Roman soldiers, their fighting skills, weapons, training etc. when compared to the Wild Celts of Britian. But something was rising up on the inside of me. At the end of the assembly my friends and I were chatting and they were saying “man the Romans were such organised and efficient soldiers” but all I could say was “Romans?? I’m a Celt!!! I’d have been there with the wild ones, with the war paint on my face, staring the Romans in the face saying “Gimme Britain or I’ll Die!!!”

Thinking about it now I’m reminded of a gathering I attended with my friends a few years ago called ‘Closer to the Flame’, where the Wild Goose catapulted people round the room, as others danced around totally liberated in the Glory with war paint on their faces, Angels literally pulling people round the room, while some took actual photographs of the angels present! Crazy. Martin Scott said at that event that the Baby or Revival had been born…

All I know is that this is the year for the Wild Fire, Organic, celtic underdogs; those who have been written off, discredited or forgotten. It’s for dreams that have been tossed away and laughed at. It is for the accomplishment of things which seemed impossible for many and rediscovering the NEW. People discovering new ‘favourite’ things- music, food, friends; people who wrote off any chance of getting married suddenly meeting the love of their lives, people discovering new hidden talents, even at a late stage in life, which they realise is the very thing they were made to do! It is for people who have ‘seen it all before’ to experience new wonder, new awe, new LIFE and to see the very things which they’ll leave as a legacy! It is a year for the Pioneer!

Wild Fire

We are beginning to see, even in the last few days and weeks an explosion of the Wild Fire move of the Holy Ghost outside of the box. An uncontrollable Move of the Spirit which will increase and build in momentum and intensity. Talking to a friend who works in Tescos yesterday, he told me that he was seeing some customers fall out under the power of the Spirit. I have seen an upgrade and outbreak in healing over the last few weeks where people have been healed by me simply saying to them “the pain will be gone in 5 minutes”. I have known information about people just by looking at them and then spoken to them to have them say to me “Are you psychic????” Something is happening!

Something is going to break this year which will be incredible. I spent a weekend with Dave Vaughan and we were talking about this, sharing some stories of the things we have seen. He has done 2 videos off the back of our conversations in order to paint a bit of a picture for where this is headed. Have a look- it’s powerful…

Organic Glory Breakouts pt 1

Organic Glory Breakouts pt 2

I’m going to be sharing some stories of some organic Wild Fire things which I have encountered over the next few weeks – watch out for the stories!!