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Lucy Grimble | 21st Nov | Leeds


Hello! It has been a while since I posted anything! Here is a quick catch up; it has been a busy 6 or 7 months! We have been over to Copenhagen to minister to a Partners in Harvest church before the Summer. One of the things we went there to do was minister in healing and I ended up getting healed myself! One of the members of the church prayed for my arm which had been in pain since I had pulled a muscle moving house and I felt something lift off of it and the pain left! It hasn’t come back since. That was nice and unexpected!

We have seen quite a number of healings at Northern Glory over the last year or so and here is a testimony of one in particular: We were sharing about the Fire of the Holy Spirit at Northern Glory one evening before the Summer. I was talking about the Celtic Saints that lived in the North of England, in particular St Cuthbert, who was nicknamed ‘Fire of the North’. I was sharing how he carried such a strong Presence of God and Fire on him that he was known for this. As I was speaking it felt like that fire came in the room like pillars standing next to people.

One particular women needed healing from a trapped nerve and earlier in the night several people had prayed for her but she had not felt any improvement. Suddenly as we started talking about God’s Presence being like a pillar of Fire, she described feeling intense heat move down her body and instantly all the pain left her body! She was shocked as she had been in agony, it was amazing to see God move so powerfully, without anyone even praying for her!

We also took part in a healing and prophecy stall in Leeds, organised by our friends Jon and Lydia at a New Age Fair. We were perched in between a couple of tarot card readers and a masseuse.  We had a great time! The first lady I spoke to I did a dream interpretation for. Turns out she runs an event management company and asked if we would go and do training on dream interpretation at one of her events! We then met a guy who said he walks around events like this looking to see who has ‘the gift’ and who are frauds! He could see we were genuine and so he talked to us about his spirit guide and we were able to talk about ours! Then a lady came to find us because last year myself and someone else in the team had prayed for her for healing from recurring migraines. She said that since we had prayed she had not had another migraine since! Glory!

During the Summer we went to David’s Tent, a 3 day worship gathering on the South coast of England. It was so good, the worship popped each night in to another realm of freedom. Really excited about what God is doing through this worship movement; we believe that a new Move of the Spirit is starting to happen through it.

At the end of the Summer we hosted Crowder and Godfrey in Leeds for 2 nights. Was a great time, many people were impacted by the freedom and joy they experienced over these couple of days. We are having Godfrey back on the 18th Dec for a Northern Glory Christmas party! It may be fancy dress. We will tell Godfrey that anyway.

It has been interesting to watch some stuff unfold in the media over the course of the year which I felt God speak to me at various times. The rise in focus on women’s rights, in particular coverage of women’s sport has increased like the Women’s World Cup and it was also interesting to see the release of the film Suffragette which I felt a few years ago would be released as a sign of renewed interest in women’s rights. It has also been interesting to see various issues of corruption and abuse uncovered in the Police, something which I felt God show me at the start of the year and put out there. First issues were uncovered in South Yorkshire Police and then in the Metropolitan Police. I also said it would reach in to other places of authority and this has been the case as the corruption that has been uncovered has seemed to implicate West Minister. Read an article on the BBC about that HERE.

Think I may have also mentioned Messi moving to Chelsea… well looks like they need him more than ever now, who knows maybe a bit of delay on that word…?! 🙂

Lucy Grimble | Sat 21st Nov | 7,30pm at St Matts 

We have Lucy Grimble at Northern Glory on the 21st Nov. We first saw Lucy at David’s Tent last year, she carries the Presence of God and a real Spirit of Worship so we are excited about this! Tickets will be £5 and you can buy them on the door.

We feel worship is a key to opening up new experiences with God for the city and region. There are doors of opportunity open and waiting for the bold to take hold of them! Great days ahead.


Northern Glory with Jim & Dianne Paul


On Sat 17th & Sun 18th May Jim and Dianne Paul will be with us in Leeds and York.
On Sat we will be gathering at Christ Church Armley, LS12 3LE
At: 2.30 and 7.30

In York we will be meeting at Belle Farm Community Centre, Roche Ave, YO31 9BB
At: 3.00 and 7.30

These events are free although an offering will be taken for Jim and Dianne. No booking is necessary, just turn up!

God in the World

GLORY IN THE MIDSTIsaiah 6.3 says that ‘The earth is filled with Glory.’ Jesus came to bring the revelation of how close God really is to us- Emmanuel came into the world and walked among us with an Open Heaven above Him. He is still with us now and I love the fact that the Heavens are still open.  

It was a very strange experience moving from Wales to England after experiencing something very special in Wales from 2005- 2007. God was restoring a revelation of His Glory and Presence and it was life changing. We were with Church leaders who said ‘what ever the cost, we want the Presence’ and this is what broke out- it was full of the Wild Fire, it was totally Fun and filled with Life. It broke out on the streets with healings, signs and wonders. On one occasion we were on a trip to Ireland and had a tent at a psychic fair, giving prophecies, that sort of thing, and a realm of Glory manifested like a bomb going off which encircled the tent and everything in it for about 100 metres. As you walked towards it, in the middle of the street you could feel the intensity of the Glory and random passers by could feel the Presence of God- they actually stopped and said “what ever this is I want it.” I had heard of people doing prophetic stalls in psychic fairs before but I had never heard or seen anything like this. God was showing us something new that was totally about His Presence and His Glory manifesting in the world.

Moving back to England we realised that the church was in a totally different place here. God spoke to me from Proverbs 13.12- that disappointment from the unfulfilled prophecies about revival in the 90’s had made Hope Deferred come over the Church and had made its heart ‘sick’.  People were sick of the word ‘revival’ and wanted nothing to do with it. They were sick and disillusioned with the idea of a ‘move of the Spirit’ and so many people dismissed what was happening in Wales as just a ‘Welsh thing’. I heard numerous Prophets say that England had a Spirit of Infirmity over it because of Hope Deferred which confirmed what the Lord had spoken to me about. 

Over the last few years the Lord has been speaking about there being ‘a longing fulfilled’ – and of 2012/13 being about Hope Restored and I prophesied this at the start of this year. The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. There are events that happen in the natural that are truly prophetic because they reflect in the natural a Spiritual Truth about what Christ has done – and so I Prophesied in Oct last year that Andy Murray would win Wimbledon this year – as a sign of Hope Restored and a longing fulfilled. On Facebook I prophesied again at the start of Wimbledon this year that Andy Murray would win and break a 77 year ‘curse’ of Hope Deferred in Tennis. And he Won!

It’s amazing that 2000 years ago Jesus broke a curse of Hope Deferred – a hope in a coming Messiah and brought fulfillment to every blessing, every prophecy, every Hope. Jesus is Fulfillment and in His Perfect and complete timing 2000 years ago Hope came, the Heavens were Opened, and humanity experienced a visitation of Revival: He has a name- Emmanuel- God is with us. Not only did God come but we were united with Him and His victory, His Breakthrough so that we have become the fulfillment of every prophecy of Revival! Revival has been some carrot on a stick for so long and people have not realised that they have got the carrot, they’ve got the stick! The win in Wimbledon is a Sign to the UK of Christ being a Longing Fulfilled to us and that He is the fulfillment of the true Prophecies over the UK.

And so all over England now there are people who are starting to believe that God can really impact the UK and do something special for us.

Jesus was born in the middle of the world, not a palace or church building cut off from everyone else. Something was born in Wales a few years – a revelation of the Glory in the world- a manifestation of His Presence – not in a conference or church meeting but in the world. In Bethel there was an incredible manifestation of the Glory Cloud in a conference and straight after this people starting prophesying that this would happen out in the world – in schools, in the mall etc. Imagine it happening in the midst of the world here, in the market place, in the schools, in the shopping malls, before it happens in a conference. There is something about the Hebredean Revival being a forerunner; an example for this- the Glory manifesting in the middle of a community, in the middle of the world; the Glory in the midst of the people. This is what we have considered revival to be in the UK- not a conference, not a meeting but something that actually brings a real change to a community. 

But it’s not about chasing after some pie in the sky dream- it is about realising who is already with us and what we have already got. It is not about trying to twist God’s arm, its about realising and believing what He has already done and what we have got right now- that is why there is No more Delay. The Glory is already Here. Emmanuel has already come, in the midst of the people, in the market place, in the home.

On Saturday we were invited to a Muslim’s family home to pray blessing and healing over them. So we went with a revelation that the Glory of the Lord covers the whole earth and that God is with us. And so in the midst of a Muslim household, in the middle of Ramadan we released a revelation of the Glory and watched as Jesus healed the mum and moved her to tears as we prayed blessing, favour and honour over her.

God spoke to me through a dream a couple of nights ago. In the dream I was at a party in Hyde Park – the student area of Leeds and a person was telling me about something that kept occurring in their parties. He said ‘suddenly everything stops and we all feel this Presence of Love and start hugging each other because we just become aware of Love. We don’t really know why or how it happens or what it is’. And then I saw the party- suddenly everything stopped, the Presence of Love and friendship filled the room and everyone started hugging each other!  In the dream God had supernaturally brought me to the party to show me that He was moving in the world.

I read this from Martin Scott and it really resonated with what I have been seeing:

This now is the phase that has been released in this Pentecost season. It is the time for the ‘afar off’. It is not to bring them in, the conversion is for the church as much as it is for the ‘afar off’ ones. Years ago a friend from Argentina who lived through the revival there put it this way. In one of their gatherings the outpouring was so strong that a bus was ‘hit’ by the presence of God. Driver and occupants became inebriated and he could not get the bus on the right route. Round and round the building he drove. Eventually they stopped the bus and pulled them in the meeting. Salvation and great rejoicing followed. Years later, my friend, says that was the day they misunderstood the shift. God was saying loudly that he was not in the building, he was on the bus, it was time to get the bus-ticket and get on the bus!! That event puts in story-form the shift. This is not just about ‘now for mission’. It is about a total shift of sight, and the beginning of a move among the ‘afar off’ ones.